How much rice is OK ?

Hi friends, i want to know how much rice is OK. is it ok if one consumes it once (1 bowl/100gm) per week.


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  • Depends on how rice is prepared..and variety of rice....

  • Can you please elaborate more that which rice should be used and how to prepare it.

  • Hello again-- best is to check the label of rice you buy from store.

    They may have label -saying how many carbs per 100 grams -

    also there will be company name --contact them and find out more

    First decide what is goal - how many grams per meal and per day - then go back and write down what else are you going to with rice -- chappati or vegetables OR just rice only OR rice and yogurt only --then estimate quantity and total carbs per meal. Make your own menu for three or five days --and estimate carbs per meal.

    Do NOT exceed 45 grams per meal - and 100 to 120 grams net carbs per day.

    Be happy and healthy.

  • First of all, don't be panic about Diabetes Mellitus. It is not a disease but a deformity of the body.

    If you can run 5 km/hour in your younger age, will you be able to run the same distance at older age? No. That's the answer.

    Glycomic Index of Rice or Wheat is one and the same. Since rice is cooked, it is consumed well early in the body, whereas wheat is fried as roti the digestion is slow. Hence, the difference.

    A man has to consume 1800 to 2700 Kcal of food for an active work as an average in a day. Hence, 500+700+400 (Morning+Noon+Night) and in between snacks+ coffe/Tea @300K cl is enough.

    Go for brisk walking in the morning for an hour and do some robotic exercise+ yoga for half-an-hour will lead you a good normal life.

  • I can't eat any rice. I think it depends on the person, too, as well as the type of rice and how it is cooked.

  • Rice or any grain contains...amylopectin, and amylose....

    Amylopectin is more efficiently digested to glucose, while amylose is less efficiently digested, some of it making its way to the colon undigested.

    Basmati rice contains more amylose..

    where as Indrayani or mabemohor contains more Amylopectin.

    Further as per traditional style south indian cooking excess water during rice cooking process is always discarded....

    Rice cooked thru such process is more of amylose.

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