Best way to maintain sugar

My fasting sugar is 140 & hb1ac 7.6..not started any medicine...sometimes feel heavy Ness on eyes...advise best way .. should i need to start medicine..or diet control would help my age is 49


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  • Anil26 immediately start Low carb diet.... visit your doctor...

    If possible, please post all your reports here...

  • Is low carb diet useful in case of skinny and underweight diebetics?

  • Yes... it is useful for skinny as well as for over weight... Blood sugar has got strong relation with carbs...

    Further, there is nice study about Indians by Dr C S Yajnik-Pune under title 'Thin Fat Indian' You may google it... very intersting study..

  • i know Dr Yagnik a well known diabetologist.

    but some people say low carb after you achieve weight loss to optimum level of BMI harms the metabolic balance and causes harm.the health as nutritional balance is upset beyond repair

  • How is this harmful, rvmasalvad?

  • it is not my view .pl;ease see

  • yes why some...many ppl say.. but we must understand the message from Ayurveda… Eat what is beneficial for you….

    For a diabetic carbs are not good… so we should avoid…

    Now it is unexplained Low carb mean how low??? What is definition of low…??

    So it depends on capacity of the body…As we know each body is unique…one standard advise may not be suitable for all…So one should experiment check…keep log…to understand how many carbs are safe for him/her ….and then form the appropriate strategy…

    As thumb rule daily carb consumption should be around 100 Gms… and that is safe limit…and I don’t think even in long run this will be harmful…

    There are many societies in the world..and they are doing extremely fine with this level of carbs for generations…

  • A. Anil did NOT mention -if he is thin and skinny or over weight.

    B. Yes- LCHF helps - but some times may be good to go on MCHF -- Moderate Carb

    C Anil-- you need to report A1Cs for last six to 12 months. fasting is to high. You may

    have higher A1C before this.

    Monitor.... Monitor ... Monitor... you need to monitor more frequently for two to three weeks. Write down what you eat and estimate how many carbs you have eaten for each meal. Then compare and eliminate food that have more carbs coinciding with high BS readings.

    Go see a doctor -and let him advise OR prescribe a low dose medicine.

    I read an article-- even for pre-diabetics - Metformin helps to prevent or delay -

    getting diabetes.

  • You have not stated about your diabetes history. Fasting blood sugar should be less than 100 mg/dL. Postprandial blood sugar must be less than 140 mg/dL. HbA1c should be in between 5.5 to 6.5%.

    In initial stages of type 2 diabetes, your blood sugar can be controlled by low carbohydrate diet and aerobic exercise.

    Your blood sugar is above normal level. Hence I advise you to take anti-diabetic medications in consultation with a diabetologist.


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