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Important Considerations When Starting A Low Carb Diet

As you can see, a low carb diet can be a good choice for certain people, as long as they pay attention to several important factors that can ensure their nutritional status isn’t negatively impacted by this somewhat restrictive diet.

The biggest issue I see with many people who first switch to a low carb diet is that they’re unintentionally undereating, largely due to their discomfort with eating enough fat to make up for the carbs they’re not consuming. While this can be okay in the short term, especially for weight loss, over time this can lead to malnutrition and unhealthy stress on various organs, and may even cause weight gain as the body tries to conserve energy. If you’re on a low carb diet, make sure you’re eating enough to support your daily activity and to get a wide range of nutrients.

Also, even though some of your favorite foods might be low carb – like bacon, cheese, steak, and butter – make sure you’re still eating plenty of nonstarchy vegetables. These will help keep your gut bacteria healthy, as well as providing a variety of important minerals that can get deficient on a low carb diet. Potassium is a particular mineral that is prone to deficiency on a low carb diet, so eating a wide variety of vegetables and low carb plant foods at every meal (in addition to nutrient-dense animal foods) will help keep you nourished.

Avoid low carb products sold in the grocery store. These products often have artificial sweeteners and other additives that make them taste similar to their high carb counterparts, and sometimes can cause digestive distress in larger quantities. If you’re going to do a low carb diet, make sure you’re still eating real food and not buying a ton of low carb packaged food to replace the junk food you used to eat.

It’s important to keep an eye on your blood work as well, since not everyone experiences positive results on a low carb diet. Franziska Spritzler is a low carb dietitian who explained the adverse effects she experienced on a low carb ketogenic diet, with her LDL cholesterol and particle number shooting up to a potentially dangerous level. While this won’t happen to everyone, if it does happen to you it may be a sign that the diet isn’t a great choice for your long term health.

Finally, pay close attention to how you look, feel, and perform while on a low carb diet. While you’ll need to give it some time to truly determine if the diet can support your activity, energy, and daily lifestyle, it’s hard to know who will thrive and who will crash and burn on a long term low carb diet. If you’re experiencing negative health effects like excess weight gain, sluggishness, mood issues, or poor athletic performance after trying the diet for several weeks, it may be a sign that you’d do better on a more moderate carb approach. Don’t let someone else’s experience with the diet dictate how you should expect to feel. You’ll be your own judge when it comes to figuring out the most appropriate diet for you.

Now I’d like to hear from you – what side of the carbohydrate “fence” are you on? Low carb? Moderate carb? High carb? How did you figure out the right diet for you? Share your story here.

I am sure-- Anupji - Sashia nd other experts will make some commnets for benefit of other Newbies --on LCHF diet.


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  • Excellent description. Every individual is different and it is not necessary that one thing which has worked in one case will work in some other case. Perhaps trial and error under the supervision of doctor will be essential what will actually work in case of a particular person

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