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Diabetes UK has endorsed low carb (for some)



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I read recently that half of type 1s still produce some insulin. That said, I don't think anyone suggested type 1s stop insulin treatment, just that it may be lowered by reducing carb intake, which is desirable because a study found high insulin levels are more detrimental than high blood glucose.

It doesn't say it's unhealthy for the long-term, just that the evidence is that people start to eat more carbs. That might be because they perceive everyone is telling them to for instance.

SurgeonCaptain T.L. Cleave FRCP, named the disease The Saccharine Disease which is the overconsumption of refined carbohydrates. Perhaps, at last, they have taken his recommendations to heart.

Some sense at last

I think they are bound by the interests of their partner agencies. We have to be thankful for small mercies; at least someone thinks patient health is quite important too.

Yes low carbs diet is not beneficial for the long run for T2,Only balance diet.

What do you understand by 'balanced diet' rksharmakumar? A diet that causes a detrimental rise in blood glucose and/or insulin is unbalanced because it provides an excess for instance. A low(er) carbohydrate diet is a balanced diet for some people.

What makes you say that?

Whyis it not good long term?I

Mr Rksharmakumar ji

Lchf is practiced by Mr Anup,Mr shashikantiyenger,Mr cure and many others.Nothing has gone bad.So low carb is the only truth to manage diabetes. Thanks

Mr rksharmakumar

Low carb diet LCHF is practiced by veteran mr shashikantiyenger,mr Anup mr cure and many others.

Same old story,nothing new in this

I'm sorry that you don't appreciate the significance of Diabetes UK openly accepting that a low carb diet is healthy for some people. It is much needed reassurance for health professionals and their patients.

suramoStar in reply to Concerned




Even for nonD people reducing carbs to 150-175 g a day would reduce the incidence of chd cvd. Esp the wheatfree diet. Imho.

See first the blood reports of lchd dieters posted here yesterday,i HAVE COMMENTED ON THEIR REPORTS. Moreover I am not following unproven and unscientific diets posted here and there. Please listen first to theirs woes who are following lchf,see their"blood reports.



Let rksharmakumar continue with what he thinks right. Let's all tread on our path. The right path. Some people on lchf start taking more carbs once their reports are within normal range thinking they are cured. But we can reverse D and not cure. Just can control it with diet management.

Gud luk to @rksharmakumar

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