KEONE in Urine

Hello - yesterday I was at doctors office for annual physical

Urine test showed positive for sugar and ketone.

Doctor did NOT say anything. I did not ask how much. Will call today and check.

My a1c - 6 weeks ago was 6.2 - Taking Metfomin 1000 ER.

I am trying LCHF diet for six months. Also have joined and doing some exercises NOT heavy workout yet

Any concerns ?


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12 Replies

  • champak045

    What was bs readings at that time ?

  • did NOT take BS reading --

  • champak045

    You should to differentiate between leaky kidney and dka.

  • surano-- what is the difference ?

    do I need to worry about it ?

    What else can I do ?

  • champak045

    Nutritional is useful. Dka is harmful. Sugar should not leak in urine normally

  • yes- I know- my doctor ( Indian Lady ) - does NOT check urine -normally. This was part of annual physical and first time I had sugar and trace ketone in urine. I am diabetic for over 22 years-- T2-

    Just had coconut milk and little cereals and 1/2 banana -

    two hours before --

    How do I evluate if I have dka ? besides kidney filter tests.

  • champak045

    Blood ketone levels


    blood ph


  • Concern only if blood sugar / Urinary sugar is high

    Usually ketones are seen in LCHF-Ketogenic diet & the urinary sugar is always negative

    Need to co -relate with blood sugar

  • yes-This may be unusual - sugar was 150 in urine and trace ketone.

  • An ideal diet is low in carb, controlled and moderated fat and protein; vegetables and fruits a plenty; and red meat, dairy and bakery the least. Most bakery items contain High Fructose Corn Syrup. (Lays, Curkure, Oreo, Coco cola and other aerated drinks). High Fructose Corn Syrup is a concentrated form of sugar, fructose derived from corn. It increases body fat, cholesterol and triglycerides and it also makes you hungry.

    Sugar is excreted along with urine if blood sugar level is exceed above 180 mg/dL. Avoid single high concentrated meals,

    instead take small frequent meals.

    Ketones build up when the body needs to break down fats and fatty acids to use as fuel. This is most likely to occur when the body does not get enough sugar or carbohydrates.

  • gangadharan_nair

    1)Fruits in small quantity

    2) high good fat diet.

    3) Ketosis mey be nutritional - good or pathological - dka dut to absence of insulin and high bs. Usually in type 1 and neglected type 2 patients.

    4)Small frequent meals keep pancreas / beta cells busy all the time. 2 or 3 moderate meals.


    I don't think sugar values are measured in urine. Only 1+ 2+ etc.

  • Gangadharan -- I follow all of the above-- do NOT eat red meat or generally any meat - no dairy and no bakery - except 4 crackers - once a day with cheese-

    I do believe last one may be true- i just read in google search- with exercise- it burns body fat and produces ketone - with low carb .. so what should I do ?

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