Hello Friends-- I just came across an ALL NATURAL formula for controlling and reversing Diabetes. Developed by Dr OZ - a famous and well respected DR OZ

TV show in USA. It claims to be 92.7 % effective in a 2000 patient clinical trial.

It consists of 7 Fruits and other ingredients as follows : ALL NATURAL :

1 Balloon Flower Root – Reduces inflammation and lowers blood Sugar level

2 Schizandrae Fruit – Reduces absorption of fructose and glucose in small intestine

3 Sheperds Purse Stem – Excellent tonic for digestive system to improve blood sugar level

4. Licorice Root --- Improves sugar metabolism and prevents fatty liver

5 Astragalus Root – Improves insulin sensitivity and lowers blood sugar levels

6 Lycium Root – Reverses organ damaged caused by Diabetes

7 Wild yam Root – Balances hormones and lowers blood sugar levels

8 Additional Ingredients – Powerful blend of substances that improves pancreatic functions ( picture shows strawberries / blue berries )



Does any one know about this ?

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  • Sorry- Friends - I am little new to this Forum. I HAVE NO INTENTION TO PROMOTE

    THIS PRODUCT. I will try to research more myself- and report later. The study-- clinical

    trial was performed at Nottingham University -- ( I believe in Europe). I do NOT watch Dr OZ TV show regularly.

  • Just ask the company which is trying to sell it if you can discontinue your allopathic medicines and you will come to know how confident they are ! Please do not fall in this trap and consult a good doctor.

  • Hi please don't waste your money,time and health on these USA made products ...they are all bogus...if you investigate they are never FDA approved nor they have any creditials...even the address will not be BGR-34 made by our Indian government and you can see your sugar levels coming down in just three is also cheap and available on Amazon with great offers as well.....

  • Gopish -- Many USA company made products - Natural Supplements and Alternative Medicines - are manufactured as per standard policies. NON are approved by FDA - does NOT mean not good. Same as many Aurvedic Medicines - sold by Ramdev Baba - in USA are NOT approved by FDA or Indian Government.

    There are many products - NON Medicine- natural - good for the treatment of many diseases around the world.

    Many ancient Chinese and Indian - herbs are -- marketed by well known USA Doctors- some have their own farms and grow organic products and sold as PURE -- I do believe they are good and buy and use them. Better than -- mixed with dust-

    some Indian stuff.

  • Hi, many Chinese natural medicines have been banned due to side effects....Ayurveda and natural therapy originated from our country and we need to explore them...better than the US made medicines....I had done a complete check on most of the medicines USA made and most of them are is a risk which you will have to take....nothing against USA products but after lots of experimentation came down to BGR-34...

  • You never answered - -- What is BGR-34 ? what it does - where to buy ?

    About Exploring Ayurvedic-- there is NO Purity ? NO FDA approval- NOT even approved by Indian Government , Does India have an agency similar to FDA ?

    Even Ranbaxy and Reddys lab -- Indian Pharma manufacturer - who makes generic medicine and Exports to USA - does NOT have a good Quality Control protocol- and being greedy- started cheating and got caught - facing sever penalty and may loose license.

    Yes- few years ago- I got my Metformin- says made in India - and I like that. But many Indian firms are Cheating ..

    Also it is Business - Should NOT be marketed by or Subsidized by Indian Government. Let those companies spend money and convince American people - if product is good and if it works-- people will buy and recommend to friends.


  • Gopish -- Since when Indian Government started making Medicine or Herbal Formulas ? are they approved by FDA or Indian Equivalent agency --?

    Do they have a Clinical Trial conducted ?

  • What is BGR34

  • I heard this in news few years ago. That does NOT men he is a scam. US Congress - and Senators are BRIBED -- funded by Pharma Companies. Just like India.

    Above product was posted on CNN, Fox News and many other magazines - as

    a news - after Clinical Trial Results on 2000 patients.

  • Useless and waste of money. Nothing works like diet change. Diabetes is all about inability to handle carbs and no natural stuff or even allopathic drugs will ever take care of that in the long term.

  • Thank you my friend from Indore.

  • For many people- with jobs and family-- those who does NOT have a will power - to control by Diet-- This may be Better option than Metformin or Insulin.

  • Nope. These exotic herbal formulas are a waste of money.

    MF is best and safest.

  • What is MF ?

  • This is another one- similar name- Made in USA -

    Use Sugar Balance to Support & Promote:

    May Aid Insulin Function

    May Promote Healthy Glucose Levels

    Optimizes Weight Levels

    Sugar Balance by GSL combines promising herbs and nutritional supplements in a unique formula which may enhance the release of insulin from the pancreas and increase the number and activity of insulin sensitivity. Bitter Melon Plus may also improve glucose tolerance and help the body process blood sugars. For best results use consistently with exercise and a healthy diet program.

    Bitter Melon: may break down the barier that prevents cells from using the body's insulin.

    Gymnema Sylvestre: may decrease glucose absorption and improve the ability to use glucose for energy.

    American Ginseng: may enhance physical capacity which positively affects long-term sugar control.

    Alpha Lipoic Acid

    GSL Tech, a California-based company, has been producing vitamins, herbs and dietary supplements for many years. Combined with extensive research and today's exacting technology, GSL Tech is a name that is known for the highest standards of potency, stability and consistency. GSL Tech works with Traditional Chinese Medical companies to research and develop our formulas, with the final product being produced in California.

    **** I may import to India - and have a clinical trial for 3000 patients -over 12 months.

  • This is in reference to above--

    GSL Technology - Sugar Balance Diabetic Supplement - 90 Vegetarian Tablets

    Supplement Facts

    Serving Size: 1 tablet

    Servings Per Container: 90

    Amount Per Serving % Daily Value

    Bitter Melon Extract (Charantin 1%) 1000 mg *

    Gymnema Sylvestre Extract 100 mg *

    Alpha Lipoic Acid 200 mg *

    American Ginseng Extract 50 mg *

    * US Daily Values not established.

    Other Ingredients: Dicalcium Phosphate, Cellulose, Stearic Acid, Croscarmellose Sodium, Magnesium Stearate, Hydroxypropylethyl-ellulose and Polyethylene Glycol.

  • whats the name of all natural herbs where can i secure to try dr chittoor krishnan sydney australia

  • All listed above- I dont know where you buy bit.

  • What is the name of it? Would like to try it.

  • Read my post at top- name is --" Sugar Balance " by Dr Oz

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