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My FBs is 139 and ppbs is 247 and Hb1Ac 7.1


my age is 44 , one year back my Hb1ac was 6.8 and fbs was 128 but after 1year my fbs is 139 and ppbs is 247 and hb1ac is 7.1.

i m taking the precaution in diet but i m not doing the morning walk since last 4 month due to laziness and due to cold weather.

want to know should i start the medicine for controlling the sugar.

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You have to be serious about your diabetes management.It is a difficult job but not impossible if you have determination.Almost all who are successful in controlling their diabetes are very disciplined regarding diet,exercise,lifestyle and medication.You should not let the present status to continue.

FBS should be less than 100 mg/dL and PPBS 140 mg/dL. HbA1c should be less than 7. All your results are high. Low carbohydrate diet and daily exercise are more important than medicines.


Low carbs would be. Like no Atta maids rice potatoes fried. Please specify. Thank

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Read as maida sorry

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Sir. Concepts have changed with valid reasons.

1) fbs less than 100 but 80-85 preferably.

2) ppbs 140 means higher spikes. Bs should never exceed 140. even 1hr pp

3) a1c 7 = 157 average. Too high. Target is 5.6 or less

You need medication immediately.

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Medication may reduce average blood glucose level by up to 31 (hbA!C 1.1%) -please see my post I put on today.

Don't go for medicine . You can control sugar level by changing your diet habit . Adopt low carb diet . Best luck.

I think you should consult with your Dr. However you must continue with the sugar medicine, the three foundations for diabetes management are medican, diet and exercise. Good luck.

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