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Feature request:

(1) Users should not be able to deleted / edit their posts after say 30 minutes of posting. This is to prevent user from cleaning up their trail as currently posts can be edited, deleted for indefinite period of time

(2) Users should not be able to delete their accounts. This is because some users signup, delete, signup again with new username but same email I guess and this I have seen happening very often with one user here on the forum.

(3) If user account is deleted, the email on file should be added to blacklisted emails database so that they cannot signup again with the same email.

(4) Users without any posts or comments should not have the right to report posts. This is to avoid any case of people signing up with multiple accounts using proxy only for agenda of revenge against someone. It's more of a SPAM than any genuine reporting.

(5) Old threads -- say two or three years old -- should automatically be locked for further replies.

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  • Good suggestions.

  • Valuable points!

  • gud points

  • Are there any suggestions to add to the list?

  • 1. improve the participation percentage. i see 50k members but not many post here. so either most of the accounts are bot signup or fake accounts.

    2. include feature of "verified" accounts like they have on twitter with the blue color.

    3. make gender and age compulsory fields on profile.


  • @anup


    Still can't paste your name !

  • Well, no one is interested to fix that bug it seems. I contacted HU once and they agreed it is a bug. Don't have the time to keep reminding about this.

    Anyways, doesn't matter much as I will keep reducing the time that I spend here. Some guys don't like my presence here and they keep coming back with new usernames.

  • I'll take care of it. I will send a quick note to HU and see what they can do. Please be patient.

  • What is HU?

  • HEALTHUNLOCKED and tech team.

  • @Anup

    Doesn't matter but i always feel that the post wouldn't reach you.

    😝😝😝😝. You ? Caring for others !!😳😳. Forget them. Apni masti mein mast raho. Truth is not anybody's slave. Let them argue. They are the people who keeps us update.

  • As long as you hit Reply to my comment, it will always reach me.

    If it is a post by me any replies on that post will get me a notification. I am not averse to healthy arguments. But I hate arguments which are just for provoking and just tries to counter with their lop sided OPINIONS and are blind to any data that we show.

    Anyways, with many lc stalwarts around, my reduced visibility won't make much difference. My job is done as the message has already spread :)

  • anup


  • :)

    I won't be surprised if some no-longer-here user comes back with a new name like lisaray (firang sounding name to mask their true identity) and then get exposed when they start talking the same old way. Some don't even disclose their gender when they signup.

  • anup

    Let them. We are telling truth here. I don't pay attention to such activities. I don't understand why one should do this. Sabotage the mission to fight D, obesity and metabolic syndrome.

    Working for long hours on computer and mobile diminish our vision. Take care.

  • My profession keeps me 10 hrs a day in front of computers :)

  • @Anup

    Ya i know you are working late nights. Not only vision but also spine and fingers are stressed. But care of vision is the most important. You would have consulted a specialist. I'm also facing vision problem working long on mobile but it's such an addiction πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜πŸ˜

  • In almost 6+ years of diabetes my power has increased by 0.5 only to +2.5 :)

    I hate working on mobile!

  • @Anup

    It's not about power only but i don't know why but after using mobile vision diminishes for half to one hour. Sometimes blurred vision and sometime diplopia. I have to stop working on mobile at least half hour before driving. No anatomical problem with eyes. Glasses are also good.

  • Mobile and tabs are bad. Too close distance.

  • Anup,

    I know. Trying to buy one good laptop. Can use at least at home.

  • Which type of laptop do you want to buy, suramo? Apple brand or IBM/MICROSOFT?

  • Apple is too pricey and is generally considered as something to show off wealth in India :)

  • Activity2004

    I'm not a professional user. Just for my accounting and mails. Perhaps watsap chatting.

    @Anup is right. Apple too costly and it's different system. I'm looking for del and hp. Hp models look good for my purpose. All around 50000/ inr.Confused if to buy online or from a store nearby.

  • For your needs, then you don't need a 50K one. Settle for around 35k ones from Dell

    core i3 CPU 5th generation, 4GB ram 1TB storage.

    You can safely buy online as they come with all India warranty. make sure you have a dealer in town.

  • For example This is good for your needs:


  • @Anup

    Thanks. How about hp laptops ? Far better specifications than dell. Which would be better ? Dell or hp ?

    Hp has i5 7500 πŸ’ cpu or what πŸ˜ƒ 4-6-8-12-16 gb ddr ram. W10. 1Tb. But i think all these laptops have 16 gb inbuilt memory imho. Frankly i want better connectivy -bt, wf, high resolution camera etc

    Wait. I'm sending on messenger. Few bucks more i don't mind but this is once for all purchase. Fine if upgradable

  • Yes laptop is the link that I sent you of.

    Cams are all the same @1.3mp

    Been using a core-i3 Lenovo 4GB RAM 1 TB disk since 4 years and absolutely trouble free. I would prefer dell

  • @Anup , suramo

    This is good premium segment laptop preloaded with WIN 10 and Home Office. Ram can be upgraded easily.


    Another good choice if much storage space is not required.


  • Check in store first. If you do find something you like, see the cost difference and buy it on-line. Might be cheaper.πŸ˜€

  • Good measures! Well done.

  • Quite ok

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