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I have been on Dr Neal Bernards's diet for 7.5 months now after being detected with pre diabetic levels . My formal GTT as of was FBS 101 and PP 142 and tests at home were showing FBS 100 and PP ranging from 140-165. I started losing weight rapidly and my FBS went down to 75-85 while PP stayed 120-140 but gradually it climbed back though there were only occasional and limited exceptions to the diet (like Diwali). After 6 months my sugar levels are back to where I was, though my weight has come down from 83.5 Kg to 72 Kg. I have been following strict diet and walking 12000 steps every day with an hour of hike (500 meter) weekly. Therefore I was looking for what else could I try?

I bumped upon the Long Wheat regimen and have since 2nd April started following it. It is 2 weeks and I have not seen any significant change though it seems to be helping at least as much as a high fibre diet should. I am staying in the range FBS 100 and PP 125-150. I am going to stay with it for a while as I have no troubles with the food. I enjoy the kanji with different veggies, chikpeas and lentil prep. I have also switched to long wheat flour chapatis for lunch.

I will keep everyone posted on progress. I do have some questions

1- I am curious if Sir Shooter George could share what or who got him started on this diet?

2- I am also wondering if long wheat is supposed to have medicinal properties or are the results likely because it is a high fibre and whole wheat that is consistent with the diet that Dr Neal Bernard's/Freedom from Diabetes diet?

3- Sir George is milk restricted in the diet? Looks like no strict restriction on milk unlike the vegan diet.

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  • nshreshtha

    I'd not recommend lwmdr. It's ultimately high carb. The difference in gi would be hardly 5% imho.

    "I have also switched to long wheat flour chapatis for lunch." How many chapatis ? What is the daily carb intake and in what form ?

    Post your fbs and fasting insulin from the same blood sample. Other reports like a1c, lipid profile etc too.

    Dairy Milk contains instant sugar. Better avoided. Take coconut or almond milk. Soy milk is also good.

  • You've repeated that dairy milk is instant sugar many times suramo, but the Gi is only 30 glycemicindex.com . The insulin stimulation from skimmed-milk is much higher than whole-milk however.

    Avoid soy milk with additives such as maltodextrin.

  • Concerned

    Sorry bro if i have hurt you and thanks for correcting me. Yes. You are right. Gi 31 and 250g ( i think that should translate in around 300 ml ) with gl of 4. But if we are tired a glass of warm milk energizes us. But you are right. Soy milk also has low gi gl. We always recommend not take sugar in any form.

  • You haven't offended me suramo. I just like people to make an informed decision; I don't have a vested interest whether they consume the stuff or not :-)

  • Concerned


  • Btw anybody looking for LW in Pune should have it easy. I have located multiple sources including Khapali Gahun grown with organic (zero synthetic pesticides) in Pune.

  • Hi, Can you please share the details of those sources in pune. I am looking for it in pune.

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  • bshindepatil11

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  • if possible kindly share the source where khapali gahun can be bought in pune

  • For Khapli Gehun please contact:

    Vitthal Gangaram Manekar 02026386428 near Kasturi Chowk (Peth area).

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  • ShooterGeorge I would be grateful if you could address my questions in the post above.

  • I am happy to inform that I am seeing some striking changes in my BS. My FBS is now showed as 94 and 93 since last 2 days. What was more striking is that on 20th April my PP was 90 (mind boggling, I did have 2 kachoris that added some fat to my meal but that alone does not explain it ). On 21st April I ensureD no fats and my regular LWMDR meal but since I was tired I took the test at 1.5 hour instead of 2. My reading came to 119. I was expecting it to be around 140. Something seems to be happening. I am happily staying with the diet. I am yet to complete 1 month on this diet.

    Other facts: I have been having Moringa powder+turmeric in water in morning but almost for 2 months before I started LWMDR, that was helping me keep in 125 range but FBS was not changing. So I suspect it's LWMDR that may be at work.

    Well I am not eating my favorite mangoes this summer but if this trend continues .. it's worth it.

    Stay tuned.

    ShooterGeorge FYI.

  • So LWMDR is proving equally effective in regulating blood glucose. That proves that different people react in a different way to different food patterns .With out excess fat if your sugar levels come to normalcy , we have to conclude that LWMDR has some component which goes well with the composition of some people . As per our learned friend SRI George , after some time IF everything normal ,you can go back to your previ ous schedule.

    By ALL MEANS @Shooter George can be called a scientist and his findings come under the label science going by wide spread belief of the term science in our forum .

  • 1 month completed today. PPBS is staying around 115 (113, 115, 117 3 consecutive readings), FBS is 99.

    PS: My dad also started on long wheat as he simply likes the taste with different curries.

  • My HB1AC as of yesterday is 5.8. As of Dec, 2015 it was 6.53. My total cholesterol is down to 119 (from 186) and HDL has improved from 25 to 41.

    This is thanks to strict diet control as recommended by Dr Neil Bernard's book and since last 1.5 month LWMDR as suggested by ShooterGeorge + living an active life. Yeah .. things can change.

    I see my Vitamin D levels are very low and it is one of the factors that impacts diabetes. Planning to manage my Vitamin D levels too.

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