Olive Oil cure for diabetes

Dr. Hassan Shamsi Pasha a Cardiologist says to take 2-3 tb spoon of Olive oil just before going to bed, and 2-3 tbs as soon as you get up first thing in the morning and 45 minutes to one hour before having breakfast.

within 2 weeks you bs should be normal......lets try it out. and share if it really works, I have tried a lot off stuff, even the expensive Ganocelium and Reishi Gano, fresh Haldi / Tumeric paste, Paneer doodi / doda and Spirulina ......all work for a while but then after sometime it goes back to 160 +/- bsf and around 200-205 after a meal.


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7 Replies

  • Nothing will work better than diet.

  • brisk walk for 40 min. or if u can run/jog for 15 min.condition only is Daily consistantly and u will find ur sugar going down slowly but steadily.....it is my experience.....i am NOW normal NO Diabetic....just because Walking 40 min.Daily.....If u really want to cure then use above suggestion...and you will find the Result !!

  • Thanks isaacbar for sharing the olive oil remedy for diabetes. Has this method worked for you? If so, how long has you consumed the olive oil as prescribed and how effective is it? (Please give some figure examples of BSL of which you've recorded if possible). Thanks!

  • I have just started with olive oil since 3 days....But will advise you only after 3 weeks of this solution

  • Good luck for the trial and look forward to hear its result. Thanks.

  • I am doubtful if this could be a remedy but do let us know your result.

  • hello, isaacbar....4 monthe pass by....how far is the olive oil help for ur diabetic?

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