Seventh Year Started as Medication Free Type 2 Diabetic

Completed six years as a Type 2 on ZERO medications on Feb 14, 2017. I had posted on same after having completed five years last year and here's that thread:

Diabetes management is all about carbs restriction.

Let's see if I can hit a decade without medications :)


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  • All the best @anup

    You are a "guru" for many of us

    I am sure you will be medicine free for life. As long as you control the carb intake..

  • First target is 10 years medication free :)

  • Congratulations!:-)

  • Dear Anup congratulations! What I like most about you here in this forum is your attitude. You and some others, but in particular you have instilled confidence in people like me that we have some control over our health. We need not be passive consumers of diabetes medications to help survive, but be active initiators in gaining a good quality of life. I admire this! My daughter's cancer treatment is done and she continues with LCHF diet.

  • Glad to hear about your daughter's recovery.

    Make sure she stays on low carb for life. Remember most cancer cells feed on sugar (glucose) and hence cutting down drastically on carbs is the way to starve them. Get her fasting insulin tested when she goes for blood tests next time.

  • Well done anup and thank you, you are helping people in England more than you can ever know.

    I will join you in the other place.

  • Thank you zube

    Glad to know that the movement -- of LCHF diet -- is picking up.

    We have to be our own doctors when it comes to management of diabetes.

  • anup

    Well done. I like you saying "Diabetes management is all about carbs restriction." I fully agree.

  • Simple thing made so complicated by the Food and Drug industry all for money!

  • Congratulations! all the best to achieve your goal sir with good luck

  • Congratulations Anup ji nd thanks for ur valuable guidance for us.

  • Congratulation @anup May God keep you 'fighting fit' always... ;)

    Your bag is full of thanks from many ppl whom you have helped...

    keep it up anup.... Jai Ho...

  • Congrajulation for consistant diabetes control without medicines and only with lchf and and love from group✌

  • Congrats ! Anup sir for your confident and for sharing your great experience

  • Big Congrats bro! You are really a living proof on LCHF who has inspired many diabetics. Thank you.

  • Well done sir, it is encouragement and guidance for all of us

  • Congratulations.May Almighty help you to do so. Thanks.

  • Congratulations.

  • DO you gain or lose weight with lchf diet?

  • Depends. If you have lot of stored body fat, you will lose them for sure.

    Initial weight loss is water weight loss.

  • Please provide tje link for vegetarian recipes

  • You will find a lot posted on

  • Thank u

  • Congratulations.. Sir

  • Anup,


    How was it possible? Please share the steps for achieving this.

    PN Kannan


  • @pnk1941 - Thanks.

    Possible through Low Carb High Fat diet where carbs are restricted to 100g max and 60%+ energy needs are met from good Fat.

    You can check my old threads:

    Diabetes management is all about carbs restriction.

  • Dear Anup ji,

    You are my inspiration

    Congratulations and best wishes.


  • wow!! that is a remarkable achievement. Keep it up and God bless you for your immense contribution to this site. Any niggling medical issues or none at all??

  • Thri -- All hale and healthy so far.

  • Congrats all the way

  • Thanks once again everyone.

  • congrats

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