3.5 Year Old Type 1 -- Diet Change Does The Trick Again

I had discussed about a 10 year old type 1 Indian diabetic girl achieving great control on changing diet from the conventional high carb to the logical low carb and I had briefly covered the same in the following thread:


Now, there's a far younger 3.5 year old Type 1 (juvenile diabetic) Indian diabetic girl who has replicated the above success in short span of 43 days. Here's a brief summary:

Age : 3.5 years

Dx'd: 19th October 2016.

Diet change: Started switching over to Low Carbs (so High fat) around 7 weeks back

A1C before switching: 8.8

A1C after 43 days : 5.9

Transitioning -- Diet still being tweaked and since it's a case of Type 1, it will need a constant tweaking.

Bolus Insulin : Eliminated from 2 units to zero.

Basal: ~0.5 units from 4 units earlier.

It will be some time before she settles into Low Carb lifestyle that we diabetics talk of and gets hold of insulin dosing versus carbs. But, honeymoon phase will make insulin dosing a bit tricky.

However, the bottom line still remains the same:

Cut down carbs, replace with good fat. Growing children can have slightly higher proteins too.

If 3.5 year old Type 1 kid could do it (well of course due credit to her parents for taking the initiative instead of putting her through the torture of "culture driven diet" loaded with carbs), then it shouldn't be difficult for anyone with Type 2. All it takes is press the reset button and 20% Carbs gives enough room for never ending list of recipes that can suit "Indian" style of cooking too.

If you need the link to the case of this 3.5 year old Juvenile diabetic as it progresses, shoot me a Private Message.


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  • Great progress shown in a short time

  • Proves the efficacy yet again ;)

  • Feeling for the parents will be unexplainable, just imagine poking 3.5 year old with needles everyday.

  • I agree, but Type 1 will have to inject in any case daily and also test 6 to 8 times a day. That said, achieving better glucose control gives another pleasure altogether as it reduces the chances of all diabetic complications.

  • Did her parents have a talk with her doctor about this, first?

  • While the child was in Hospital in October 2016 when she was declared Type 1, parents were desperately requesting for a diet chart , they were just not given the needed attention. In fact, the so called dietitians just gave a smile, according the the girl's father. Currently the girl seems to be in honeymoon phase.

    When in the other case of 10 year old girl, whose mother herself is a registered MD with around 11 years experience, tried discussing with the endo, she was almost ridiculed on mention of Low Carb. So, like most of us, she decided not to talk about diet with endo and just prefers to discuss about medical reports. Now, she is guiding about diet to any Juvenile diabetic or a Type 1 who happens to land on the forum.

    Even in the current case, obviously the endo was happy to see improvement in A1C, but as usual didn't approve when it came to diet. I don't think many endos in India even bother to train about insulin dosing. It's just a blind dosing, aiming for higher numbers. So, this girl's numbers were all over the place before the switch.

  • Ah! That explains it! Thanks, anup.

  • Anup

    so nice to hear about that child. Just two issues need attention.

    1) thyroid

    2) stem cell therapy may be useful.

  • Thyroid report was normal on last test.

  • Anup

    that's fine. Stem cell therapy a good option which might bring complete cure.

  • Still has not matured. I can't recall one Indian site dealing with stem cell therapy where testimonials mentioned did not have any who could really claim being cured completely.

    Not sure how would one deal with auto-immune system triggering wrongly -- type 1 -- through stem cell.

  • anup

    still SCT is under trial. So you may not find any site.

    Well when kidney, liver and heart transplants can be tolerated why not sct ? Well when the genetic material is changed with new compatible genes autoimmunity can be averted or suppressed. In our IKD they are using minimum medications after transplants. There is hope and very strong hope.

  • This little girl, Type 1-- hits A1C of 4.5 as per latest update :)

    This is what diet change can do. Isn't this fantastic.? I am sure Dr Richard Bernstein would be happy with such remarkable control in a Type 1.

  • gr8 effort end in gr8 results. parents need standing ovation for this. and, child needs lots of hugs for cooperating. An. a1c of 4.5 is amazing.

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