Is My Diet Truncated, Distorted Or Nutritional Torture? Prove It With Data & Science Please

Few words that have become very common for anyone who manages diabetes based on diet (more so the Inverted USDA Food Pyramid) are:

It's a truncated Diet

It's a Distorted Diet

It's Nutritional Torture

Etc etc.

Just today, while replying to bhaswathy on one post I just showed the data how peanuts win over ragi even from micro-nutrients point of view for same calorie.

Back to Topic: Listing food items that my life revolves around. Preparations/dishes vary around these items with cooking being more of a North Indian style.

VCO, Butter, Cheese, Paneer, Hung Curd, Milk. (full fat milk).

Peanuts, Almonds, Walnuts, Chironjee

Cabbage, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Bell Pepper (capsicum), mushrooms, Cucumber, Avocado (dependent on availability), Spinach, Cucumber, Ladies finger (Bhindi), Egg plant (brinjal), Karela, all Gourds (bottle, snake etc)

Coconut in all forms, including coconut milk

3 Eggs a day. Sometimes it goes up to 4 day -- any form except raw.

Chicken -- not so regular but three or four times a month. Sometimes could be more too.

Fruits -- Apple, Orange, Mango depending on seasonal availability. Sometime Papaya too. Apple normally is 1/2 grated that goes as sweetener to two fixed dessert. Counted number of black grapes slit into two goes into two dessert again as sweetener.

No more than 1 fruit a day at the most.

Black gram (or Bengal gram) small serving only -- overnight soaked and fried. Not very regular.


Water, green tea with lemon, black coffee with VCO, coffee with milk. No sweetener. If ever I feel the need to add sweetener, I add table sugar -- but this is only when I have headaches.

Meal plan: Two meals a day. However, there's no fixed timing for anything, including sleep.

Cheat Days: Not fixed but the day I have to cheat it's normally dinner time and those days I skip even lunch. Those days, no restriction on anything except mentally keeping a check on carbs intake for the day.

Wheat and Rice: Since March 2016, off from these two for a very large part. 2 Matrees a day is the only source of wheat intake. Rice very rare.Lentils very rare. Both rice and lentils are only for breaking the monotony -- maybe twice or thrice a month at the most. My protein source are usually paneer, cheese, nuts and eggs largely; with chicken coming in on the days that I feast on chicken.

Calories Intake: Never counted. But, since last two months or so have cut down on intake as wanted to reduce weight from 75/77 band to 73/75 band. Have been maintaining in 73/75 band since then and I do feel I am eating less than what it used to be earlier. Some day will aim for 70/73 band. I am sure, calorie counting is a failed science -- at least for me -- as I don't think I am taking all the calorie that BMR based computation would want me to take.

Blood Sugar checking frequency: With limited items as above and data collected on all permutations and combinations from above, I have now restricted to 100 strips strips a year. If I finish a lot of 50 faster, I stop testing for longer periods just to get back to average of one test every three days at the most. If for reasons of expiry date of strips I have to finish faster, I again go without testing for few months at a stretch.


So now, armed with above details, can anyone specifically prove based on DATA and NUMBERS as to how I am going through "nutritional torture"? Please do not copy sections of this post to strart a new thread and then try to critique. Whatever discussion has to be there should be there on this thread. I am very eager to see how science can explain that my diet is It's a truncated Diet, a Distorted Diet or a Nutritional Torture. If one cannot prove then please stop using such bombastic terms for diet that has not only helped me but millions across the globe. I am into sixth year as Type 2 on ZERO medications.

In the same breath, I would like people to give at least ONE scientific study on 60% CARBS being a balanced diet. Where's the study? No Appeal to authority logical fallacy please.

Inputs awaited and healthy discussion guaranteed. No regional proverbs and sayings please. They are not science.

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52 Replies

  • I do not think you are missing any nutrient by following above diet.

    Zero medication is saving you from side effects of medication.

  • No one talks of nutritional deficiencies prior to Dx

    But post Dx lots of talk of deficiency and still the High carb is given in spite of diabetics being intolerant to carbs

    With your diet as above its very nutritionally filling

    With the numbers under control

    With high carb and high numbers even micronutrients absorbtion is impaired

  • seriously. do you expect to get discussion based on numbers from them? i have my own doubts. ppl here should be focusing more on what they do and how they have managed their diabetes so that it helps others here and not spend their entire time on destructive work of bashing what works.

    let them call it whatever they want. u just carry on doing what u have been doing. their name calling isn't going to dislodge science.

  • BTW, another propaganda was that this diet is expensive. Well if I consider cost of One Januvia 100 and One Invokana 100 a day in the overall costing and also the fact that I haven't visited a doctor since 2012 January for my diabetes this works out far cheaper.

    I will go for annual check after almost 3 years in Feb 2017, when I complete six years as a Type 2 on ZERO Medications. Why did I not go for check? Aggressive multiple checks during transitioning showed my numbers stable so did not want to waste money on that. Only focus on getting the sugar readings in control and rest will take care of itself. So saved a huge money on unnecessary medical checkups every year too just because sugar readings have been that of a non diabetic. So, in overall costs, with every penny added, this works out cheaper too.

    To put on record my last 7 days/14days/30days/90days average is as follows -- mostly all PPBS as I rarely check FBS:

    128/121/114/114 -- all by Meter which normally reads higher than lab.

    Now waiting for counter data from anyone who can prove that this diet is truncated, distorted, or nutritional torture.

  • Yours, with a couple of minor tweaks re western culture, is the diet I follow myself. And that involves eating only twice a day (I miss breakfast and don't eat until midday or later).

    Nice to see you with the bit between your re-energised teeth Anup!

  • Even I miss breakfast since ages.

    Yes, tweaks will be needed but the essence is the same. There can be 100+ dishes made out of the same ingredients so it is not boring too.

    Wonder how this can lead to Nutritional Torture. I am waiting for some scientific discussions on the subject of Nutritional Torture.

    High blood glucose on High Carb diet where even VitC uptake is impacted badly. That's what Micro-nutrient Torture is when it comes to High carbs and I am sure most won't even know this.

  • no answers yet to your question. wonder if anyone would ever answer.

  • This is superb

  • Thanks wish everyone shared a similar post on what their life revolves around instead of just arguing on wrong bearings for the sake of arguing.

  • Dear anup,

    I am really managing my diet with almost the items which you mentioned. but sometimes unavoidable situationso of festivals or marriages, during that also I eat all the side dishes excluding sweets and only limited quantity of rice.

    I didn't checked my bs levels since 5 months. I want to completely switch over to Lchf.

    But from last month or so I am feeling dry skin and hair falling, I am really worried for that. Could you please suggest me something?

  • Get thyroid panel done as ladies have this common problem of hypothyroidism.

  • That was done 6 months ago by thyro care. It was normal, I had vit b and ddeficiency, doc adviced some medicine, I took it initially and I stopped.

  • Check B12 and Vit D levels also.

    Also, start checking your blood sugar levels at home.

  • krishnavenimanjunath

    Nice to see you after longtime...

    Wish you very Happy diwali and healthy new year...

    Iwill suggest just increase you cocnut consumption...andyour problems should resolved...

  • krishnavenimanjunath

    u might be having iron deficiency...u already have folic acid deficiency and Vit. B12 must for people taking metformin...all these three work together

    so take iron, folic acid and Vit. b12 supplements regular.

    Hair falling may be due to iron deficiency

    check yr iron levels immediately

  • Maybe true I am anemic I think anyway I will send all my reports to you. After I go home. It's arogyam by thyroxine.

  • Thank you anup for your list of foods, it is the most helpful info to me. My husband is T2 with many other problems, only 8st 7lb so I do all food prep/cooking. Since finding and doing your LCHF diet his blood readings have come down from 22.9 to just 8.9 in only a few weeks. We are in UK.

    It is odd to me that my blood readings are always around 5.6 and we eat the exact same foods but I am very active.

    Also, I drink home made Kombucha and have just started to give it to husband, do you think this probiotic drink may be helpful to diabetics ?

  • Home made kombucha (without added sugar as available sometimes) are excellent pro biotics

    Definitely helpful for diabetics

  • Hi Shashik, thank you for your reply. No sugar may not be easy as I think the kt must be made with tea and sugar but when I brew it for longer the small amount of sugar is converted to probiotics and tastes like a sort of vinegar, a quite wonderful taste I think. Can I brew it without sugar ? I will try.

  • No idea.

    Please do let me know

    I once got a bottle of kombucha free but found added sugar in it

    Dumped it

    But as you say if it get converted to vinegar - acid then it could be useful as anyways in fermentation sugar is converted to acid..

  • Glad that my posts here helped you and more glad to see such a remarkable drop in blood sugar readings. If 8.9 is PPBS, aim for 7 as next.

  • Yes your posts have definitely helped thank you, it is a good drop, not sure how much the karela has to do with it, I had difficulty getting this in UK, can't even grow it here, so we use extract when I can't find the gourd.

    We are eating just 2 meals a day, midday and evening, a bit confusing as Ayurveda life science I think suggest breakfast for vata type, Clive and me are predominantly vata and underweight slightly.

    We are aiming for 7 then, I am very grateful for your help here anup.

  • Great on 2 meals a day. That's the way to go and LCHF definitely helps there as it blunts all hunger pangs.

    I don't know my body type as per Ayurveda. But, breakfast for me is normally black coffee with VCO. Some of us skip dinner while some skip Breakfast. Both works, as in both cases we are just extending the duration of 'fat-for-fuel' phase in layman terms.

  • What is VCO please, is it coconut oil ? I have some of that.

  • Yes, Virgin Coconut Oil.

  • But sir as far as my knowledge skipping breakfast is not advisable

  • Who said so? Any science?

  • respects, dear sir...

    while i believe your diet is very close to optimal, I still have some thing to be clarified on this. we humans are very unique to each other in terms of food metabolism. given the same diet some may adsorb the nutrients very well and some may not. in such case. how do you address the boarder spectrum of metabolisms we have? My intention is to help those who are still not able to find the health with the diet you suggested.

    I hope to hear back form you Sir....

  • Any specific cases with detailed medical reports, diabetes history etc.? The premise of this diet is 20% Carbs 60% good fat and rest protein. Tweak based on what meter reads.

  • Anup

    What is wheat matrees?

  • Matrees=Mathari???

    Those biscuit like small namkeen things ??

  • Yes

  • cure

    Hmmm. Like monaco biscuits ? Do You make at home ? How ?

  • Wheat flour, coconut flour, sesame seeds. Deep fry in VCO. Sometimes when coconut flour is in excess, it may be difficult to retain shape.

  • Can another flour be substituted for something else for those who don't eat wheat products?

  • Will need some binder for maintaining form, and that's where wheat flour becomes a necessity.

  • So, if you try to use a gluten free flour, it won't work as well?

  • It will fall apart, IMHO.

    It may work for "bake" instead of "fry". If it's through baking route, options are many, ranging from eggs to flaxmeal etc.

  • Shri Anup , I am 66 years old and a type 2 diabetic since last 13 years , I have been taking Metformin all these years , dose of which kept on increasing (1500 mg a day now ! ) but in spite of all efforts at having a controlled /healthy diet I am quite disappointed with the results .My HBA1C is consistently between 6.5 % to 7.5% . I wish to adopt LCHF diet , please guide me about the following a. how much carb a day is low carb much fat a day is high fat & finally can one have 2 to 3 fruits per day (citrus and low sugar fruits of course ) I would like to know few more details in days to come :) Thank you !

  • The current post of mine details everything wrt what I do and should help. Alternatively, you can also go thru my old posts:

    I know of a recent case of Indian 3 year old type 1 who improved A1C from 8.8 to 7.1 in 20 days of diet change. Diet is the key and in diet carbs control is most important.

  • Shri Anup thank U for your response , I have gone through your old posts and now I think I have a fair idea of LCHF diet. I think it is a perfect self sufficient diet for any one ,only one concern though , will the high content of fat have any negative affect on the heart and body weight ? secondly , I get up at around 7 am ,and lunch is around 2 pm so if I have to skip breakfast ,is there any option/s which I can take during these 7 odd hrs.? I don't drink coffee so can I have VCO with warm water or milk ? ( I have Patanjali edible coconut oil , which is quite reasonably priced ,is it okay ? )

  • LCHF reduces weight, improves LIPIDS, improves Blood sugar control, reduces medications. FAT doesn't make you FAT. Carbs do.

    Yes on Coconut Oil.

    Bullet proof coffee from wake up till lunch.

    You can try with tea too if you don't take coffee.

    If that too is not allowed, taking VCO by spoon is also fine.

  • After long time... I m in this forum. Actually I forgot that I too had diabetic 1.3 yrs back. In 2016 my hba1c is 5.3,5.3,5.3. Just burn what you eat.i did lots of research on my diet. What I found is never take too much starchy food . If you are taking high carb then go to gym and burn that. No need to eat tablet the main reason of diBetic is loss of beta cell. If you est starchy food refwuently your insulin shoots up and after certain time beta cell will die. I ate 10 chapati per day but I burn that much in gym as well. Slowly I will bring this count to 2 . And include some fats. I started taking fats on higher quantity but I find myself very sluggish also felt like gastric stomach as well. Every body metabolism is different so choose and fix your diet. And enjoy life.

    No matter whether u r in party or in marriage or somewhere else. Just eat that suits you. Live healthy :)

  • Yes Shankarmishra124 wrt "burning"

    I have said it many times, if you want to go above the 20% carbs limit, then walk for 1 km for every 10 additional grams of carbs above 100 grams. So, if anyone wants to be on 200 grams carbs a day, then walk 10km/day spread out after every meal. So, 3 meals means 3.33 km walk per meal per day.

    That also works. But, the problem is, I personally don't have 2 hrs a day to be kept aside for walking.

  • Yes Sir .. but now I days I like to do gym that's why I need some carb as well as protein as well :) I tried with less carb I felt very sluggish all the time

  • Yes if you workout you will need to cover with proteins and slightly more carbs.

  • In that case I have to delay my " before breakfast" medicine and take it before lunch ? Right ? At least till my medication is reduced or hopefully stopped :)

  • Dear Shri Anup How to make Bullet proof coffee ? I would like to know the proportion of ingredients & is there any particular brand of coffee which would be better than local brands like Nescafe or Bru , please let me know .

  • Any brand of coffee.

    Options of adding one or more of below :

    Coconut oil. Butter. Coconut milk

  • Hello, I was diagnosed hyperglycemic in Jan this year. Having gone through range of emotions from disbelief to denial to depression to realisation that I must do something about my condition I took help from my health and wellness teacher and decided not to start medicine although doctors told me that I won't be able to continue the low carb diet forever and I must start medicine (my fasting sugar was 424). I just kept reading about diabetic diet and what to eat/when to eat etc. I watch what I eat, go for walks, in fact walk whenever I feel like.. aim is to keep active throughout the day, do some yoga too. Today my fasting stays around 116, pp stays around 143, sometimes going in 150s... still a long way to go but I'm enjoying this phase in my life where I've reduced a lot of weght, I used to be 78 now I'm 66-67.. I feel better and fitter, more energetic too. I'm sure with time I'll reach normal sugar levels, without medicines. Amen! 😊

  • Good luck!

  • Thankyou. After going through your posts I'm trying LCHF diet these days. Let's hope it works for me too..

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