Intermittent Fasting And Autophagy -- Nobel Prize :)

When some of us, on a diet that has helped huge number of Indian diabetics also, pick a leaf out of Dr Jason Fung's preaching and talk of Intermittent fasting as diabetics who live by Intermittent fasting, some even resort to insulting Jason Fung -- for no reason, or shall I say just for the heck of it. No more ridiculing now as someone wins Nobel Prize on the same subject and for some here Nobel prize does mean ultimate knowledge. So what next? :)

The article talks of metabolic syndrome too :)

Combine the diet that I talk with Intermittent fasting and there will be lot of money saved. So, if anyone says that LC** is expensive, I would say get REAL and don't try to hide the inability to give up old habits behind such OPINIONS :)

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  • People arguing just for the sake of ego have no real interest of the diabetics at large. That's why defeating diabetes is more important than ego clashes

    Maturity is when we accept the truth instead of fighting the same

    One day the mainstream have to bend to the truth

  • Well, look at ADA's Facebook page and what people comment there. It's so evident that people are unhappy with ADA's dietary advise. Whether they bend or not, people will dis their diet for sure -- they already are.

  • "It's so evident that people are unhappy with ADA's dietary advise."

    Me too!

  • "People arguing just for the sake of ego have no real interest of the diabetics at large.That's why defeating diabetes is more than ego clashes"

    101% true!

  • Someone remarked recently that who is Jason Fung .... just a kidney doctor. I think a nephrologist surely knows more about diabetes than a psychiatrist. Jason Fung talks a lot on fasting/Intermittent fasting too.

  • And who is someone-Just a LC** hater nothing else!Is not it?

  • Unless anyone provides credible data to back their OPINIONS against LC, it is just hate and nothing else that the OPINIONS are based on. And, if anyone would ask what's driving the hate, I would say success.

  • "Unless anyone provides credible data to back their OPINIONS against LC, it is just hate and nothing else that the OPINIONS are based on."

    They can not disprove lie of HCLF (balanced diet)!

    A high carb diet can not result HbA1c-4.8 even with high dose of insulin and without facing hypoglycemia.

  • A high carb diet can not result HbA1c-4.8 even with high dose of insulin and without facing hypoglycemia.

    Yup. That's what Dr Bernstein also says. Higher the peaks being covered with industrial doses of Insulin, higher the chances of HYPO. That's why ADA & Company say keep sugar at 180 :)

  • "That's why ADA & Company say keep sugar at 180."

    And face consequences of diabetes and then take multi disease medicines in order to make big pharma more bigger.

  • Intermittent Fasting has great impact on HbA1c and LC** (truncated diet) on many parameters!

  • But, it will take 10 years before one detailed chapter makes it's appearance in University textbooks of medicine. That's why we don't read university textbooks and read from Jason Fung's blogs :)

  • Being practical has its own advantage!

  • Experience is the best teacher.

  • Definitely!

  • :-)

  • sach bat bolu @anup bhai first I was also not convinced that butter will not impact on cholesterol....I was so much scared of Ghee and butter....may be because since childhood we are learn that fats are bad.....

    But now after seeing my own reports....I don't need any other proof....

    In fact my experience bit strange.... when ever I eat butter first thing in helps me to loose weight...further I don't know....but i think butter and ghee has positive impact on my cholesterol....may be my liver is lso getting healed sideby side...

  • yep....gone thru that link earlier.....

    Now days at morning just eat big ball of butter and chant 'Radhe Radhe bolo Jai kanhaiyya lal ki'

  • I am thinking of doing a 3 day FAT fast. No carbs, no proteins :)

  • yes.... ye ho sakata hai..... ye otherwise fasting apne bas ki bat nahi hai.....

    Is coconut meat allowed in fat fasting??

  • Basically carbs and proteins has to be restricted during fasting. Specially proteins as that has to go low for autophagy -- this is what I remember reading long back. So, coconut meat would depend on HOW MUCH?

    So, VCO and Butter loaded coffee and Lemon water. Though coffee also has carbs, but that will hardly be anything.

    Planning soon. Will post numbers and details when I do.

  • Anup

    And what will you take on fat fast days?

  • FAT :)

  • @Anup

    😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝. I like that.

    In what form and in what quantity. I may try. Just for a guidance. I know fat fast can't be done longer. Carbs can be spared. Prots can't. 😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜

  • As to how much fat would be -- all depends on hunger. Else will try to fight it off with lemon water.

    Look at it the other way, if in ketosis a protein bump up can throw one out of ketosis. Same applies here, IMHO.

  • Anup

    i don't know how much fat you will need to keep you full and provide caloric requirement ?

  • Hypo Caloric for 3 days. Maybe severely hypo caloric as it is fasting.

  • Anup

    fine. Let's all know about your experience with fat fasts after completion.

    Gud luck.

  • Thanks.

    Probably weekend -sat/sun/mon as too busy during weekdays. Sure would share details.

  • @anup long back I had discussion with one of Ayurveda expert...I was curious and asked him what if some one eat only ghee for few days...

    he said next day he will have loose motions...and those will be risky....

    I don't know truth....never tried....

  • That's applicable for guys and gals switching from Balanced Diet to Truncated diet and ramping up fat suddenly. We are tuned to digest fat. As it is, will be doing even less fat compared to normal days so stomach shouldn't be a problem.

  • ok....let us see..... at the same time....plz be careful with gut micro flora....

    For survival of micro flora they need certain things....

    just be careful that you will not disturb the same...

  • chant 'Radhe Radhe bolo Jai kanhaiyya lal ki' .... :) :)

  • :)

  • Intermittent fasting is a boon for the diabetes patient long with some little .I have seen that after 14 hours fasting during Ramadan ,my sugar PPBS reading is within 140 after taking some fried stuffs and little fruits.Thanks

  • Aren't we ahead of the curve?


  • Certainly. I am planning to have 14 hours fasting at least in Sunday every week. Thanks

  • What type diet is it? Is it suitable for type 1 diabetes? 6 yrs old?

  • Anup will help you for the type-1 .. 6 years old

  • Theoretically YES, leaving the fasting part out.

  • Its for my daughter who is 6 yrs old. Diagnosed on 30th aug 2016 when she was in DKA. Just 1 n half months ago. Where can i find this diet? Plz suggest if u have any more tips to give as being newly diagnosed is very difficult to understand it.


  • Though about 4 years elder to your daughter, here's a case that I know of personally -

    Pl check your PM.

  • @Arshiya_khan,

    Your daughter will anyway need carbohydrate/starch food. Why not you try to get it from Long Wheat products like bits/flour/dough from wholegrain. You can have a wide variety of dishes that she will like.

    LongWheat diet controlled & finally cured my Diabetes. Now experts say that I wouldn't have been diabetic or wouldn't have reached the point-of-no-return!!! Some say that mine is only an anecdotal case. In any case they agree that I am not Diabetic NOW!

  • Hello Sir, can you point me the link where I can get some dishes that can be made from Longwheat and also which brand of long wheat and where I can buy in USA? -TIA

  • @Anup


    Type 1 has to take very low carb ketogenic diet. But since D is just 6 yrs you will have to take care of over all nutrition esp vitamins and proteins.

    Get tested for thyroid before going for very low carb diet. Here you will need an open minded dietitian and endo.

  • At young age, I don't think keto is advisable. More so because computation of insulin dosing become still more sensitive versus adults.

    She can just be taken off all cereals and there are more than 100 alternatives to be healthy. Just takes time to get hold of things.

  • Anup

    pediatric nutrition is a specialized subject esp in t1d patients. I have clearly mentioned to take opinion of dietitian and endo. Yes when she has to take insulin she can take carbs but need specialized advice.

  • Ever since I started studying it's impact on me and others who followed the IF route as diabetics that I know of. Jason Fung never recommended it for mice and that's why I mentioned his name in the opening post.

    Since some consider Nobel Prize as the certificate of ultimate knowledge so posted this thread :)

    There are many clinical trials on humans too happening.

  • Replicate it with someone here and you brag it too. No one is stopping you from doing it.

    Yes, I am bragging it, if you think so so be it, because out here itself you will find many having succeeded after following what I say. So, replicate it with few more cases. Someone claimed curing diabetes but couldn't replicate one cure in four years.

    After all, your diet is easier as it loads up on carbs -- which is easy to convince carbs loving Indians -- so you should have many willing to follow you. Try it please.

  • Let me counter you:

    3.03% FAT for 2000 kcal (if you can really eat that much volume of plants) = 60kcal = ~7ml oil total considering that everything else in your diet has ZERO fats.

    That's barely 1.4 tsp oil for entire 3 meals a day -- ie < 0.5 tsp oil per meal?. If we add up fats from nuts, beans, lentils (vegans source of proteins etc) etc, oil would be zilch. Are you eating everything boiled?

    Are you sure?

    And, BTW, how much is FIBER? Fiber is also counted in carbs.

  • If being countered with numbers is crap, then so be it. I don't want to quote the number of tsp oil that you claimed you consumed in some other thread. The two numbers don't add up. And, I will talk on numbers only. And, if you don't want to answer the questions that I posted, it's your choice.

    You can still go back to Barnard data study - Table 2 on following URL:


    I am sure that since the data is of Barnard/PCRM, it can never be held as crap by you. So, go through it in detail. It has answers to your query that you keep posting to me.

  • Data is from Barnard. Doesn't matter who studied it. A Hypo-caloric diet of Barnard doesn't change, no matter who studies it. Study the table and see the fall in calorie and see the C/P/F changes and %ages. That holds the key. I only talk based on numbers. Go ask the author of that paper about when dialysis would happen.

  • I am only looking at data and not the interpretation of the author. The Table 2 clearly shows great calorie reduction from baseline.

  • I never made that prophecy did I? Ask the one who made it. I am just looking at the TABLE 2 data of Barnard. Huge calorie reduction and also bump up of fiber.

  • I am looking only at the TABLE2 data. I never wanted to comment, but since lot of poking has been there, all weight reduction is because of hypo caloric diet. Just to reconfirm, 1000 ml Amul Kool did not spike me. Hypo caloric that day. All sugar and carbs and yet my numbers was better than yours without drugs. But, I just can't continue on being hypo caloric intake forever.

    There are cases when vegans lost weight though they did not want to lose it and the decline continued for long. IIRC, kanchan13 is one of them

  • navinsinha ,What is your point?

  • Link of the article?

  • Can you summarize your opinion?

  • Is this for me?

  • Well, as I have repeatedly said, I am looking at Table 2 and not the conclusion of the author.

    You asked how you are managing to hit great number with 90% carbs. That 90 became 80 and Barnard has 67% in his study. I am sure even that 80% will reduce further, unless it's all boiled or raw veganism that's being followed. Fiber is increased from 21 to 42 grams for 1000 kcal. That itself is 8%+ carbs energy which doesn't add to calorie. So for 2000 kcal it would mean 80 grams fiber = 320 kcal calorie decline? Who do I believe?

    One can eat glucose and maintain safer numbers by going hypo-caloric too -- by taking 10 grams glucose every hour and just eat for 1000 kcal, 100% CARBS and no fiber, no protein, no fat.

    To me, Barnard's data -- hypo caloric -- explains the weight loss and the numbers. Why was calorie reduced by 400 in the first place in that table? Or is it something unavoidable in veganism because the food itself isn't calorie dense? How would one get 2000kcal from cabbage, spinach, cauliflower, lentils and beans?

    Rest, I am not into any prophecy. I am looking only at the numbers and those numbers are not mine.

    Try bumping up your weight by 2 kg and see what happens. I maintain stable numbers for any weight. Yes, anywhere between 73 kg to 78 kg my numbers remain unchanged.

  • If cal is 1600, at 3% FAT that makes it 5.33 grams fat a day. If all fat comes from oil that means 1.66 grams fat from oil per meal per day.

    If you eat just 9 almonds a day that would mean zero oil/fat in cooking.

    At 15% Protein energy this would mean 60 grams proteins. Now this would mean 4 cups of cooked beans (gets close to 36g fiber which though counted as in carbs doesn't add to any energy as such) or 8 cups sprouts or a mix thereof. Of course you have protein shakes too.

    Basically, you have to be off all nuts too to hit 3% FAT from Oil.

    Is that so?

  • navinsinha

    I'm happy that you could revert your D with the diet you have posted here but once again i'm asking you to understand that scientifically. Let's all know your bcf and ir. If you have not got the reports done please do it for the sake of our D community.

  • When I read this post there were 49 responses. @suramo is responding to @navinsinga, but I couldn't find the response of @navinsinha. Was there one like that?

  • LCHF and IF have helped me alot! So far, I have lost 15 Kilos of my weight (97-82Kg), that too within 6 months of starting LCHF diet. At one point of time, my weight reduction was stagnant, started IF and weight loss kicked in again.

    I am not taking any meds as well to control my BS!

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