For a diabetic under control,what caused the” head ache” and why it disappeared on its own ? Is there any cause and effect?

For a diabetic under control,what caused the” head ache” and why it disappeared on its own ? Is there any cause and effect?

The folloing case history blogged a few days back by and large missed discussion. Can any one analyse and attribute a cause for the phenomenon/episode and why it disappeared with consumption of 800ml of sweet drink consisting of 104 gr of carb out of which 64 gr was sugar? The case history in brief as narrated is as under.

“Now back to the topic. I love living by watching the meter and love corroborating what my reports tell me with the literature available on web regarding the diet that I follow and preach. Here's one little experiment:

Full day just one tea with sugar at noon as was out and was having headache. Since few days, mild headache had been plaguing and though I did go to sleep at 9:30 pm y'day I woke up suddenly at 12:20 am for no reason. Dinner itself was loads of chicken+ veg preparation ordered from outside and 2 bottles (400ml) of Amul Kool. Never took any readings

With sleep gone, did following experiment:

Took reading -- 77 by meter headahce persisting

200 ml Amul Kool

1 hr after Amul kool - 119 mild headache persisting

Again took another Amul Kool

1 hr after second one (2 hrs after first) -- 129 headache gone?

Took another Amul Kool

Went to sleep at ~4 am as was feeling sleepy again with headache all gone.

Woke up at 11:30 am”

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  • I generally get head ache when i am Low on Sugar level,

  • it is true that when even you are low on sugar you get headache or if too low then you sweat and feel hungry also. But when you are high on sugar you get sound sleep. This is my experience.

  • likeli it is due to low sugar

  • "For a diabetic under control,what caused the” head ache” and why it disappeared on its own ? Is there any cause and effect?"

    You can ask this question in the same thread!

  • He likes copy pasting, even from my posts here, and doesn't even like mentioning my name to give credit to the original post.

    Headache did not disappear on it's own if he understood my post. I don't get headaches every day. Perhaps he did not read that full day I did not have anything except a cup of tea with sugar -- something that I mentioned so explicitly in that thread :)

    Headaches can also go away with salted lemon water and has nothing to do with taking sugary drinks. One has to go through lot of practical experiences to really understand all this. In any case, headache was not the point of discussion in the thread. Question was -- CAN I CLAIM BEING CURED ON MY DIET?


  • It could be related to blood sugar as it might not be the case.

    I usually have a slight headache after eating. In my opinion it could related to blood glucose, insulin secretion, or a combination of both.

    Since you measured only BG, it is not possible to provide a defenitive answer.

  • “Activity2004

    a day ago

    Saw your "headache " posting. Think the reason why your headache went away is this: A) you needed some form of sugar, B) allergic reaction and the allegations left your system, C) not enough sleep”

  • The case has many things to educate /make us understand on the dietary pattern’s contribution to holistic health of the body.

    It’s important for those with type 2 diabetes to watch for signs of hypoglycemia, or insulin shock, and to know what to do if they occur. One need not believe that just because he/she does not inject or take medicine low blood sugar will not occur.

    An episode of hypoglycemia, or low blood glucose, comes on very suddenly. It can happen during or after strenuous exercise, or when you delay a meal.. These include:

    •Sweating,Weakness, Anxiety,Trembling, Fast heartbeat,

    •Inability to think straight ,Irritabilit y, Grouchinessm Hunger

    •Headache Sleepiness

  • Who is Activity 2004?

  • OK!

  • Why not discuss on that thread that I posted instead of copy pasting even posts on HU? Since you did not provide the link to OP, for convenience of a n00b, continuity and context, I am mentioning it here:

    Focus of that post is not HEADACHE. No CURE SELLER answered the question posted in the post. Oh I had headache, because if you read the above post carefully, I had nothing during the full day except for a cup of tea with sugar. It has nothing to do with sugar levels as I reach those sugar levels quite often and not the first time. Nothing to do with Hypo as I have a reading of 60 even by lab and was perfectly all right :)

    Am I a diabetic under control or CURED? I can clear the 2 Hr reading on OGTT but fail on peaks, just like ShooterGeorge . He claims CURE. So am I cured by his standards? Many on diet that I talk can replicate the same OGTT 2 hr standard but fail on peaks. Are we all CURED?

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