How to know if diabetes 2 is cured/remitted or reversed?

How to know if diabetes 2 is cured/remitted or reversed?

A glucose tolerance test (GTT), also known as an oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT), can show if your body is having problems processing glucose. and in those who had but now feel they have cured without drugs

Before having the test, do not eat or drink certain fluids for 8-12 hours. .

A blood sample will be taken before the test and your blood glucose will be measured. You'll then be given a sweet glucose drink.

After drinking the glucose drink, your blood glucose will be measured every half an hour and again after two hours.

The results of the GTT will show whether you have impaired glucose tolerance (IGT) or diabetes. This will be based on the amount of glucose in your blood both before and after drinking the glucose drink.


For someone without diabetes, the amount of glucose in their blood should be:

•less than 6 mmol/l before the test

•less than 7.8 mmol/l two hours after the test

If you have IGT, the amount of glucose in your blood will be:

•6-7 mmol/l before the test

•7.9-11 mmol/l two hours after the test

If you have diabetes, the amount of glucose in your blood will be:

•more than 7 mmol/l before the test

•more than 11 mmol/l two hours after the test

There is no other way to confirm if one has got cured or remitted the glucose intolerance.

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  • Have a read of this, then I'd suggest you buy Kraft's book (I have a copy). It might alter you perception of GTT:

  • mike pollard

    what is your view? 5 hour OGTT as advced by Dr craft will be more essential to establish if one is diabetic or not or cured or not??

  • Two hrs OGTT number to base judgment on is entirely USELESS and hence a waste of time and money. OGTT should involve at least 5 readings in 2 hrs, including one reading pre-ingestion.

    If you peak above 140 at any of the readings it's neither reversed nor cured as both are impossible. It can only be in remission. For checking on reactive hypoglycemia, extend the test to 5 hrs -- readings taken every 30 minutes.

  • Anup

    we have a defect that we can't process carbs. The whole exercise is to find out which diet suits you. The defect remains life long. So even if you have normal numbers and are drugs free you can't take the carbs beyond your clearing capacity. Any spike in bs will damage your body. Further even if you have reversed your D there will be some problems like getting repeated infections, bone pain, soft tissue problems, cramps etc with your body. Yes. Micro damage continues despite good control.

  • As long as OGTT peaks are not within 140, we are diabetic. Two hr values are useless for classifying diabetic/non diabetic. 0,30,60,90,120 min readings are to be looked at instead of just 120 min reading.

  • Anup

    oh yes. You are absolutely right. Any bs above 140 would damage our bodies.

    What do you say ? Micro damage continues or not ?

  • Is there anybody with HbA1c 1, 2 or 3%? Why is lower limit of HbA1c not zero?

  • Because it is related to blood sugar.

  • ShooterGeorge

    Are you thinking to make your a1c zero ? First see what will that convert into bs values. And why do you want to live a hypoglycemic life ?

  • @suramo,

    Please do not twist or extrapolate my question, sir.

  • ShooterGeorge

    I'm not twisting nor extrapolating. Please take my responses positively.

  • Thanks

  • On either side of blood sugar 83, mortality increases. Also, while it is very convenient to exclude 1 hr values just for sake of claiming CURE (which doesn't happen) there are studies which look at 1 Hr post load levels more than anything else. Don;t care what ADA says. ADA even publishes burgers on their FB page. But,

    See what it says wrt 1 hr post load sugar readings.

  • Anup

    you are right. But 1hr sugar after a full meal and not split meal.

    Well bs values behave ridiculously some time. For the last few months ever since i have started grain free diet my 1hr bs remains around 130. But fbs 120-150.🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒🐒. So should we think that fbs also should be one of the parameters for cure.

  • Yes 1 hr after OGTT. Take 1000 mg MF at bed time and see if it helps with FBS

  • Anup

    i'm taking 1g mf sr predinner at 8.30 -9. But for last 15 days because of viral my fbs is high

  • Anup

    i'd almost controlled my fbs but viral infection has spoiled the numbers. This time virat has continued longer for almost a month. Now settling. It's come down to 120-130 range.

    But one of the indications fbs not getting under control is poor bcf - defective basal insulin secretion.

  • Hi @suramo,

    In my PPt presentation one slide is like this:



    This is analogous to a student failing/passing a qualifying examination at the completion of a course like BSc, BTech, MBBS etc.

  • Hi all,

    2006 FBS 118 PPBS 197

    2009 OGTT (75gm) BS at 2hrs 100

    2009 OGTT (100gm) BS at 2 hrs 118

    This is why I say 'am cured.

  • Hi

    If I have a breakfast of 3 idlis, my two hour reading will be within 120, and I will feel hungry too. I guess if my bs is plotted at 30 minute intervals it would show an inverted U. I always take care to include n egg when I have an idli breakfast.


  • The quantity of my food I take is to meet my energy & taste requirements AND ALSO TO REMAIN HUNGERFREE TILL NEXT INTAKE. I usually take breakfast, lunch & supper.

    As pointed out by a learned member earlier, if food is getting purged with incomplete digestion, premature hunger is certain & natural.

  • When I was diabetic it was 3 idlis with side dishes + coffee with sugar that gave FBS 118, PPBS 197 & HbA1c 6.3% are giving now FBS <100, PPBS <100 and HbA1c 5%.

  • ShooterGeorge

    Great. So nice. But you are cured only when you can eat anything and everything like a nonD person. Start eating sweets, srikhand and all high sugary foods daily or more frequently and still if you maintain those results - bs never getting beyond 140 anytime you are cured.

    Good luck.

  • For us, normal person is one who doesn't eat carbs beyond the liver's capacity to hold glycogen. By that definition, lot of us are CURED long long back. Somehow we don't like too much carbs :)

    For those who are non vegetarians:

    Chicken doesn't exhale oxygen

    Chicken does't provide shadow

    No Global warming if chickens are killed

    So, eat Chicken and Go Green by preserving the plants :)

  • @suramo,

    Thank you for the nice words. I eat anything and everything a nonD person eats. I don't know what is "srikhand".

    Since my father passed away due to complications of hypoglycaemia (when I was only 9 years), since my mother became diabetic following the literally unexpected demise of my father, since she remained diabetic till her final breath after 4 decades and since my elder cousin was suffering from IDDM, I had an aversion for sweets and had been taking only minimal sweets till I became diabetic.


    I beg to differ to the view that BS never go beyond 140 mg/dL in healthy nonD people at any time with any food intake.

    Some published study reports on continuous Glucose monitoring (CGM) which were referred here by some very learned member has data to the effect that BS do go beyond 140 in healthy nonD subjects who participated in those studies.

    Good luck

  • ShooterGeorge

    But nonD people have a capacity to clear that high sugar rapidly. We - ( should i include you also with us now ?) are very poor at that.

  • Whereas people conveniently ignore 1 hr values just for the sake of claiming non existent cure of diabetes, for me it still is the most relevant stuff -

    Surprisingly, no one from the diabetes-can-be-cured camp commented on my following post:

    Since 4rth of this month I have not been following the diet that I follow as wife is out and I hate going to the kitchen and yet my FBS is landing < 100. Yet, I would never ever try and see the dream of CURE by latching on to just one study with CGM's. CGM's are as inaccurate as the strip as they are calibrated against the strip from time to time.

    OGTT with only 2 Hr readings is a useless test and waste of time and money


  • Regarding . The page considers normal glucose tolerant subjects with 1 hr glucose reading of over 155. It says whether pre-diabetic or normal glucose tolerant , higher 1 hr value for the OGTT has a positive correlation with cardiovascular complications and higher lipids. So, the link you gave contradicts your statement that non-diabetics do not peak above 140.

  • I still maintain at 140. There are many study links on Jenny Ruhl's site which has all the details why I say what I say. Here's one more:

  • Thank you @kapilv for the link & enlightenment. Control system experts opine that this is how even a very good control system will behave/perform.

    Two CGM studies referred here (HUDI) earlier also contain data showing that BS of some healthy subjects crossed 140.

  • suramo my humble opinion is that "blood sugar never exceeding 140 mg/dL" and "capacity to clear that high sugar rapidly" are entirely different matters.

  • ShooterGeorge

    Since we are poor at processing carbs in our case any spike of bs takes very long to clear .

  • @suramo,

    Do you know the reasons for this delay in clearing the BS spikes? If not, have you tried to find out? I wish to know the reason sir!

  • First phase insulin response conked off. It is also so in your case and that's why you peak to 200+ on OGTT . It's the second phase that does all the hard work.

  • @Shooter...

    That is the reason why we are D. IR and poor bcf. Poor/ defective genes.

  • With or without medicines?

  • Forget about drugs. Plot OGTT at 30 min interval for two hours, send the chart to a professional who understands it and ask them if it is a case of CURE. I bet anyone who really understand OGTT will never say cure if spikes are above 140 at any time.

    By Two hour readings alone, I guess thousands across the globe are CURED on diet that we talk. But, no one claims that because Diabetes CANNOT be CURED. It can only be managed. Fourth year running and no one got cured here.

  • Right!

  • If only 2 hr reading is enough to pass OGTT then many diabetic on LC** can claim that they are cured!

  • That is good and great. For many problems there can be more than one solution, you see @alwaysoptimistic.

  • Yes,some problems have multiple solutions!

    But there is a doubt that why not any other diabetic on LWMDR is cured so far?

    Is your case "the Grace of God"?

  • @alwaysoptimistic,

    In my opinion nobody is following LWMDR as suggested. When some try to invent a modified solution to their credit, some others dilute it to SUIT their requirements. This opinion is based on their statements published here.

    Ha ha ha :-) :-) :-) THANK YOU FOR THE COMPLEMENT but even my birth, education & life I consider as Grace of God!!!

    I was born to my parents NOT AS/AT MY CHOICE, you see, NEITHER AT THEIR CHOICE!

    If I was not born to my parents, most probably I would not have been like this here & now. This does not imply that I would have been inferior, could have been superior also.

    I don't know about others :-)

  • I don't understand why some people refer nonexistent pages here!

  • shooter george

    it is a mindset no one can understand let alone advise If they think they are not cured so be it.if they think they are cured so be it.OGTT is a test accepted by entire medical world and thus stands .If there is any feeling that with lchf diet they are not cured then lwmdr seems to be a better dietary option as you have demonstrated that two tests at one year interval with normal diet your ogtt was nagative on diabetic simptoms

  • Let him first publish the real OGTT numbers which comprises of 5 numbers in 2 hrs. Two hr values are useless.

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