IIT's To Enter Into Medical Education Too!

Recently, I have seen lot of sarcasm flying around regarding IIT's here specially with entirely uncalled for comments/statements like are you from IIT Medicine?

Well, we technocrats from IIT's always love challenges and always love to think out of the box and ignore the sarcasm as sarcasm has no science or any data. And our answer to such sarcasm is:


What will this do?

Definitely provide an inter disciplinary -- engineering and medicine -- approach rather than running a compartmentalized OPINION based views. As per the article:

“It will bring the two diverse disciplines of engineering and medicine together in education and research. Technology will be used to access and treat large number of patients through satellite centres and secondary hospitals,” the director said.


Since 2001, IIT-Kharagpur has been running the school of medical science and technology which has an inter-disciplinary three-year post-graduate programme in medical science and technology.

I am sure engineers can understand medicine or a branch of it if they want to dig deep and have the eagerness to learn. Examples of experts coming up even without a Medical degree are many across the world. Want one name?

Ivor Cummins -- A Chemical Engineer :)

Richard Bernstein - He mastered Type 1 management while he was an Engineer. He also proved that high blood sugar is the one of the major reasons for depression and he did this as an engineer. He published that paper as part of curriculum requirement to get a Medical Degree almost six years after he did the study and had DATA -- it was published in an Israel Journal. People who don't know about him only talk crap about him here.

Material Energy balance is the core of Chemical and Metallurgical engineering. So we understand it easily ;)

Would love the see the day when a techno-medical man steps out in the world, and IIT's will make it happen. That would be the end of whatever sarcasm is left as a tool for debating by some. That will be the time when Calorie In Calorie out FAILED theory of obesity will be thoroughly CHALLANGED too more aggressively from thermodynamics point of view also. Next in the firing line will be the so called "balanced and healthy" diet

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  • Engineers :

    They think of everything as cause - effect

    They prepare a flow chart to arrive at the same

    They reach conclusion properly

    Biggest advantage is when they are applying the above in health related issues they don't have the pharma or food industries to influence them

  • Well, world is full of such examples.

    We can pick up any branch of engineering different from our area of Major and master it without degree. Same applies for any component of medicine too. We can pick up, study a lot, apply the understanding, watch the numbers. It's easy to master an "inexact science" like medicine compared to "exact science" like engg, because in exact science the failure or success is immediately evident so leaves no escape route like in inexact science.

    One of my class mates (Metallurgical Engg graduate) -- you know what he did for his project as part of the curriculum requirement?

    Microprocessor controlled temperature profile controller for annealing furnace. This was in 1987 when getting microprocessors and high power thyristors weren't so easy and cheap.

    Two things:

    (1) He was not forced to pick up a project relevant to the Degree. Yes, we are allowed to be INNOVATIVE and not just BOOKWORMS of OUTDATED textbooks which only get revised once in 5 or 10 years.

    (2) So, what happened during VIVA when his entire project was all ready for live demonstration? No one from department understood what to ask. So, professors from Electrical (power electronics), electronics and Computer science were called for viva. We never had even single unit on power Thyristors, microprocessors, assembly language programming etc in our course. In fact, computer programming was through punch cards during that time. It was the days of Fortran, Pascal and Cobol. There was no internet too :)

    So, where is he now? He is working in a instrumentation company in the US doing Linux kernel modifications, assembly language programming. Remember, he has no degree in electronics, or computer science. He is a Metallurgical Engg graduate :)

    In short, we at IIT's are trained to be CREATIVE and LEADERS. I am not bragging. It's a fact. Those who cannot digest these facts, throw sarcasm at us. But, we don't care. We march ahead once we are convinced with the data that we generate.

    I can quote a case of a plain BCom who got a call from Larry Elison of Oracle as he did something impossible and wasn't asked qualification. He was just told to fly to US and join the company. I know of this as this person did that impossible thing in the plant, where I used to work till 2000, where the Oracle server wouldn't boot and even Oracle USA said Restore from backup. He didn't restore from backup but fixed the problem. Since he ws on DDE Org rolls and DDE Org was interacting with Oracle USA on this, the whole thing created NEWS :)

    I can quote innumerable cases that I know of personally, to prove that it's the BRAIN that counts. People who pretend to know too much only throw sarcasm at us and never answer any questions that I post to them. It's always a useless and padded up irrelevant reply. Useless because it lacks all science and padded up because it never stays focused on the thread context.

  • Well said and always eloquent. Engineers are the smartest breed of people. I am a software engineer and can fully understand your rationale. You are not only an engineer but also making a great contribution to other diabetics by guiding every individual that comes on board at dlife .in

  • Thanks Kshridhar

    We let the medical reports do the talking and those who love science of medical reports pick up from there. Just a little bit of hand holding is all that's needed. Controlling carbs intake is the key to managing blood sugars with minimal dependence on drugs. Don't eat carbs in a day more than livers glycogen holding capacity.

    Good to meet an engineer, I never knew you are a SW pro.

  • Lab reports = Proof = Science

    Opinions = no proof = No science

  • Yes,it is very true!

  • Long wheat works like dpp4 is one such comment which someone made. No science only opinions and propaganda.

  • During my college days,my applied mechanics teacher used to say-"An engineer can do anything and everything in an accurate way!"

  • In any case, that compartmentalized science does not exist any more. All disciplines converge into one during any scientific analysis. I cannot imagine a medical science existing in isolation from other branches of science and technology of course. Much of what is taught and learned at IITs do have medical applications too. I am a Scienitst dealing primarily with biological aspects, but cannot be ignorant about physics, chemistry, biochemistry, physiology and what not. Science cannot exist in one water tight compartment and this applies to medical science too.

  • True but the way few guys load their opinions with sarcasm even against I I T makes it appear so. With I I T's getting into interdisciplinary courses the gap will reduce further.

    That said, doctors know nothing about diet and dietitians know nothing about medicine. That's why both talk the same diet to every human irrespective of medical history. I am yet to be given the science behind 60% carbs to anyone... Not just diabetics.

  • 206 followers on profile matters to me. People who can't show how it is 90% carbs r the ones who cannot even understand the Barnard study dissection and want everything spoonfed. Go ref the study which was referred to u twice. Don't expect that I will teach you how it is not 90% carbs. So get the numbers right first. One of yr pals couldn't even prove his 80% CARBS numbers.

    Sarcastic guys didn't even manage to have one follow up case on this forum despite trying to pay me back in same coins. Ran out of all coins? Get at least one to follow yr advise and then we will discuss. I have performed better than tripathi or sharan and foc

    Carry on.

  • Show calculations that their chelaas are eating 90% carbs. Engineers can and will challenge such claims. Earlier 80% CARBS contention also failed to provide any calculations:


    And Only calculations please. Anything else on this thread from you I will ignore as I know what few guys are up to whenever they try and provoke. If you cannot provide the calculations then might as well put an end to responses on this thread.

  • Would still love to see the basis for 90% Carbs claim. Remember to subtract fiber from carbs while computing and also mention the fiber content in a day.

    3tsp ~ 128kcal ~ 6% on 2000 kcal diet.

    Only way one can hit 90% carbs energy is just by eating raw carrots and nothing else.

  • Nope.

    Each and everything will be needed. Ref the Barnard's study dissection link that was posted.

  • Well we agree with numbers if no shortcuts applied. Else, the other thread of 80% carbs would be repeated here too where there would be no clue to the the % for carbs hit.

  • You aim to just calculate prot and fat and then deduct from 100. That's not the way data is presented.

    Everything computed including fiber would be needed and not computed by just computing prot and fat.

  • Nope. Dispute here is 90% CARBS and one would really like to see how 90% carbs is being proclaimed.

    As for High Fat, there's no dispute.

  • No one is my friend or enemy here. Though some consider me their enemy for reasons best known to them.

    I need data from you as you have been repeatedly poking me saying that I don't answer to your 90% carbs claims. So, give me the data that I want else leave me alone.

    One of the big errors that will creep in by your method would be:

    (1) You will presume XX kcal total intake. This XX can be way off from actual.

    (2) P/F computed and then subtracted from (1) will be way off from actual.

    That's why I need breakdown of everything.

    Even calculations on a full day's actual meal would be fine.

  • navinsinha

    Just enter a days diet in fatsecret. Com

    You will get the %

  • Probably accurate with the diet you are following I would say

  • The Kitavans get 21% of their energy from fat. That is the lowest intake I'm aware of of a culture 'unspoiled' by western development.

    The optimal is likely to be higher than this extreme of the continuum, not least because of the necessity of fat soluble vitamins. Weston A Price found that 'primitive' people's diets had ten times the fat soluble vitamins of the western diet back in the 1930s, and this contributed to western civilisation's chronic ill health.

  • Do you need support navinsinha?

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