Advice on Diabetes by American Diabetic Association

Advice on Diabetes by American Diabetic Association

SEPT. 20, 2016

In a letter to the Editor of new York times :Mr ROBERT E. RATNER

Chief Scientific and Medical Officer,American Diabetes Association clarifies the Association,s stand Read the letter published.

Re “The Old-Fashioned Way to Treat Diabetes,” by Sarah Hallberg and Osama Hamdy (Sunday Review, Sept. 11):

The writers cite a study that recommends a daily intake of 20 grams of carbohydrates, an extremely low-carb intake for anyone. Maintaining such a diet requires excluding major food groups, including fruit, grains and starchy vegetables, and can contribute to nutritional deficiencies.

The American Diabetes Association does not recommend any specific diet for people with diabetes. The best nutrition plan for patients is one that they can realistically achieve, given their life and circumstances. The association’s nutrition therapy goals and recommendations are based on the latest scientific research, and are reviewed and updated every year within our Standards of Care.

The first-line treatment recommendation for Type 2 diabetes is built on a comprehensive medical evaluation to meet the individual needs of each patient. The foundations of care include self-management education, nutrition, counseling, physical activity, psychosocial care and possibly medication.

Diabetes is a complex and lifelong disease that requires personalized care from an integrated team of multiple medical providers, and the care plan will evolve throughout each patient’s lifetime as his or her health changes and additional needs emerge.

The American Diabetes Association recommends metabolic surgeryonly as an option for some patients who meet specific medical criteria, including patients with severe obesity.


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  • And yet, people follow Sarah Hallberg.

    And, obviously ADA feels rattled when people fix their diet to get normal blood sugars with least dependence on drugs. I can show you 100's of Indian diabetic cases cutting down drugs by 80% and yet start achieving far better than those who live by ADA guidelines. And not just for few months, but years and years together. To say one diet is difficult -- ask those who live by it. They will tell you it's not difficult for them.

    ADA doesn't even talk about looking at fasting Insulin as part of initial investigation.

    As usual, ADA guys only function from behind Iron Curtain, sending only emails and letters and never face a debate.

  • The Threat is Real

    If ketogenic! Diet is adopted lots of people will lose jobs especially dieticians, drs will lose kickback from patented drug and newer insulin sellers.

    Bariatric surgery will be obsolete

    Complications will come down leaving highly invested hospitals in a lurch

    Funding will crash

    What not..

  • Now they have a new procedure. Drill a hole in stomach and attach a device for draining stomach through external pipe. Costs $26000. Revisit again and again as belly size reduces and pay more.

    Ridiculous and pathetic at the same time. So, they will do just anything to safeguard their turf to make sure donations don't dry up.

    As more and more doctors start talking alternate diets, ADA will be exposed faster. This will only happen on a larger scale as time passes.

  • Anup,

    This is the way to make money on a continuous basis rather than avoiding the type of ADA recommended high Carb, starchy food and fruits that causes it. The American medical and pharmeceutical industry thrives on people being sick, obese and diabetic so that they can have continuous use of their Statin, diabetic and cardiac drugs and stomach reduction procedures. This is a rip off and in America it is accepted and legal way of making money. No wonder now Medical Cost is going through the roof.

  • And some people from India here on this forum consider everything that they do there as DROOL WORTHY "SCIENCE" :)

  • Anup

    Just imagine

    Billions of dollars revenue will be lost from not only food and pharma but also from allied services like foot care, cardio care etc etc

    Ketogenic diet can not only carsh blood sugar but also these industries

  • Younger generation will be more open minded. Didn't you see how someone who joined on 16th September is off drugs and now getting normal blood sugars? And, another case who is now getting sub 100 numbers starting with 250+ at Dx? They don't find our diet TOUGH. They find it great. Wonder who gave the right to ADA to call it non sustainable in the long-term. How did they decide that? Based on science or OPINION of the cozy club?

    Millennial generation will always be more open minded as they have not seen a world without internet.

  • Just by stopping wheat..

  • And substituting with good fats :)

  • What are those? If possible reply on my mail.the full diet chart for vegeterian. Regards

  • Shashikantiyengar

    Agreed. Keto diet is the best for all the D but how many would be motivated to follow that diet ? Very few at present. We are highly educated and motivated people. So we take lot of pains to follow that diet. We can calculate also scientifically but majority won't be. The people want short cuts. Highly educated people also sometimes talk silly things. This can be a big obstacle. I may be sounding negative but this is the reality. People like to take insulin shots rather than stringent diet control. Even doctors are not aware and treat themselves like other patients.

  • True

    Pop a pill rather that diet

    They are ready to pop a pill for exercise if available

    But still many are ready for diet especially the young ones

    This is our newer experience in the other forum

  • Dear ragivrao ji,

    The same thing I have been telling in different words :

    Low carb means

    Nutrient torture. But for those obese who fail usual means can try low carb . and ADA recommends 130grams moderately low carb. It doesn't mean high fat necessarily.

    Good luck

  • High Carb is real torture because you haven't provided any scientific evidence how 60% carbs is healthy and balanced, as that diet to diabetics only needs more and more drugs as time passes and till (s)he lands on insulin shots.

    In fact, dietary recommendation had absolutely no science behind it:

    We have medical reports of diabetics on both sides of the fence to prove it.

    So you have any medical reports to prove your point? Or it's just a lop sided opinion as usual as you have not provided any data or science behind it, though I have been asking for it repeatedly?

    There's not much diff between 130 and 100. We follow 100g indefinitely. No point improving health and then eating Cheetos and Oreos once again. Obesity or no obesity is immaterial. People start reducing blood sugar even without losing 1 gm body weight once they cut down carbs.

    Shashikantiyengar A1C of 4.8 is latest example.

    How is that nutritional torture? Want more? Let me know and I will give you as many as you can study and then comment. Talk based on medical reports from the real world.

  • Anup

    I am going to put my food intake in some site like fatsecret etc and get the nutritional content

    Will be interesting to see

    Will post in both sites

  • Oh they won't understand it. They just give OPINIONS. I have asked so many times that provide details of what nutrients we miss. No reply. Probably they know we aren't missing anything and just talking for sake of talking.

    Even if you give all the details with all finer points, it's beyond them to grasp it.

  • Anup

    let Shashikantiyengar do what he wants. Let " them " do what they like.

  • Oh it's a waste of time trying to educate people who have made up their mind not to be educated. They couldn't be educated in 40 months and they cannot be educated in another 400 months. Non receptive mind. So why waste time on them?

  • By avoiding grains and even fruits it possible to get all the nutrients by having proper veggies, nuts, seeds etc

    Will prove to these guys

  • You can only prove to guys who believe in science of numbers. Not to guys who believe in just expressing opinions. 30 grams carbs becomes 20% carbs.

    Want to see the practical thread of how people mess up numbers and never answer queries:

    As per the messed up calculations, more than half of India would go dairy less :)

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