We Come From Mushrooms

Say what? According to Tero Isokauppila, an expert in the world of all things mushroom. Tero is from Finland and grew up on the organic family farm that’s in it’s 13th generation. He says that about 10 years ago scientists figured out that we actually come from mushrooms, not plants. About 1.3 billion years ago mushrooms came from the sea and were the first things to come to dry land. So these mushrooms were living beings that were eating rocks and creating soil. We as humans are part of the same super kingdom because they breathe oxygen like we do and expel Co2.

Most cultures originally were mushroom friendly, but then some cultures got freaked out by them and turned away from using them. Like North Americans, they are kind of behind the mushrooms trends compared to the orientals and the Europeans because they were afraid of fungal diseases. And it is true, there are some mushrooms that are bad news and could kill us. However, there are a bunch of mushrooms that are full of great qualities and super beneficial to us.

Different Types Of Fungi

Mushrooms can fall into a couple different categories. There are the medicinal kind and the culinary kind. The ones you can eat can replace animal protein and have nutrients like Vitamin D. The medicinal ones tend to grow on trees and have amazing benefits. In fact, 40% of all pharmaceuticals use fungi. Tero pointed out, it’s not all new age stuff…ever heard of Penicillin? Yeah, we all have.

Ever heard of Chaga?

This type of mushroom has one of the highest sources of antioxidants in the world and it can really help lower inflammation. It doesn’t look like what a typical mushroom does, almost looks like tree bark but you drink it in a tea. This little guy works wonders on colon health and can really help support the immune system. Everyone likes to talk about the other herbs when they have a cold or flu, but what mushrooms can do is help with people who are sick all of the time and to slow down that inflammation.

Come to find out, the FDA considers most mushrooms as food. They are generally regarded as safe. They are not even supplements. Tero says that hey are often sold in capsules because they usually taste bad, bitter. If one of the mushrooms is an upper, a natural energizer without caffeine, it’s cordyceps. Reishi is the opposite, which is kind of the calming but not sedative. For people that have sleep issues for example it helps. Again, the glands, the endocrine system, but in a more calming, grounding way.

Enough Fungi To Go Around

One of the latest discoveries is one type of mushroom in the Amazon and the coolest thing about it? It destroys plastic. It eats plastic. So now there is a mushroom that loves to eat plastic away from nature. Tero says that we can help nature by planting mushrooms like this in specific locations to do amazing things. There are lots of problems going on in this world and mushrooms just might be the answer to a lot of our problems.


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  • Well, it is wonderful information and we in our childhood waited to for the monsoon and and the thunder... Mushrooms were plenty - of course different verities...and our elders were aware of the benefits too...

  • Dear raoji and gphilip ,

    Never take mushroom for any medical purpose. Because there are tested other medicines available.

    ............... __

    Mashrooms are low carb foods. So good for diabetics.


    The amino acids in them are more towards essential ones. So excellent protein foods.

    Good fiber, bit expensive.


    No other specialty.

    I am a Mashrooms specialist. Specialised in growing oyster Mashrooms. University certificate with me.



    Good luck

  • indiacratus i heard that boiling mushroom with garlic cloves is test for if mushroom is poisonous or not??

  • Dear cure,

    That is all folk thinking . Not to be trusted.

    The scientific advice:

    How do you know a specific variety of wheat from another??

    By looking, examining.

    That is the only sure way a mushroom is to be identified. Or from its origin in the culture from which you started. .

    There is a method by identifying the annulus and volva. Not hundred percent.

    Another method is my grand mother's method.

    She cooks mushrooms and eat in kitchen . Drives away all grand children and others.

    After four hours.. Next meal... She distributes to all.

    When I grew up I gave it a name: poison test.

    When my son married and my daughter in law was cooking in kitchen I began eating some sweet food . in kitchen itself ..


    Father I will serve you on the dining table.


    I am taking the poison test.

    Then I narrated our family tradition.


    Great people you are. She said.

    Good luck

  • well indiacratus some one also told me hunters use carry milk thistle along with them as antidote to accidental ingestion poisonous mushrooms ...

    But sure your grandmother was very courageous …..even if nothing happens within 4 hrs…may certain poisons affect liver in long term…

    Between ‘Soma’/’Homa’/Amanita muscaria (a Rigvedic mystic herb) was also one type of mushroom….and it has many health benefits….although the drink made of said herb was very intoxicating

  • Your Ayurveda knowledge needs a BOW from all of us here.

    Which UNIVERSITY did you learn about Ayurveda :P

  • indiacratus

    i see in the super markets in packets of 500 grams. I thought they are edible and a type of vegetable.Can you tell me are these also poisonous.?

  • ragivrao indiacratus useto grow same mushrooms.... lol how can he say those are poisonous?? LOL

    he won't accept those are toxic :P

  • Indiacratus

    I have read somewhere that Mushrooms are an ancient form of life on this planet. They have been instrumental in breaking down rock into soil which eventually led to plant life. This created the environment for us to be able to live here and thrive.

    They have powerful medicinal effects that often carry dual-directional or "adaptogenic" qualities. Ancient shamans and physicians used them frequently

    Why do you say they are poisonous?


    Hippocrates of Cos (Ancient Greece), the “father of modern western medicine”, mentions the use of mushrooms in medicine around the turn of the 5th century BC.

  • Ragivrao ji

    I did not say all mushrooms are poisonous. You can consume those available in market.

    Because they originate from a culture known edible. Good luck

  • thanks

  • I have gone through my earlier remarks. No where I said mushrooms are poisonous in general.

    I will however explain a word I used.

    That is 'culture.'

    You may have hered the word tissue culture. In the same sense.

    Of the many variety of mushrooms few are only edible.

    How to find them was the question

    I thought.

    No methode is safe other than the one I pointed out.

    I will put it this way. You get yeast and make alcohol using it. How do you know the yeast is not poisonous?

    They provided you from their original 'culture'

    Similarly if you start with an edible mushroom whose spawn the scientists had isolated and gave for cultivation and now continues in the market.

    Good luck

  • I am a Mashrooms specialist. Specialised in growing oyster Mashrooms. University certificate with me.


    Hmm University certificate and yet you misspelled Mushrooms 4 out of 5 times in the reply? That's why I always say, degrees and certificates are irrelevant. It's the intelligence that matters.

  • Fake..?

  • Maybe, certificate could be fake or of no value more than the paper it is printed on.

    Smriti Irani has so many short-term courses certificates, including one from Yale :)

  • :D :D :D

  • shrisamarth

    मश्रुमला मराठी मध्ये कुत्र्याच्या किंवा कावळ्याच्या छत्र्या म्हणतात ....

    कुत्र्याने किंवा कावळ्याने उत्सर्जित केलेल्या घाणीपासून ह्यांची उत्पत्ती होते असे समजले जाते...

    हा बाबा कश्या पासून ह्या छत्र्या बनवत होता हे कोडे आहे...

    सांगेल का हा आपल्याला ???

  • विचारून पहा. :D

  • नको... मी फक्त डोळ्या समोर चित्र आणतो कि हा कावळ्याच्या मागे मागे जात असेल कि कुत्र्याच्या...

    आणिमग कसा चिवडत असेल...

    तुम्ही पण चित्र डोळ्यासमोर आणा छान करमणूक होईल

  • कोणत्याही मश्रूम खायला वेड नाही लागलेलं हेही सांगाव लागेल.

  • खादाड लोकांना विषारी पण चालते... फुकट ते पौष्टिक....

  • चल नंतर बोलूया...

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