Please provide your suggestions regarding the diet to maintain healthy BS values

Hi All,

I am 33 years Old,Height 5.7 and weight 66 3 months back I have been diagonised with type-2 diabetes with FBS-156,PP-250 and hba1c was 7.5%.My doctor asked to take Glimisave 0.5 MG before breakfast and dinner.And also asked to follow the diet which includes 6 times food.Below is the diet I followed.

Morning 6.00 AM-Skimmed milK with with D-Protien powder.

Breakfast 9.00 AM- Sprouts/4 idlies/Rawa Upma/Oats Upma/

Mid_morning 11.30 AM-Half sliced cummumber

Lunch-3 2.00 PM-Pulkas with vegatable curry(Without Oil/less salt)/2 ragi dosa

Mid evening 4.30-1 apple/orange/Gauva

Dinner 8.00 PM -3 Pulkas with vegatable curry(Without Oil/less salt)/2 ragi dosa/Oats Meal.

After 1 Month I checked my BS and my FBS was 71 and PP was 119

Same diet I followed for one more month.

After 2 months I checked my BS and My FBS 72,PP was 92 and HBA1C is 5.9

I also did morning walk for 50-60 minutes daily.

Please provide your suggestions regarding the diet to maintain healthy BS values and also please share LCHF diet to my email ID


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68 Replies

  • For detailed information about LC** sign in

  • Alwaysoptimistic, Anup, That's all you need.

  • "Low carb diet is meant for only those who fail medicine"

    The most MISLEADING statement..

  • Only those who don't understand the science and just repeat what some so called body of experts say can make that statement.

    BTW, medicines fail and that's why even 20 diabetic drugs cannot / could not achieve what cutting down carbs have. So why go on drugs, wait for it to fail and then think of diet change?

    I changed diet without taking a single PILL and I am drug free for sixth year running, landing far better numbers than what ADA calls as GOOD CONTROL. Saved so much money and yet have better health than anyone on ADA diet and drugs.

    Insulin is not some HEALTH Tonic that every diabetic should be craving to go for insulin injections.

  • Please provide list of LCHF, I want to know how much eat and what way, I am diabetics last 10 years taking sitagliptin 50mg two times with metformin 500mg 2 time my today fbs 114 and Rbs 204

  • Reduce CARBS to 20% of your total energy needs, or reduce it to 100 grams carbs/day.

    Replace the curt down fats with good fats coming from VCO, nuts, eggs, coconut milk, cheese, butter etc.

    Proteins remain unchanged in 15-20% ballpark.

    Within above premise, eat whatever you want to eat. Your PPBS is too bad.

    Should be testing PPBS regularly at home as you change diet and cut off drugs by 50% taper rule.

    even diabetics with 20-25 years history have cut out 80% drugs and achieve non diabetic numbers.

  • My breakfast consist only barley porch and yes without sugar lunch 2 small roti any vegetables or pulses and same is dinner I use Olive oil for cooking, pls guide me more. Thanks

  • Tea not yes

  • Olive oil for cooking -- NEVER. It's a marketing scam/hype.

    Tea without milk - Yes. Use coconut milk instead of regular milk. Pour when tea is in cup.

  • Dear Anup I am not marketing any product here, I just inform you.

  • I don't think I ever said that.

  • Hi Anup...

    Are Fruits included in LCHF diet? Often people says Fruit contains a lot of sugar. Fruit is candy from nature.

  • Fruits like small apple. Small qty pomegranate. Berries small qty. In empty stomach.

  • Shashikantiyengar any particular reason for empty stomach???

  • 1) As per ayurveda

    2) when empty stomach the BS numbers likely to be less. So this small portion will also spike but within the range. If taken with food both will add and spike beyond the limit

    So I take somewhere in eve at around 6pm when the BS is around 90-95 in my case. A small apple spikes to around 110-115. Dinner at around 10 or 1030 (cannot help it). So these few hrs get the BS cack to 90-95 a dinner time

  • you are right.... Shashikantiyengar it is good explanation.... but really days I am scared of fruits... LOL...

    In last mango season...I had about 200 KGS of mangos :O and this season only 3 :( Mangos are so tempting..that I could not resist...but then I had them just before morning walk.... so digested them without any spike... :P

  • Better to reserve a small portion to be taken in empty stomach

    Now I do not have fruits regularly.

    Maybe some pomegranate small qty

  • karvande in season are better....

    also Tad Gola....and Jam fruit....all local Maharashtra fruits...

  • Yes

  • Shashikantiyengar today morning my FBS was 93....and as per your advise....had one big mammoth custard apple...(lol u just suggested small apple-I mdofied that bit ;) )After that took2 kms walk....

    again checked after 2 hrs... BS was 90 ..... hahahahaha


  • Great

    My further suggestion

    Avoid fruits for some time

    Till u get good control

    Once achieved the desired goal start small qty

    Cleanse the liver first

    Sugars will still hamper the recovery

    This is my view

    I stopped that small apple many months back

    Now started small portion of pomegranate three or two times a week

  • I wanted to have 'Prachiti' :P

  • Everything allowed in 100 grams carbs and max 25 gms fructose from all sources. Lower the fructose, better it is.

    Lustig Said: Fructose is like Alcohol without the Buzz!!!

  • Thanks all for the suggestions.I will continue with my current diet.

  • @Lamwithyou

    first get your fasting insulin and fbs to get your IR and bcf. Anup will help you know that once you post lab reports. Why do you want to live with drugs whole your life ? Get better understanding of the diets - lc**, low carb vegan etc. Choose that suits you and the best for you. Live drug free life. There are many here including myself prefer low carb high fat diet.

  • Hi Suramo,

    Can you help me how to check fasting Insulin and what is IR and bcf ?

  • @Lamwithyou

    go to a standard laboratory. Get the reports done. Post them here or find from net. Homa 1 & 2 will help you

  • Thanks Suramo.I will get it done the tests.

  • @Iamwithyou this bravery is commentable but please have a look at the picture at and below that.

  • Thanks George..I have gone through the page and quiet Impressive.

  • If your present régime is helping to keep your sugar levels down then why do you want to experiment with other diets.

  • Proof please. Opinions of so called scientific men who couldn't reduce diabetes by 0.00000000001% is worthless.

  • They also recommend a diet truncated of saturated fat. A balanced diet provides everything the body needs in adequate quantities. The body uses twice as much energy from fat compared to carbohydrate. Some people have a skewed idea of balance if they think 60% carbs is balanced; half of it will be turned to fat in the body. Better to eat natural fat with integral vitamins and minerals.

  • The men of science and the so called WORLD Bodies (of experts???) recommended DIET which had no scientific evidence and support:

    Conclusions Dietary recommendations were introduced for 220 million US and 56 million UK citizens by 1983, in the absence of supporting evidence from RCTs.

    So, looks like it was like playing Black jack while recommending diet and this one hit jackpot for the drug industry. A perpetual and recurring jackpot.

    Now this FAT lie against FAT keeps getting spun over again and again --- again without any SCIENCE.

    Those who talk in favor of ADA never provide any scientific details. Just opinion that 60% carbs is BALANCED Diet. No SCIENCE at all behind such VAGUE statements.

  • Huge money flow have made them richer

    And we follow it blindly

    What a sad state of affairs

  • We don't follow anything that lacks SCIENCE and is only OPINIONS. Sorry not a fan of Witchcraft and voodoo. The dietary recommendations were more of POLITICS than SCIENCE, and the POLITICS continues :(

  • I apologise, I was generalising. If the total weight of carbohydrate (as opposed to %) is low enough then the fat would come from body-fat. However, such a high % carbohydrate diet would be severely imbalanced and lead to deficiencies in the longer term.

  • Vitamin A, which is vital for processing protein in the liver and balances with vitamin D to reduce toxicity, vitamin E and vitamin K2.

  • WAPF says the conversion of carotenoids to vitamin A is very inefficient.

    The article on vitamin E includes wheatgerm oil which is toxic.

    The K1 to K2 conversion necessitates a healthy gut, which after twenty years on a vegan diet many aren't unless they've meticulously had their supplements.

    Ultimately it's your choice navinsinha; it's not for me.





  • mmrao1959 ,are you a medical practitioner?

  • You continue your present diet which works for you.Think up later when dose increases to maintain this number. Thanks

  • Ya I will continue mt diet.Even Now my Doctor has reduced my doses.Hope I will free of medication soon.

  • On the diet that you follow, it will take about 2 or 2.5 decades to start injecting insulin and be on insulin for life long after that.

  • Thanks Anup for the Information...

  • Anup is right. But find your own diet. For us lc** is the best at present.

  • If you are interested to be with minimum drugs through out than follow LCHF Low carb high fat diet.The ratio of carb: protein:fat is 20:20:60.Control carb from all sources to maximum 100 grams. Diabetes is not curable but can be manageable.For good fat ,choose VCO,olive oil, almond,wall nut,flax seed,peanut.Choose good SFA from browsing site.But what I want to suggest you that reduce your carb intake from the menu that you have posted.All the best Thanks

  • Hi Makarim,

    Thanks for the suggestions.. please tell me what is VCO.

  • Dear lamwithyou ,VCO It is virgin coconut oil.It is MCT.It metabolises easily in the liver with out suger spike.As we in LCHF also depend upon SFA (saturated Fatty Acid) VCO comes under SFA and quite safe for the body because of medium chain structure of carbon and hydrogen.It has many other benefits also.Please browse for details. Thanks

  • Dear Makarim,

    Thanks for the suggestion.Even I have been diagnosed with Very high triglycerides however it reduced now from 756 to 91 in 2 months.I saw in internet that SFA will increase the that true ?.Please suggest whether I can take SFA.

  • There is a difference of opinion on this.But it is true that dietary cholesterol and blood cholesterol are two different things. But your high TG can be reduced by reducing carb.Thanks

  • Thanks Makarim for the clarification.

  • Be a member of Dlife and follow the discussions on low carb high fat diet. You have to experiment with your self by measuring your BS after consuming different foods by Accucheck active meter.thanks.

  • Thank you..I have already signed up to dlife.

  • Go through the threads people browse on LCHF.But remember every individual is different so far metabolic assimilation of carb is concerned. So purchase accucheck gluco meter and prepare your plate which do not spike sugar much. thanks

  • You are following an excellent routine of diet that would manage your glucose level, most possibly without any medicine. Go ahead with routine check up at least once in a week for the next 6 months, before consulting your physician. Publish your result for the benefit of others.

  • Hi,

    Pulkas means Roti ??

  • yes

  • dont drink cow milk bcoz it has alot of sugar. and dont eat anything which is made by white flour and rice. cut your carbs. you can eat chicken , eggs , fish .. you can use heavy cream as milk in the tea... eat desi ghee , butter .

  • Yup. Cutting down CARBS and replacing them with good fat is the key to quick success that lasts long-term. Blood sugars get tamed even without losing a single gram of body weight. Weight falls and stabilizes much later. It's the sugar level which gets controlled first.

  • can you tell me please how much eat roti in a day and how much carbs in a single roti..

  • Carbs depend on roti weight.

    I don't eat anything that's wheat, rye, ragi, millets, rice, potato, beets, corn, soya by and large. For calculating carbs/proteins/fat I check from

  • Thanks Anup for providing the URL.

  • Hi Karan79,

    Was this question to me ?.If yes,I take 6 roti with a size of puri and very thin.For making 6 rotis around 50 gms of atta is used.As per for information on Multigrain atta packet for 100gms around 75 carb will be present.I dont remember in what this 75 is measured:).I will check again and let you know.

  • Medicine and balanced food is better than

    Medicine free and a truncated diet never advised by scientific medicine men.

    :D :D :D

  • One of my class mates from Roorkee, posted on my FB wall in reply to one post where I highlighted how a diabetic lost 12Kg without calorie counting, without starving -- his blood sugar is down from 400 to 90 on the so called truncated diet which the followers of scientific medicine men can never understand. No drugs and he eats lot of FATS despite being a heart patient now and his health is great :)

    Despite his name, address and verified FB account, some will self-console and call him also FAKE. For those who want to see his post, they can get to my FB wall at

    If scientific medicine men live in perpetual state of DENIAL, we have to take control of our own health and diabetes management :)

  • Hi All,

    Today I checked my BS FBS is 78 and PPBS is 77.I took fist full of roasted peanuts and 200gms sprouts for breakfast.Please let me know why the value of PPBS is lower than FBS and suggest on the same.And also help in attaching the screenshots of lab report.

  • This was for a total vegetarian diet, those who consume nonveg food, what do u recommend for them??

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