How Industry Lobbies SKEW Research -- OMG Harvard Scientists Also?

Read on - ये पढने के बाद कई लोगों को सांप सूंघ जायेगा

don't curse me if this hurts some Harvard fans here. ;)

As time passes more and more of such misdeeds of how even big names get involved in "skewing data for money" will come to fore. thank you internet.

food industry is continually corrupting nutrition science. that's why, no ada, no harvard, no mayo for me. there are far better sites


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14 Replies

  • Good article

    Exposes the misdeeds at the cost of health of others

  • Securing Private Profits at the Expense of Public Health. All under the GARB of so called scientists from big name institutions. That's why we never believe these scientists who get paid to write what the funder wants them to write.

    Partner in crime with the Sugar lobby is the GRAIN lobby.

  • Till government doesn't stop industry funding science, these crappy research will go on. Nothing new here. Sydney Diet heart study is another classical example which played into the hands of PUFA loaded industrial vegetable oil industry to blame SFA. Decades later, when the TRASHED DATA tapes were recovered, it was found that SFA (saturated fat) was far better than PUFA.

    Always look at independent researchers who expose such NEXUS and then give the real outcome. Even the ACCORD trial conclusion was done ignoring what the researchers had to say. The conclusion was done to favor the stupid theory that reducing A1C did not have impact on CVD in diabetics, essentially defending keeping high A1C.

  • 'Sugar - the new tobacco'.

    Sounds alarmist - it isn't!

  • It's a fact MikePollard

    Cocaine and sugar excite the same centers in brain for feel good factor? :)

  • shardas007 et al

    this is a vice of capitalism wherein humans are considered tool to earn money. humanity, mercy, honesty and all kinds of virtues have no place. And who is responsible for this ? We. We consider socialism a ridiculous and clumsy idea. We have double standards. We laud the winners. We are awed by the people who make money. We give example of such people to our children. We want them to earn money. If a person is honest and with principles we laugh at him. We don't want our children to become like them. We all accumulate land and properties that we are never going to use to get profits later on depriving many the opportunity to have their homes. It all suits us because we are the beneficiaries. See what we have done to our society. Educated highly intelligent people who can show path to the world are engaged with such kind of immoral activities. Yes. We are responsible. We have made money making our goal. We have no right to complain. Yes. The definition of success that we have coined is money making. Real estate, education, food and respect are all purchasable only if you have money. Hardly any poor has won highest award of our country. Why ? Yes morality honesty and poverty have no value in our lives. We in india elect corrupt, goons and murderers as our representatives. Why ? How can such persons control a whole constituency ? No one can. We are impressed by such people and caste votes in their favor. Only solution is to give up capitalism. We have killed our conscience. People are trying desperately to buy a home and those who have money go on buying properties one after another. There is no end to our lust to earn money. No. I'm not talking idealism. This is a realism. We have problem when comes to our door. Sorry. I can't accept food industry byuing scientists / doctors but also i can't accept hippocratic responses.

  • Let the food and drug industry be banned from funding research related to public health. In US for example, NIH is doing research through taxpayer's money. So:

    1. Why should Harvard "scientists" be enrolled by lobbies to do research privately?

    2. Why should ADA/AMA/AHA be paid big money by drug and food industry?

    These big names are paid to influence the outcome of any research and then guys blindly go GAGA over what they publish.

    Why is Sir Rory Collins not giving that side effect data on Statins in public domain for scrutiny?

    Problem is the industry money funding individuals or a bunch of individuals for publishing DUBIOUS -- like Ancel Keys', Sydney Diet-Heart etc -- research.

    A renowned cardiologist whose study most VEGANS quote on how good vegan is versus high fat was later convicted for multiple serial medical frauds including in one clinical study funded by soya industry where he published the result without even doing any study.

    Let the food and drug industry be out of this nonsense of funding private research through individuals and AMA/ADA/AHA/Harvard etc. Corruption and JUNK SCIENCE will reduce.

    Corruption is not just in capitalism. Communists are also corrupt. Do you think Putin is super honest guy?

  • Anup

    and who will put a ban on such funding ? The authority. And who is the authority ? The government. And who form government ? Corrupt leaders. If you vote for capitalism then you have no right to complaint about corruption, dishonesty and inhumane practices. In capitalism money is the center point. You and me are just pawns.

    I'm not talking to give up capitalism for communalism. I'm talking of socialism where we and the society think about every one. " sab ka sath sab ka vikas " we can't go on buying real estates and food unlimited when others need them. If we will think about others others will think about us. You can't cry foul if you are the receiver and if you have made others to cry foul. Putin is my ideal as a ruler. Nobody dare touch a russian as long as he is there or one has to be ready to get punished.

  • Communists and Marxists are far worse. World cannot become North Korea. Indira Gandhi tried Emergency.

    Panama Leaks and Putin. Any data? :)

  • Yes. It's saving many of us as we eat lots of eggs and chicken as a diabetic and attain great numbers on minimal drugs. Just today Shashikantiyengar post A1C of 4.8. He eats eggs even as a vegetarian :)

    We already have three diabetics now with sub 5.0 A1C.

  • If they were successful, we wouldn't have had High Carb Low Fat FAD coupled with meteoric rise in everything from obesity to cancer with diabetes, cvd, chd in between these extremes.

    It's mostly the grain and carb food industry who are partners in crime.

  • navinsinha

    That shows you can handle carbs in a better way. I'd like to learn scientifically. Can you post your IR and bcf please ?

  • navinsinha

    I'm so happy to know that you have achieved a1c 5.9 but for the sake of others we must go scientifically. Well let us know if you ever get your investigations done.

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