Vegan diet for weight loss and Consequently for diabetes management /cure. Is there anyone who tried and failed?

I have not been a consistent vegetarian or vegan throughout my life. It was ethical considerations when I was in school. Later in college due to my adherence to nature cure. Ie, medical vegetarian.

Recently when I became vegan I found my weight falling below 22 Bmi.

I may not be branded

Vegetarian or vegan strictly, since I take fish oil capsule.

I had observed weight reduction is compulsory even with... just avoiding animal fat.

Good luck

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  • Do you still take medication indiacratus?

  • Dear concerned,

    For diabetes... No

    Hypertension... Yes.

    My BS was only FBS 115 and

    Ppbs 180 to 200 some ten twelve years ago.

    After weight reduction FBS... Less than 100 for many years steadily.

    Ppbs fell to 115 (from 180 for about 12 years.)

    On split meals recently.

    Thanksfor response..

    Good luck

  • Avoiding animal fat for 6 months did wonders for me. Now, even after including animal products, the benefits continue.

  • Dear kapil,.

    Can you explain the 'wonders' .

    If you return to animal fats again in course of time the benefits may disappear. Can you put this as a POST so that everyone can see it. Good luck

  • Kapilv ,

    The benefits arrive slowly means..

    It can be lost in slow course. Good luck

  • For five months, I've been eating anything I want. My fasting glucose is below hundred and last a1c was 5.1. I had lost 15 kg, but now regaining weight - a sign that insulin is acting. Feel no symptoms whatsoever of diabetes. This is remarkable, considering that I had an a1c of over 13 and pp glucose of over 500 on diagnosis just over a year back.



  • Dear kapilv,

    Give a write up and give it as a POST.

  • I've already mentioned my history.



  • Did you check this trial?

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