Google Predicts a Plant-Based Revolution!

Google Predicts a Plant-Based Revolution!

Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google’s parent company Alphabet, has named the number one “game-changing” trend of the future as the consumption of plant-based proteins instead of meat. In a report by Fortune, Schmidt spoke to thousands of investors and business executives at the Milken Institute’s Global Conference. Schmidt has dedicated his career to identifying worldwide technology trends, and discussed plant-based food as one of six upcoming technologies that will significantly improve society, including mobile medical data, self-driving cars, and computers that pinpoint effective teaching strategies for individual students.

Plant-based proteins won out over the other five technologies both in terms of global impact and improvement in the overall quality of life. Schmidt says, “Replacing livestock with growing and harvesting plants could reduce greenhouse gas emissions and fight climate change… The meat industry, cattle producers, in particular, emit significant greenhouse gases.”

Replacing meat with plant proteins helps the environment, and lowers food costs for impoverished communities, particularly in developing countries. In short, our growing world can be fed more efficiently and less expensively on plant-based proteins.

But Schmidt isn’t just talking about eating more tofu. He continues, “The world is now ready to better produce synthetic food from plants with the help of computers and data crunching.” He points out that technology can help scientists identify the best plant combinations for both palatability and enhanced nutrition.

The prediction is already on the horizon and approaching fast. Organizations like the Good Food Institute are connecting investors with funding opportunities for plant-based companies. They also work with restaurants, grocery stores, and cafeterias to increase the availability of plant-based menu items.

With pressing issues like environmental degradation and global food scarcity, it is now more important than ever to look to the future of plant-based proteins.

Find out how you can transition to a plant-based diet here.

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  • A significant doubt is about the fish in the large oceans. Two third the surface of earth is ocean only. Land based animal food may go out but not fish in the sea.

  • I think land based animals are part of ecology. where humans live and killing them upsets it's balance.It may not be so in case of sea or ocean.Hence importance on land based animals being helped to live

  • Dear raoji,

    People eat fish. If fish eating is disagreeable then

    Vegetable cost will almost double.

    All medicines are tried first in animals.


    Then all who take medicine are party to that killing.

    Eg. Rabies virus is injected in goat or...

    Then its brain is extracted to extract antiviral injection.


    (.set aside the new egg based vaccine for a moment .)

    I believe :

    Show reverence at least to higher animals.

    This is not an easy program .

    Good luck

  • yes agreed.Man uses all his intellectual prowess to hurt and torture other fellow creatures for his selfishness.At least a beginning has been made now

  • Any idea how many animals are subjected to Euthanasia by PETA? Numbers please.

  • my health has attitude has pocketbook has outlook on life has improved...i don't feel quilt about harming animals...since i became vegan...

  • Good attitude.

  • The definition of euthanasia as per Oxford English Dictionary is “suffering as a necessary condition, with "the painless killing of a patient suffering from an incurable and painful disease or in an irreversible coma" It is "a mode or act of inducing or permitting death painlessly as a relief from suffering". The definitions may encompass killing a person suffering from an incurable disease for personal gain (such as to claim an inheritance),that doing so would constitute "murder simpliciter" rather than euthanasia.

    If this is what the blogger has meant,such question can only be answered by a Brahmagnani or his chela super gnani.

    Who is this brahma gnani has already been answered in the following thread

  • Well, then you probably need to read a bit more and expand your knowledge to become a gyani at least. Forget about being super gyani completely. No wonder you have struggled to get followers -- just 29 with 339 posts versus 198 with just 94 posts for me. Yes 198 "Chelas" in your "understanding" compared to just 29 of your "chelas" (your word that you used).

    Answering this because of your entirely irrelevant reply laced with lot of sarcasm -- irrelevant because you never provided any numbers which was the question in my one line comment/question.

    So that you get some gyan at least for your next reply on same question from someone else down the line:

    Clear on Euthanasia of animals now? Or still stuck with Oxford?

  • Dear raoji ,

    Mars and rahu posited in 9th house and aspected by Saturn , gnanakarakas , whether they are rakshasa GURU OR deva guru aspected by saturn who is associated with kethu , 5th house aspected by contaminated Saturn USUALLY give distorted views only .SO please leave this topic .We wanted to present a rational point .I think there is no point in going any further in our war against wrong p ractices . Right now Saturn and Mar are in scorpio in retrogression for the past 6 months , All sensitive points touched by them either by association or aspect or position would lead to undesirable influences and impacts .This combination fell in my second house and I met with serious accident . People with so called rationalistic approach call astrology a superstition ,but it has got it's own points to prove . If a peron or some persons call it superstition , it does not stop having it's effect .Where this combination fell in each chart it had the it's effect . Where it touched by aspect or association 10 th house , that person lost job or professional set back ,where it touched 6th house , a person has health complicatons , where it touched 5th house , some problem regarding the child , especially first child , or since 5th is also buddhi sthanam , some sort of weird thinking process , like that the combination played a great negative part in thwe lives of many and this was warned by me 3 years back it self . Any way , let us observe restraint and just give messages . Let us not try to convince any one . It is akin to kanchi Garuda seva .

  • Wrong on astrology too if you were trying to predict my birth chart. Entirely wrong. My Guru, Venus and Sun are exhalted/strong and Saturn in its own house. My rational question got an irrational/irrelevant reply.

    Running Guru Mahadasha so winning in what I set out to do in Jan 2013 and this Mahadasha continues till 2028 :)

    So, I am sure this prediction can't be based on my birth chart.

  • Definitely not . I have an associate who was born in 1963 April who has got Jupiter in pisces ,Saturn and kethu in capricorn , Mars and Rahu in cancer , Sun in Aries. She argued like hell with me some 10 years back . By the way JUPITER IS NOT EXALTED IN PISCES . iT IS HIS OWN HOUSE . HE IS EXALted in cancer.When this combination of Saturn and Mars hit scorpio all the ,things happened in her life to the 't' I as I told her some 10 years back . Now to my surprise She herself confessed everything .It is Jupiter in own house gave her that trait of honesty ,though that same Jupiter gave her that vanity and pride.There are many rajayogas in her chart , But Jupiter in sakat yoga gave her down fall also . When yogas and avayogas both are present both will have effect in the respective periods and transits in the sense , changeable fortunes , health complications ,familial disputes , some problems regarding children etc .I tried to figure out the astrological influences when I met with so much of negative impact either in my personal life or with my close associates in social life .I don't mean you .

  • What a coincidence. I am sure she must be born on the same date 24 rth April, same time and same location as me :)

    Did you happen to read the Medical Astrology and diabetes thread somewhere? I said exhalted/strong and Jupiter is strong :)

  • NO .in association with a siddha yogi I have studied and practiced astrology .But it is to reach out to people in distress and mine is free service because when all avenues fail a person gets dejected and depressed . Astrological counseling is also like psychiatric help and boosts up the morale , by giving an assurance that what happened is only the effect of bad patch of karma got reflected at that time and once when it is over , everything falls in place . Now that I have reached the twilight of life , I stopped the contacts with the outside world .

  • temples, religious solace and astrology is for losers. brave carve their own future against all odds.

  • That indeed is a great opinion.

  • yes it is. 99% go to temples to bribe god for something. what a joke.

  • I am least bothered about 99% PEOPLE WHO GO to temples to bribe the so called non existent God there . God is unconditional love and unlimited compassion present in and as cosmic energy . ANY WAY I just was wondering about the vehement opposition our theory of diet has been facing . Now that I got an answer , I just take it in my stride and continue with my mission .

  • small correction : it's Gyani and not Gnani.

  • Bhaswathy

    Thanks for your sane and matured message.i don't need to have such a weird and irrelevent gnan.

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