a doctor of which system of medicine --should be consulted first-- if we have a disease or medical condition?this is in continuation to my

earlier post on Ayurveda,homeo or modern medicine[english medicine]?

my own answer :

it depends on the seriousness and 'certainty' of the condition.

case one):

your child is playing foot ball .he got a damage at the ankle --you can see the swelling.

he cannot walk. no fever. but some pain.

any system is ok as far as i am concerned.

case two):

your child complains of a pain in the chest--difficulty in swallowing some times--

unable to locate it precisely.

you consult your neighbour--he says -it can be anything-a pain in pancreas even , a tumor in chest pressing on the food tube esophagus --better we go for endoscopy

and barium meal x ray....

the English doctor- pediatrician is best.

he has many machines and tests. endoscope mri, xray etc

because if it is tumor -earlier the best , let us not take chances.!!.

case three)

you are an elderly person .pain in the knee for many years. it comes with cold whether

and goes erratically.

doesn't matter if you don't go to any doctor.

but take leave for few weeks and get mixed up in company with your wife and be happy go , give rest to knees..the inflammation disappears by itself!!!

good luck

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  • indiacratus

    Sorry for the first case. He must be taken to an ortho soon. No other system can work.

  • If there is no fracture, it can cure by itself. In ayurvedic system,

    they also put a splint like thing and apply a paste of leaves of Bala(kurumthotty ..) which has anti inflammation effects..

    As I said, it is the severity and certainty of diagnosis that is the deciding factor.


  • indiacratus

    Right. But who will decide if there is a # or not. No externally applied substances can act as antiinflammatory for deep injury. They have rubifacient effect only.

    You can't and should not take chance.

  • Agreed. I think that is not a good case I choose. Approaching alternative system doctors is best done after diagnosis by English medicine doctor

    since he only has the radiology, microbiology, mri , the encephalogram etc. I think bhaswathy may throw some light, may not disagree....

    I am given to understand that alternativedoctors also these days ask for radiology etc.

    From the Internet also we get solutions. For instance, my psoriasis solution came from the mirobiome of the gut.

    I am only sceptical of people who talk abusive of scientific medicine after finding a remedy from a junk of a discarded method. There is no rational basis for such disrespect.

    By the way I will add :

    Mr rao rejected tablets not because it doesn't work,

    but insulin was better for him and tablets were causing some side effects. But that was long ago. Since then many new tablets came up.


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