Dr Gabriel Cousens, M.D., M.D.(H), D.D., Holistic Psychiatrist and Family Therapist.based on 35 years of experience of treating diabetes naturally, is stated to have designed a residential program for the comprehensive healing of this chronic, degenerative syndrome in which high blood sugar is just a symptom.

According to him“This program is a healthy alternative to the traditional allopathic route. It works best for those who love themselves enough to want to heal themselves” - The philosophy underlying the process is stated to be as under

“Inherent in the program’s design is the understanding that true healing is a multi-faceted process that must address medical concerns in a context that fosters one’s spiritual evolution. This includes the implementation of dietary, nutritional, and lifestyle changes in addition to exercise, meditation and psycho-spiritual awareness training., this program revolutionizes the treatment of diabetes. /Reversing Diabetes

Expectations for healing and results may vary.

While speedy reversal of health conditions is always desirable, it may take years of conscientious and consistent holistic lifestyle choices to build your wellness. Patience and perseverance are helpful qualities to develop along your healing journey.

The goal is to be open to all of life’s experiences and to live in the awareness that whatever God does is for the best. The result is you are then free to follow your destiny and to become your sacred design, giving up what you think you need so that you’ll be free to receive what you really need.

Conscious Eating, teaches you how to practically integrate and prepare a healthy healing cuisine with low-glycemic foods that support the blossoming of wellness and helps to open up the path to self-realization.”The theme of his healing method is stated to be an integrated approach involving Aayurveda, Yoga, Homeopathy and other systems in vogue in the world and not only allopathic system mostly practised by doctors in USA This is what one of the participants who attended the program has recorded

•“I am excited and grateful, to Dr. Gabriel Cousens and his team for the opportunity to partake in this life transforming experience with my diabetes of five years completely gone without the use of the harsh western drugs. My weight of 259 pounds reduced by almost 20 pounds to 239 pounds and my blood pressure plummeted finally averaging 120/76 all after a 3-week stay in the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center at Patagonia this August/September 2013. I cannot find any other appropriate word to show my deep appreciation other then to say ‘thank you a million times’ .”

I understand that the program is conducted by the doctor in USA and has attracted many diabetics there for the treatment.

Any one in this forum who has heard this can comment for benefit of all concerned here.

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  • The diet used by DR Gabriel Cowsens is named as “Genesiss1:29 Garden of Eden Diet”

    It is a completely plant based raw food diet comprising 25-45 % moderate low complex carbohydrate,25-45% plant based fat and moderate low glecemic index low insulin index protein high mineral high fibre individually tailored to patient,s condition

    Garden of Eden Diet is stated to be undoubtedly Adam and Eve ate an ideal diet for their condition in the Garden of Eden. it was all plant foods.

    In Biblical time it is said God had had ordained to Adam and Eve: (Genesis 1:29)”


    “I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat(food).

    In the beginning, God gave our first parents a diet of plants. In the Bible account, consuming the flesh of animals is introduced only after the flood destroyed the vegetation on the earth. In Joseph Smith’s translation of Genesis, God tells Noah that now he may eat meat, but He emphasizes its use only in times of need:

    Every moving thing that liveth shall be meat for you; even as the green herb have I given you all things. . . .And surely, blood shall not be shed, only for meat, to save your lives; and the blood of every beast will I require at your hands. (JST Genesis 9:9, 11)

  • All bakwas

  • Yes, moment anyone starts quoting from bible, geeta, koran or torah for curing diabetes (or any disorder) it is bakwas :)

    So how is your control on the diet that you switched to long back ?

  • All these may be valid as long as we don't get diabetes

    But once we get it then these saying has no meaning as the entire game changes.

  • Fantastic sir. Long live lchf.lot of energy .no fatigue.running 12 kms everyday. No medicines. Reduced at by 15 kgs. Current wt70 kgs. Height 178 CMS.

  • Brilliant, and you must be into your third year now -- drug free when you were on glynase etc before switching to a diet that few people don;t understand here and give it all sorts of names -- white powder, truncated diet etc etc :)

    Keep spreading the message.

  • Yes sir it is more than three years now.I was on glynase -MF ,and pioglitzone . TDS.My condition was horrible. I was always feeling tired , worn out completely, feeling depressed and no proper sleep .Itching all over and lot of side effects.But now nothing. Previously I could not run ,500yards being a runner in my twenties.Now I gained strength and sweat out morning and evening followed by stretching exercises and not get is all because of lchf.Thsnks sir .I keep telling people to switch to lchf.

  • Great Sir ji.

    This is how Diabetes needs to be managed by going off drugs. BTW, Tour de France (Cycling) champions are also champions of LOW CARB diet.

    So, not just diabetes. this diet is great for everyone, including non diabetics.

  • I fully endorse your view sir.

  • In the Bible, Jesus said "If you believe in me, you will never thirst."

    "Rivers of living water shall flow from your bellies."

    - Jesus (in John 7:38)


    auto-urine therapy as a system of alternative medicine was invented and popularized by British naturopath John W. Armstrong in early 20th century. Armstrong was inspired by his family's practice of using urine to treat minor stings and toothaches, by a metaphorical reading of the Biblical Proverb 5:15 "Drink waters out of thine own cistern, and running waters out of thine own well", and his own experience with ill-health that he treated with a 45-day fast "on nothing but urine and tap water". Starting in 1918, Armstrong prescribed urine-therapy regimens that he devised to many thousands of patients, and in 1944 he published The Water of Life: A treatise on urine therapy, which became a founding document of the field.[7][9]

    Hmmm some ppl are unnecessarily stuck with COW URINE..

  • So if you don't believe in Jesus there will be no rivers of living waters flowing from belly? C'mon let's leave these things to Paul Dinakaran's Rs 5000 crore empire and some "Grant a Wish" schemes that make fool of people mostly uneducated & ignorant and force them into conversion. They just run conversion shops and fool the uneducated.

    So called miracle healer Paul Dinakaran "baba" was himself admitted to hospital :)

    I love VCO more than "susu therapy" :)

  • May be some one will start debating belly water is better than cow urine... :D:D:D

    Let the water flow from belly.....fountain of youth.....

    Let thy fountain be blessed :d

  • Honestly, I don't believe even one word of all these babas like Nirmal baba, Paul baba et al say. They are just duping the ignorant.

  • very true @anup

    Guess what??? we have to be swan....always pray to god....tamso ma jyotirgamaya.... we should strive to find out truth....

  • Yes, do charity, give to poor, help people in need with nothing in return to expect from Jesus, Krishna, Allah et al.

    Manavta ki seva karo. Religion is all BULL * and has been historically responsible for animosity of one human against the other whichever way you look at it in any geography starting from Eurabia to now the world. People killing each other expecting a reward after they die. What a joke really. I love hearing Ayaan Hirsi Ali and other non believers on you tube than listening to Nirmal baba, Zakir Naik baba and Paul baba types.

    BTW, @geodiabetic will be posting about possible family meet locations -- family meet of diabetics on "truncated" diet -- on the other forum. If you are willing for year end trip to Rann, I will in all probability be planning it. I will post on the other forum once my plans are nearly fixed with least possibility of cancellation :)

  • Sure anupjee....I would love to join.....

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