A Randomized Controlled Trial of Low Carbohydrate Diet in Type 2 Diabetes With Poor Glycemic Control - Recent Japanese study

Hypocaloric diet FAILED once again and Low Carb Won:

Cut the CARBS and not the calorie is the message. This outcome is similar to another study done on Japanese population few years back. So, as a diabetic, take your call -- Which one Is balanced Diet for a diabetic? Low carb science is winning every day when it comes to diabetics and managing diabetes -- and winning across the globe, despite ADA/AMA/AHA's rhetoric against it.


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  • This isn't rhetoric, yet all the people who post and comment on this forum are contemporaries of Anup and are by extrapolation fairly wealthy having access to the internet. Yet all the time the bone idleness of those wanting the easy way out is apparent and exasperates me no end.

  • These studies will buried & never highlighted

    The vested interests will never accept these studies

  • I am trying to involve one Hospital in MP to go ahead with a good scale trial with real world diabetics that visit his hospital. Hopefully it should be formalized within next 2 or 3 months most probably. People are fed up with mainstream's idea of so called healthy diet. This is not in the same city where I am based but at some other small city in MP ... right place to start a pilot trial in a concentrated manner and then expand to other cities gradually :)

    The hospital owner, though not diabetic but has a diabetes history in family, switched to our "truncated diet" and lost 1.8Kg in a week -- no calorie counting, just eat to satiety. So now he is interested in propagating on a larger scale as a commercial venture of course. He doesn't feel hungry anymore. I'II have to get his weight down by 10 kg before the above becomes a reality. His brother @ barely 30 years old has TG of 300+ so next is him as my patient :)

    I'lI will do everything possible within my capacity to expose the nonsense that diabetics are told to follow and make sure that diabetics are educated about where really the problem lies -- ie HIGH CARBS

  • Good initiative Anupji.

  • 👍👍👍

  • I congratulate you for some trial in MP . It will be more important to understand this by common mass. What about the programme of publishing the book. Go ahead by all means. Thanks every body who follow LCHF diet and reduce medicine to a great extent.

  • We can not but proclaim the generosity and magnanimity of Anup to alleviate all the the suffering of innocent diabetics all over.He is taking so much pain for his activities for the betterment of diabetics.

  • Hats off to the dedication for the cause. My salute

  • yes real great work @anup jee

  • dhanyavad bandhu.

    "Ji" na lagao bhai :)

  • Thanks for all the appreciation.

  • Excellent effort. Actually if doctors/hospitals advice to diabetic reg.LCHF diet ,he will definitely be convinced but if normal lchf follower try to convince, very rare diabetic will accept it.

  • One out of 10 accept it and that too when everything else has failed. Now, my main objective is to get the same done through some hospital/doctors. This is because we have number of cases to showcase, discuss and convince a doctor, provided they are willing to be open minded and not throw the weight of their degrees and ADA manuals around.

    There are a few doctors recommending LCHF in India also.

  • Hypo caloric diet - Carb + Fat= Truncated diet.True or false?

  • + no calorie counting.

  • gr8 study with gr8 findings.

  • Anup

    This is a study of low calorie versus low carb diet and low carb won.

    I'm saying low carb and low calorie. For us and for obese people.

  • Well, hypo caloric for brief period only if the weight decline hits a wall and one has a lot of weight to lose.

    Else, Hypo caloric diets are plagued with muscle loss in general and muscle loss == some glucose to handle somewhere. Another issue of hypo caloric diets is slowing down of metabolism so it gets into a vicious circle. Repeated shocks "of subdued and normal " metabolism can impact thyroid and that means more troubles for us as diabetics :)

  • surprising university guys did not comment here. was it because it involved science?

  • Maybe some mythology can be quoted by them here

  • Bali, Sugriva and Ram from Ramayana or Arjun, Karn and Krishna from Mahabarat?

    Or maybe

    Hare and tortoise where we are tortoise taking one baby step at a time :)

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