What Is a Vegan and What Do Vegans Eat?

What Is a Vegan and What Do Vegans Eat?

Alina Petre, MS, RD | is a registered dietitian with an expertise in sport nutrition.She completed her nutrition undergrad in Canada, received her Master’s degree in the U.K. and currently calls the Netherlands home.In her free time, Alina loves exploring new corners of the world, especially if they include a good wave to surf or a nice slope to descend.Alina loves wholesome foods, working up a sweat, and taking care of our planet.

In her article,she writes:

The diet has drawn more attention lately.In fact, online searches for the term vegan have risen by more than 250% over the last 5 years.

In the past few years, several celebrities have gone vegan, and a growing number of vegan products have appeared in stores.

The term “vegan” was coined in 1944 by a small group of vegetarians who broke away from the Leicester Vegetarian Society to form the Vegan Society.These people chose not to consume dairy, eggs or any other products of animal origin, in addition to not eating meat.as the vegetarians.do.Therefore, they felt the need to form a society that better represented their views.The term vegan was chosen by combining the first and last letters of the word vegetarian. Veganism was originally defined as “the principle of emancipation of animals from exploitation by man.”

In 1979, the Vegan Society became a registered charity and updated that definition.Veganism is currently defined as a way of living that attempts to exclude all forms of animal exploitation and cruelty, be it for food, clothing or any other purpose.

Reasons Why People Decide to Eat This Way are manifold

Ethical vegans strongly believe that all creatures have the right to life and freedom.Therefore, they oppose ending a conscious being’s life simply to consume its flesh, drink its milk or wear its skin, especially because alternatives are available.Ethical vegans are also opposed to the psychological and physical stress that animals may endure as a result of modern farming practices.For instance, ethical vegans deplore the small pens and cages in which many animals live and often rarely leave between birth and slaughter.

What’s more, many vegans speak openly against farming industry practices, such as the grinding of live male chicks by the egg industry or the force-feeding of ducks and geese for the foie gras industry.

Ethical vegans demonstrate their opposition by spending their money on products that do not contribute to sustaining the animal agriculture industry.

Some choose veganism for its potential health effects.For example, some vegans are interested in how plant-based diets may reduce the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer or premature death.

Others may be encouraged by reports that lowering the amount of animal products you eat may reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease or dying from cancer or heart disease Some also choose veganism to avoid the side effects linked to the antibiotics and hormones used in modern animal farming

Finally, studies consistently link vegan diets to lower body weight and body mass index (BMI). Some people may choose these diets to help shed body fat

People may also choose to avoid meat and other animal products because of the environmental impact of animal agriculture.

A 2010 UN report argues that these products generally require more resources and cause higher greenhouse emissions than plant-based optionsFor instance, animal agriculture contributes to 65% of the total amount of nitrous oxide emissions. It also comprises 35–40% of global methane emissions and 9% of global carbon dioxide emissionsNitrous oxide, methane and carbon dioxide are considered the three principal greenhouse gasses involved in air pollution and climate change.

Furthermore, animal agriculture tends to be a water-intensive process. Between 550 and 5,200 gallons (1,700 and 19,550 liters) of water are needed to produce 1 pound (0.5 kg) of beefThis is up to 43 times more water than is needed to produce the same amount of cereal grain (20).

Animal agriculture can also lead to deforestation when forested areas are converted into areas intended for grazing or growing animal feed crops. This habitat destruction is thought to contribute to the extinction of various animal species

Several types of vegans exist. The most common types are:

•Dietary vegans: This term is often used interchangeably with “plant-based eaters” and refers to those who choose to avoid animal products in their diet but continue to use them in other products, such as clothing and cosmetics.

•Whole-food vegans: Vegans who favor a diet rich in whole foods, such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds.

•Junk-food vegans: Vegans who rely heavily on processed vegan food, such as vegan meats, fries, vegan frozen dinners and vegan desserts, such as Oreo cookies and non-dairy ice cream.

•Raw-food vegans: Vegans who consume raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, as well as foods cooked at temperatures below 118°F (48°C)

•Low-fat, raw-food vegans: Also known as fruitarians, this subset of raw vegans limits high-fat foods, such as nuts, avocados and coconuts and relies mainly on fruit. Sometimes other plants are also eaten in smaller amounts.

Vegans avoid all foods of animal origin. These include:


Moreover, vegans avoid foods containing any ingredients that come from animals.This includes albumin, casein, carmine, gelatin, lactic acid, lutein, pepsin, shellac, vitamin D3, whey or certain animal-derived E-numbers.Foods containing these ingredients can include some types of beer and wine, marshmallows, frosted mini-wheats, certain gummy candies and chewing gums.

Avoiding animal products doesn’t mean you must survive on veggies and tofu alone.In fact, many common dishes are already vegan or can be adjusted easily.Some examples include bean burritos, veggie burgers, tomato pizzas, smoothies, nachos with salsa and guacamole, hummus wraps, sandwiches and pasta dishes.

Meat-based entrees are generally swapped for meals containing the following:


Dairy products are usually replaced with plant milks. Scrambled eggs can be swapped for scrambled tofu, whereas raw eggs can be replaced with flaxseeds or chia seeds in various recipes.Honey can be swapped for plant-based sweeteners, such as molasses or maple or rice syrups. In addition, vegans tend to consume a variety of whole grains, as well as a wide array of fruits and vegetables

Finally, vegans can also choose from an ever increasing selection of ready-made vegan products, including vegan meats, fortified plant milks, vegan cheeses and even vegan versions of your favorite desserts.



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  • ...vegan meats, fortified plant milks, vegan cheeses and even vegan versions of your favorite desserts.


  • the word "meat" refers to any crushed or ground vegan food.

    Meat-based entrees are generally swapped for meals containing the following:


    i hope you now understand the 'figure of speech' you used in your comments .which is your style on this forum which needs to be changed or corrected if you wish to avoid resentment of your sarcaustic comments on diets other than what is yours.

  • Raoji,

    Good description.

    But I do not completely understand why weight falls so rapidly with vegan diet. Both Mr navin sinha and myself has observed it personally.

    At least in some people vegan diet makes a drastic weight reduction and many disease completely dismissed.

    In my case my psoriasis just disappear with vegan diet, but the arthritis just does not answer fully.

    Any one has a clue?

    I have one but unable to


    Good luck.

  • i really do not know.

  • can you tell us the clue you referred

  • I think it is urine therapy suggested by Morarjee Desai .It gives relief form Arthritis in general and psoriatic arthritis in particular .

  • This is news to me that urine therapy works for arthritis.

  • Urine of self is used for this purpose .MORNING after getting up when urine is passed , in the stream , the first and last part is left and the middle part is taken and applied on the affected part .Even Morarji desai gave the details of this therapy for various ailments to the amusement of the world , Just as Devagowda gave the health benefits of Ragi sankati and drew many remarks from the world .I heard this therapy from many old people in the villages .

  • I had heard the morarji context but thought it as a general health booster.

  • A real health booster . In the villages long long back it was used for the arthritis pains .In an interview Morarji Desai , even explained the benefits auto urine and said that the secret of his beautiful skin was the application of the same on his face .

  • Search for the books


    ""YOUR OWN PERFECT MEDICINE by Martha M. Christy"


    and you will know all about urine therapy, its unbelievable. Read these books and you will find that it can cure every thing. It is called "Shivamboo"

    Try it and make part of your life, and experience your self

  • Thanks ...got this books pdf from internet ...

    I heard from my Jain friend about this ...They say sadhus Hindu and Jains both use this therapy to retain their health...

    For example : Cow urine cures many health problems

    This is quite popular therapy it seems as you can get a lot of people talking about this on Internet in various forums...familiar with benefits of this therapy since long...first time I am hearing abt this therapy here...

    Has you/anyone tried it personally to resolve any problem ??

  • I am using it from last one and half months.

    I am diabetic and HBP from last twenty years, on 11 May 16 got heart problem and admitted to hospital and they did angioplasty and inserted two stents.

    Than I searched all, started H2O2 therapy, Apple sider vinegar.along with Plant diet ( The China Study) with occasionally intermediate fasting (Dr fung of canada).

    Than learn about urine therapy and started that too.

    Than I stopped all medicines of heart,diabetics and blood pressure and doing what I mentioned above. My BP is now normal and don't care about other problems, I lost 11 kg weight up-till now.

    My weight on 11 May 2016 was 87 kg. today my weight is 76 kg. I feels more energetic in comparison of earlier periods.

    Its our own life , own body and to make ourselves healthy we have to learn much more than what our allophonic expert and doctors says. All allopathic medicines have so many side effects and they never cure any thing .

    Do your own research and apply them and see your self what is good for you.

    I found most of things from earthclinic.com/remedies/ur...

  • Good to hear about success in treating yourself...Its a big achievement ...Congrats!!

    So along with UT, you followed IF and gone vegan right ??

    Do you feel for diabetes too it helps to get control of BS... as there is sugar present in a diabetic person's urine

  • Whatever is present in the body becomes a medicine , I feel . Then again there is a saying ''ushnam ushnena seethalam .'' SO the sugar in the body acts as an antidote for the bodily sugar .Any way trial costs nothing , especially in this case( literally.)

  • See I got this link:


  • forget about sugar present in urine , when you takes good plant based diet, no sugar, no salt, no oil, no proceeds food, sugar present in urine will not be harm full. Even urine is actually blood plasma, and its your own medicine. Just read the relevant literature / books .

  • It is really a great news .

  • in Indian reference see this site


  • thank you

  • The million dollar question is whether it cures type 1 diabetes also along with type 2 diabetes

  • it is treated on par with cow urine and said to be very rich in minerals , metals and other nutrients . I never recommended it to any patient , though I heard a lot about that from many elderly people .Elderly means nearly 90 year old people back in 60s .That means they could be nearly 150 tear old , had they been alive to day.Now the big question is whether it could cure diabetes . I know this post is going to invite much stinging and ridiculing remarks from many quarters .

  • I am thinking of advising that to a patient of very severe form of psoriasis , though it is a bit doubtful whether he agrees . He tried in all other avenues . He went to ALL India Institute of Skin and Hair care ,to all other reputed skin specialists , many Ayurvedic specialists and finally came to me through some known friends . It nearly took 10 years to get cured . For nearly 10 years he was ok. But a week back he rang up and said that he is getting itch . He is patient of congenital heart disease also and underwent Aortic valve replacement .Now the problem is --- any Ayurvedic or high potency homeopathic medicines may cause aggravation which is dangerous considering his age and health condition .So I thought of this as a last resort .I don't give any other medicine except this medicine , if he agrees , and wait and see the result .I already told him to try cow urine . But I got a feed back that auto urine is the best option because it is highly individualistic ,does not cost a penny , can modify the diet according to the needs ,and last but not least , can be tried with in the four walls of his house . To tempt him , I said that it could reverse all his other health problems including psoriatic arthritis .

  • watch this vedio

  • Thank you Aravind for the link .It is really great . But why people have not tried this when they face so much of anguish.

  • 1-No body has time to search for alternative therapies.

    2- we have so many taboos, so we don't try these things.

    3-we look for ready made solutions to our problems.

    4- As it is free, we are not used to such things we thinks only by using money we can be treated.

    5-In our minds it has been incorporated that urine is a waist product of body and it is disgusting to drink it

    Just see another video of Dr Nakao, a Japaneses Doctor.

    though its in their language but subtitles are in english

    you can sent me a mail on my id i will provide you some books on alternate therepies

  • what i understand is urine is composed of uric acid and excess of nutrition body does not need,kidneys re obsorb all nutients and reject unwanted portion.How about other harmful chemicals.pus etc/, in the urine.is it not unhealthy to consume.?

  • further a healthy person,s Urine is an aqueous solution of greater than 95% water, with the remaining constituents, in order of decreasing concentration urea 9.3 g/L, chloride 1.87 g/L, sodium 1.17 g/L, potassium 0.750 g/L, creatinine 0.670 g/L and other dissolved ions, inorganic and organic compounds (proteins, hormones, metabolites).

  • But one is not asked to take liters and liters . maximum they take is 10 ml .Urine in take is not recommended when some body is sick .A healthy person's urine is just like water . That's what I understood .

  • please go through DR Nakao's nterview

  • Usually in temples, they give one tea spoon of pancha gavya which comprises as i understand cows urine ,go maya and its milk before giving theertha.The priest had told me long back it has the ability to clean the body .i do not know the medical facts.

  • YES , we have to find out more facts .

  • Dear ragivrao

    You are mis informed.

    In layman's language, this is how and why urine is made in the body:

    When you eat, the food you ingest is eventually broken down in the

    stomach and intestines into extremely small molecules. These molecules

    are absorbed into tiny tubules in the intestinal wall and then pass

    through these tubes into the bloodstream.

    The blood circulates throughout your body carrying these food molecules

    and other nutrients, along with critical immune defense and regulating

    elements such as red and white blood cells, antibodies, plasma,

    microscopic proteins, hormones, enzymes, etc., which are all manufactured

    at different locations in the body. The blood continually distributes

    its load of life-sustaining elements throughout the body, nourishing

    every cell and protecting the body from disease.

    As it flows through the body, this nutrient-filled blood passes through

    the liver where toxins are removed and later excreted from the body in

    the form of solid waste. Eventually, this purified, "cleaned" blood

    makes its way to the kidneys.

    When the blood enters the kidneys it is filtered through an immensely

    complex and intricate system of minute tubules called nephron through

    which the blood is literally "squeezed" at high pressure. This filtering

    process removes excess amounts of water, salts and other elements in

    the blood that your body does not need at the time.

    i These excess elements are collected within the kidney in the form of a

    purified, sterile, watery solution called urine. Many of the constituents

    of this filtered watery solution, or urine, are then reabsorbed by the

    nephron and delivered back into the bloodstream. The remainder of

    the urine passes out of the kidneys into the bladder and is then excreted

    from the body.

    So, you say, the body's gotten rid of this stuff for a reason - so why

    would we want to use it again? And here's the catch: The function of

    the kidneys is to keep the various elements in your blood balanced.

    The kidneys do not filter out important elements in the blood

    because those elements in themselves are toxic or poisonous or bad

    for the body, but simply because the body did not need that particular

    concentration of that element at the time it was excreted.

    And medical researchers have discovered that many of the elements

    of the blood that are found in urine have enormous medicinal value,

    and when they are reintroduced into the body, they boost the body's

    immune defenses and stimulate healing in a way that nothing else


    As medical research has revealed:

    "One of the most important functions of the kidney is to excrete material

    and substances for which the body has no immediate need..."

    - Urinalysis in Clinical and Laboratory Practice

    For instance, the kidneys filter out water and sodium from the blood

    into the urine. Are water and sodium toxic? Of course not, they're

    both vital life-sustaining elements without which your body cannot

    function. But both elements could be lethal if there were too much

    water or sodium in your blood.

    Now what about potassium, calcium, and magnesium - these are familiar

    nutrients that we ingest in our food and vitamin pills everyday

    but they're also in your urine. These nutritional elements are extremely

    valuable substances to the body, certainly not toxic, and yet the kidney

    excretes these elements into the urine - why? Because it's taking out the excess amount of the potassium, calcium, etc. that is not needed by

    your body at the time that they are filtered out. Actually, it is this regulating

    process of the kidneys and the excretion of urine that allows us to

    eat and drink more than our bodies need at any one time.

    "The principal function of the kidney is not excretion, but regulation

    ... The kidney obviously conserves what we need, but even snore, permits

    us the freedom of excess. That is, it allows us to take in more than

    we need of many necessities – water and salt for example – and excretes

    exactly what is not required."

    — Dr. S. Cameron

    Prof. of Renal Medicine

    Guy's Hospital, London

    But this isn't the end of the story. Scientists have discovered that urine,

    because it is actually extracted from our blood, contains small amounts

    of almost all of the life-sustaining nutrients, proteins, hormones, antibodies

    and immunizing agents that our blood contains:

    "Urine can be regarded as one of the most complex of all body fluids. It

    contains practically all of the constituents found in the blood."

    — Urinalysis in Clinical and Laboratory Practice

  • very informative post . But I wonder how our forefathers found out these facts so precisely with out having the labs and scientific experiments .

  • you are cent per cent correct .If some body tries to present alternative solution also , it is jeered at saying trash .

  • It can work well with infections and skin problems...for diabetes how far this therapy will work is still not very clear ...and main problem remains is to convince ourselves or others to use this :) its not easy to practice it as a part of experiment

  • Yes .that's the big problem . But I heard that people some 60 or 70 years back tried it and got good results in all ailments .In fact apprehension should be about infections and not in constitutional problems .

  • thank you , thank you very much for the link.

  • Which is lesser evil ? Is it life long suffering with diabetes and spending fortunes on health related complications or bearing the stink and unpleasant feeling of auto urine .If diabetes whether type 1 or type 2 gets cured , at least the complications all vanish ,it is a real great breakthrough and all will be indebted to our rishies .

  • i have heard that there is a resarch team in indore on cows urine theraphy who purify and sell it for medical use.There are qualified doctors to advise on this.Any informaation ?

  • Yes , I heard about that .But this auto urine therapy I heard from my grand mother's mother in law . apart from others . She was very clear about the benefits .Being very young we laughed and laughed till we fainted .I heard long back , a news item , where it was said that after exhausting all sources for cures , Russians experimented with this in finding new cures for many incurable diseases .Why don't you do the search and find out the benefits and other info for the sake of public .

  • my age does not permit me to searh.i am already doing lot of posts for which there is no appreciation

  • Yes .That is great service you are doing for which all of us are indebted to you .

  • bswathy


  • If we abstain from foods which are detrimental to health , lead a clean life , it should not turn out to be harmful going by the experiences of our elders of bygone eras .But I guess many could not have tried it for the unpleasant feeling associated with it .In HATHAYOGA people do all sorts of things including eating feces.

  • These queer practices have nothing to do Hathayoga.

    It seems you are confusing it with vamachara of sects like Kapalika, and Aghora of later age.

  • Yes , it is a practice in vamachara and not hathayoga . Hathayoga involves many asanas and other rituals . I am sorry for the use of the word Hathayoga by mistake.But Ut was and is practiced by many for health benefits .At least if not with internal use it can be used for skin diseases and problems like arthritis by topical application .Any way more research has to be done in this area . Already purified cow urine is being used by many .

  • objective of hathyoga vamachara and UT are all together different...

  • Y es ,the objective of the three is different .Now the main issue is the UT.We don't have first hand information. One common thing in the three is weird practices .By mistake I typed the word Hathayoga instead of vamachara. But in the scriptures the word SIVAMBU is given .Sivambu , I believe is urine of self .

  • I don't know the medicinal properties of Shivambu...

    But I know many criminals drink own urine in custody....so when police beat them...they suffer less pains...

    also it is said if u get sprains in leg....as first remedy you may urinate on same part and you will get some relief.

    These are all external benefits....

    using it internally....i have my doubts...it looks unnatural....

    about cow urine....mikepollard was trying to provoke me by referring same ....

    Urine therapy is used in ancient world by all civilizations... you may google....

    However there is no mention of cow urine in Hindu scriptures...like Vedas..Upanishads...bhagwatgeeta....

  • IIRC, there are two patents on cow urine distillates for anti-cancer and other properties. Here's one patent:


    But this one is for enhancing the potency/effectiveness of the drug and not as cow urine used alone.

    As for criminals in jails, they take large doses of bhang before going for interrogation from jail :)

  • @anup what is your experience with flax seed oil???

  • Half the bottle goes for a waste, despite the best of care for storage in fridge in colored bottle (it comes in colored bottle in any case). After 50% to 60% one can easily start detecting the varnish / paint like smell ==> Oil rancid, so weird taste and useless.

    Same experience with VOO. So finally decided to switch to Walnuts, after spending on 8 bottles of FSO/VOO. Flaxseed, better to grind seeds and use it.

  • Thank you @anup flax seed oil is available here at Rs 160 for 500 ML.I don't know if they offer 100 ML or so....if we purchase in small quantity....we can continue using it fresh all the time....

    But yes grinding them fresh is better option

  • 160 for 500 is too cheap -- too good to be true. Check if it is cold pressed. Ages back when I was doing trials, I used to get from


    Can't recall the exact price back then, but they offer 100 ml packaging too (back then it wasn't so) @175 now.

  • its local oil mill...they traditionally extract oil on wooden 'Ghani'.

    Hmm let me check more with them and get back to u.

    I purchase coconut oil...cold pressed coconut oil for fish frying from them.

  • Also, if MUFA is your goal, better settle for Avocado. The same is available in PUNE in plenty I guess. Unfortunately, no stores in Indore keep it.

  • Does VOO also has the problem of getting rancid in short duration ??I am using since long and never felt the same

  • Anything high in MUFA will go rancid. That's why Olive oil for cooking is a scam. FSO, VOO start attaining a bitter taste with weird smell. I tried Borge's VOO that comes in dark green colored glass bottle.

  • Hmm...I am using VOO since long and never felt the wierd smell and taste as happens in case of FSO...good that you mentioned ...

  • That bitterness creeps up even in VOO. Why VOO, even old walnuts attain that taste.

  • Shivambu , you may do google search .But shivambu therapy was practiced in the remote villages for many centuries for many ailments.I believe it was mentioned by Susrutha also. It can be used for external applications with out any apprehension.

  • Hmmm that way many things were practiced.....'Shakta' use to follow 'Panch Makara'....mansa...madira...matsya...mudra and maithuna...

    But these are forbidden for normal humans....

    And these are not main stream activities...

    Even during period of Buddhism....there was one strong sect mainly in Tibet use to follow a modified version of Shakta.

    Even now days you will find many Aghoris on other bank of Ganga at Banaras....

  • Panchamakaras ---masthya ,madira ,mansa , mudra and maithuna are followed in thamasik sadhana thanthra and vamachara .But in rajasik upasana flower for ether ,incense for,,,air , lamp for fire ,food for water ,and sandalwood paste for earth are considered .

  • and urine?? which sadhana???

  • shiva sadhana .

  • lol

  • Just now I had seen in google ,it seems UT CURES even diabetes .

  • bhaswathy there are many cures given for Diabetes....why focus on UT???

    Parad Shastra goes one step ahead of Shivambu......

  • WIth many cures we are still groping in the dark .Shivambu is promising much hope in total eradication of this disorder w .Butith out any expenditure and side effects .

  • bhaswathy 'Bhang is also very good and cure for diabetes....just search for hemp seed oil......

    and guess what??? alongwith cure....it gives that nice feeling of getting High.......mmmmm so wonderful.....like gliding in heaven...lol

  • I don't know about the crude form . But I do give cannabis Indica in cases where it is warranted in homeopathic preparation .

  • Search google .It seems it was referred to even in scriptures . ------ shivambu .

  • which text?? which verse?? bhaswathy

    Is it in Vedas??? or upanishadas??? or in Bhagwatgeeta???

  • "Damar Tantra" ;)

    Verse 1 to 107 Shiva delivering lectures to Parvati.

    The last verse also says -- Do not tell it to anyone :)

  • HAHA anupjii.....yes Damar tantra... but these are not main stream scriptures.... Vedas and Upanishadas are main scriptures....

    Even Puranas are written very recently....I mean during 7-8 century...

    By the way.....mercury is said to be semen of Shiva...and in order to stabilize same....entire Parad Shastra developed....

    Nagarjuna was expert in that...

  • There's a famous Kali temple here where there's a solid Parad Ling. And, who is the founder Some Aggarwal, IIRC, who is a Kali bhakt.

    I think all this has something to do with "Tantric" way of life that Aghories are known to embrace.

  • Hmmm there are two forms of 'Kali'..Bhadra Kali...and Dakshin Kali...

    as per Bharatiya Murti shastra....placement of legs of Kali can tell you in what form the moorti is....

    I haven't seen 'shringar rait' moorti of 'Gadh Kalika at Ujjain....but it is said its mild form of 'Kali.... its not Aghoris only.....but even Kali was the deity who gave all those poetic powers to Kalidasa.....and also to I guess Tenali rama....

    Aghoris.....may go for other forms....like 'Bagala Mukhi'...Chinnamasta...etc..

  • Mahisasur Mardhini:

    Here's more about that temple. The founder was an engineer too :)


  • guess mahishasur mardini is not pure form of Kali........ u know very famous mahishasur mardini stotra by shankarachrya??? in that he says ai giri nandini....nandit medini ...

    it means the daughter of GIRI/Mountains... its Durga...

  • hmmm... but the temple is named "Maha kali" temple -- is sometimes considered as a greater form of Kali, identified with the Ultimate reality of Brahman.


  • hmmmm yes.....since it is known as slayer....its final destination......lol....once u get killed... you are right path of Moksha.....and that is reality...called Bramhan....LOL

  • Maybe after retirement I will indulge in "Tantric" way of life. Hash, ganja, non veg, sura etc to attain moksha :D :D

  • hahaha @anup its right way of Moksha and follow LCH*.....

    A wonderful way to get cured ....better than Shivambu....

  • and you know best place to do this???

    behind the hills of Omakeshwara.... its very secluded place.....and u will find many Aghoris and sadhus on that side.....

  • Well, my personal experience with Aghories is that stay away from them as far as possible. They are too "temperamental" and too "powerful" if genuine. Their blessings and curse are both very powerful.

  • I like to visit them....and enjoy what they do.....learn ....observe if they know you are interested....and know bit.....they explain u many things....

  • Planning to implement some "Diabetic Tools" on the forum which is despised here by many. So, another expense coming up. That's real Moksha for me.

  • sure next trip I will visit this Temple.... wish to see that single stone black marble moorti.....

    All our ancient temple moortis are in 'Gandaki Pashan'...a black stone found in river Gandaki in Nepal...

    If you ever visited Kathmandu...there is place called Budha Neelkanth...there u will see biggest gandaki pashan moorti of Sheshsayi Vishnu.... very wonderful finish....

    This stone is know for wonderful finish....

    It is also called ratna shila....ratna=precious stone...shila=stone... the name given because you can see some small quartz like particles in stone...

    By the way do u know the narmada cryptocrystalline from Omkareshwar???

  • Nope on the Narmada Cryptocrstalline, though long back had been to Omkareshwar twice.

  • Hmmmm...it is said 'Narmada ka har kankar....Shankar shankar'....

    It was belief..and there is particular type of stones found in Narmada....and few years ago there was one Kunda.....it was called Dhavadi Kunda near Omkareshwar....where due to force of water a tumbling action use to take place....and stones use to get perfect shape of shivlinga....those use to get sold at omkareshwar...

    Geologically those are Crypto Crystalline stones....

    And u will find such stone in that area only......

    makarim may be able to throw more light on same....

  • Yes, just read that only few families are authorized to collect these stones. Maybe next time when I happen to go to Omkareshwar, will try and find the same.

  • hmmmm.....i have one wonderful such thing in my collection.....natural shivji ka fce with mustaches...lips and ganga on head.... long ago I found that stone at omkareshwar.....

  • @anup stabilizing mercury require many herbs....and most important is 'Black Dhatura'


    look in pic...it has got double petals... it is said Himalyan variety....it has got mild fragrance...the common dhatura is white with single petal....without fragrance...you will find this common dhatura everywhere ...it grows wild roadside...

    Some one told me recently...there is Red variety available in Madhya Pradesh....soon I am going to get same....

  • Invokana pushes sugar out through URINE and we drink that URINE back?

    Have a headache ... take Brufen 500 mg and morning drink the urine back and have some of the brufen back in body?

    Take Vit B12, excess gets excreted so we should drink urine back and save money on B12?

    21st century humans are forced to be on Plethora of drugs. 10th century fashion of drinking urine for curing something cannot be applicable, as there were no drugs polluting the body.

    Even dogs/animals walk away from their own excreta. We are humans.

  • UT works well for any kind of infection as there are lot antibodies in urine ...even for D some people mentioned it works ...Actually eating well is necessary, if we want to use urine... I saw many people talking about it in forums ...Body has inbuilt facility to filter unwanted , so one does not need to worry much about absorbing toxins ...as body will absorb nutrition lost in urine and again body will filter toxins...

    This is quite popular therapy among monks ...I was waiting for someone break the ice in the forum :) ...it can prove useful in treating different side effects of D in body for which we take so many supplements

    I read someone healed the extreme case of gangrene with UT and even BS reading , hypertension all treated using small amount of urine everyday like @Arvindkd said

  • Aravindkd said he lost much weight and there is much improvement in his health .

  • A real test of this would be stop all drugs and drink urine for a month and monitor daily blood sugar levels, 4 to 6 times a day.

    Or start drinking urine and then see how drugs reduce over a period of one month for maintaining the same levels as pre-urine therapy stage, with no change in diet.

    Personally for me drinking urine is YUCK.

  • For everybody its the same ...but people opt for it as they dont have any other solution working ...bottleneck to this experiment is starting point :)

    There are stories of people using the therapy for their loved ones without telling them ...using the same in cup of coffee or other pungant drinks and the patient healed ...I think the later visualization of healing is more strong than Yuck feeling for 2 seconds :)

    If M/F excreted through urine , then M/F dosage should be reduced as we are taking M/F again and again effectively :D

  • I totally agree with you.Even if a partial improvement is seen it is worth the trouble . vaidik sadhana of my spiritual practice forbids that by my elders and gurus. Usually in homeopathy practice what ever medicine , I give , I first experiment on my self and then only I give to the patients , especially , very old and very small patients .But this I am not allowed .

  • urine therapy is not of 10th century fashion .Once they start practicing the therapy there is no need of all those medicines . With homeopathy itself I don't use them . ---brufens ,metformins ,invocanas and the like .

  • Any verified data or it is just another OPINION based on once a year tests?

  • MAHASAYA sathakoti namaskarams . Ignore the posts of lesser mortals like me .

  • opinions based on personal experiences are better than imported ideas .

  • When imported ideas are backed by real world INDIAN numbers they are FAR better than random lopsided opinions. After all results of 1000+ INDIAN diabetics is better than mere OPINIONS of two or three.

  • there are lacs of people who have got

    cu res with homeopathy .

  • And yet Homeopathy is failing RCT's since 1835. If that's the way to convince then I could have said there are crores of people who have benefited on so called "imported concept" but I won't say that as I cannot back this claim with DATA. Love talking with data only.

  • Since which century did Aghoris cult come up? I guess it must be far before 10th century.

  • pranams

  • Did you try it on yourself? We have to talk to people actually using UT...they can tell pros and cons and proper method of UT

  • I didn't try .I always go for homeopathy which gives consistently good results .

  • Go through articlas on shivambu .

  • one more video:- may be it will useful

  • Hi Arvind,

    Upto what extent you got relief from UT as far as diabetes is concerned(means how much drugs reduced ...whats your H1AC without drugs now and overall quality of life) ...any side effects you faced ??

    It would be helpful if can write a detailed post to help people in forum...I know its tough to write on this in Public forum :)

  • Dear Karch,

    I m doing UT along with plant diet, and stops my regular medicine from last two months. Earlier I was taking Glimpiride 2 mg, Metformin 500 mg and piogel 30 for BS and losart 50 for BP .

    Apart from these I was taking 6-7 different medicine for CVD. Now my BP remains in the range of 75-82 / 110-125.

    BS ranges 100-150 fasting and 160-220 PP. but is varies daily depends on some factors. So far H1AC I have not checked so far , But may be after two months I will go for detail bood testing on all parameters.

    Overall quality of life is much much better, feels more energetic all times and side effects? yes reduced 10-11 kg of excess fat as a bonus and feels so lightly.

    I am not doing UT for BS only as I know now that CVD , BP and BS can be reduced/ controlled/ cure by plant diet , though it can take some time. Trying UT for overall health benefits, taking care of side effects of my earlier medication and for prevention of any new disease.

    In fact it is very hard to start UT, not only due to taste but due to other factor as family members opinion and resistance.

    I started it by rubbing it on my face and head in the beginning and when it came in the contact of my lips, tested it. Next day I pee in a Glass and gulped it. felt strange and my stomach trying to throw it back, feels like vomiting it.

    But I manage it and washed my mouth with fresh water and toothpaste my teeth's. As I have decided to try UT, so I continued it by rubbing it on my body and drinking it and now regularly doing that. In mean time have gone for UT fasting two times, once for two days and again for three days. Now planning for UT fasting every week at least for two days.

    I stooped medicine 15 days before starting UT, and now doing following four therapies together,

    1- Hydrogen peroxide therapy,


    3-Plant diet

    4 UT.

    its my own decision just by researching on net and started 1@2 first, than 15 days later came to know about plant died and included that in my life style. than by another 15 days started UT.

    No one suggested me on all above, just my own research & initiative as I wanted to be healthy and get rid of all the medicine. Up till now I am feeling more satisfied with my present alternative therapy regime and hopeful of overall good results in future.

  • Good to hear that your medicines stopped...But you know further cut down on carbs and get plant fat like flax seed and VCO and specially cut down wheat...your BS readings will fall and body parameters will go further in good direction ...and thanks for detailed explanation

    "felt strange and my stomach trying to though it back, feels like vomiting it."

    It actually feel like throwing just thinking about UT...feel like stomach will go upset just by thinking about UT :)

  • I am not taking any wheat chapati etc now a days, only on few times I eats one chapati with vegetable curry as like to change my taste. In a way I am avoiding any cooked food now a days.

    Yes I m taking flax seed occasionally by making its milk , or in other forms.

    Only on raw food, like in morning eats fruits only i.e. mangoes, banana, apple, papaya etc. what ever fruits available in local markets, I eats them in morning in lots of quantities.

    In lunch sprouted moong, chana, socked badams,tomato,and coconut and nimboo.

    in evening juice of lauki+karela and tomato.

    at night steamed vegetables and chana dal dressed with jamun sirka.

    stopped all tea, milk etc and processed food even biscuits. So no oil, sugar, salt or any animal product in my diet now a days.

    In stead of VCO I m eating coconut with my sprouted based lunch and drinking its water in morning .

  • In one way the good effect seen in your health is not totally attributable to ut . According to the info given in the articles shivambu it self gives cure of all the diseases .But as per your life style , you are observing all food restrictions as per the recommendations of naturopathy .

  • Did you forget you are a diabetic ??...Dont take more fruits ...fruits in less quantities ...instead replace with veg or soup or lentil soup etc ...please take care of PPBS readings too ...

  • Actually I researched and found that Up to BS level 250 as WHO suggested , no need of taking medicine. Fasting and PP are all created by these pharmaceutical companies and ADA (American Diabetic Association). BS 100/140 levels numbers have no scientific study or Back ground.

    Earlier it was 140/180 than they advertised 120/160 and now they started saying 100/140. Even they created other definitions like pre diabetics D3. Just to create fears among us so we go for more medicine and they can earn more money. Actually they don't care about peoples health, rather for money

    So I am trying to eat natural and raw food in enough quantity, lets see what happens.

  • Might as well go thru following site to understand the implications of keeping high blood sugar.


    This is the first site that every type 2 on any diabetic forum is told to study. Specifically, following should interest you:


  • your point is perfectly correct.The diabetes specialist in a SUPRER SPECIALITY HOSPITRAL in Bangalore , last year, told me that up to 180 there is no need to be afraid. I went for the check up thrice . Once it was 150 once it was 160 and once it was 130 .He gave ''ADglim -2, I threw off the tablets and started taking homeopathic medicines .Then I decided to go once in an year ,much to the amusement and jeers of scholars in thr forum .

  • Then I decided to go once in an year ,much to the amusement and jeers of scholars in thr forum .

    Yes because once a year tests are just for self consolation and useless.

    We believe in testing aggressively and that's why we aim A1C < 5.6 and feel unhappy with 150/160 PPBS as we go thru scientific studies and rely on them more than one-liner opinions.

  • do as you wish .

  • That was in august in 2015 .I take everything which a non diabetic takes but in lesser quantities with an eye on weight and calories . I am of 5' height and 52 kgs weight ,and of 66 years age .My physical and mental energies are better than people of half my age .I work on an average for 10 hours a day .I do washing of the clothes ( mine only ) do cooking , cleaning of the house , all by myself .I attend to my patients , entertain any other work like any house wife .The fatigue , excess urination , excess hunger , insomnia , constipation , no other problem. But before that I met an accident where I was admitted in hospital , where they just blasted my system with all their god forbidden medicines and my sugar according to them shot up to 460 . I just am disgusted with their greed and avarice. THEY said all the arteries are 90% blocked , platelet count fell down , haemoglobin count fell doen ,I would not come out of the operation table .All this happened in May2015.After 10 days I was discharged with a wagon load of the prescriptions ,beta blockers , anti coagulants , insuline injections ,diet charts and what now .After taking all these medicines , they said , I can take up the ordeal of operation . i threw up all the slips , paid the bill of 4 lacs and came home to to take homeopathy medicines .IN june , july and august I went to a different hospital to get sugar levels checked .Take it or leave it . But I , from my side , go on spreading the message of alternate medicine.

  • And, why did 90% arteries choke?

  • They said the trauma of the accident did all that .I do yoga regularly , never over eat , never eat any thing out side , do even pranayama , very active .The only possible thing could be there could have been a mistake of exchange of files , because my name , my age , my condition everything is given wrongly . My son , daughter in their sorrow of the prospect of loosing the mother , did not check these minor details . ONLY AFTER COMING HOME , WHEN i GATHERED ENOUGH STRENGTH ,I examined all the reports. I questioned them as to why I was taken to the hospital in the first instance ,They were in a shock and were not in a position to think any thing .Like robots they just acted as per what ever was reported to them . BOTH my children are engineers with PHDS from abroad. They are not novices .

  • 250 is too much ...taking control of your bs reading at this point is equivalent to taking control of your life further ...so dont get satisfied with what docs say ...I have seen people who thought 100 reading is just normal and keep on eating whatever they wanted and turned to full fledged diabetic in 2 years ...so now you can guess what 250 means ...body literally rots from inside when bs readings are this much high

  • I agree with you to some extent, but you know if two people have BS 300 , person A takes modern medicine and Person B taking no medicine, in long run person A have more chances of getting CVD and other complication in comparison of B.

    I myself experienced this, having diabetic from last twenty years, doing all things to control it and mostly my FS remains below 100 with medicine, I got CVD ? So controlling one thing with medicine creates another thing, and again start control that with medicine will create some other complication and so on vicious circle just regular visiting doctors and hospitals life long until you die of something for which you are paying all your life?

    So I decided to say bye bye to this and start my own way.Changing my life style eating healthy food, my own water (UT), and now I am mentally ,physically, financially more happy and satisfied.

    And I am 100 % agree with bhaswathy , what she is doing, I too was doing Yoga, Pranayam, morning walk , meditation etc regularly.

    Every one has to die one day, but we will die our own way.

    Lets see what happens in future. But at present at least I am more satisfied and energetic.

  • Get your fasting insulin tested and you will get to know how much your body is working hard to metabolize the carbs you are feeding to it ...giving up on medicine is a good idea ...but other alternatives are available to reduce PPBS

    and doable too

    2 years back my relatives FBS came 100 and as usual they said reports are normal , but I know body is trying to tell that its working hard ...I warned to change life style and diet ...as at that point it was reversible...but people listens to docs ...and today diabetic with 7.7 H1AC and still no change in habit of carbs consumption ...

  • Thats what I am now doing changing my life style , changing my food habits and trying alternative therapies which are more beneficial to my body and mind.

  • heading to betterment takes time :) keep up !!

  • thank you.

  • I saw many people with so called scientific tempers , beliefs , and convictions turning towards homeopathy , when they faced utter failures in modern medicine if not for them , for their loved ones at least.

  • To all

    It should not be misunderstood that psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis

    Will disappear in everybody like that as in my case with vegan diet.

    The animal originated

    Food is ONE OF THE TRIGGERS for many diseases and possibly the psoriasis in me. Removing this trigger removes the corresponding arthritis and psoriasis . They can come through other triggers as well.

    These things lead to a dead end in experiments always.

    The stomach biome is another dead end.

    The lungs infection is another thing I have isolated and remedied in my case.

    Good luck

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