How I cured my gas / acidity problem

I was suffering from chronic gas / acidity problem which disturbed my life after dinner and prevented me from sleeping properly. I used to turn around in the bed without relief. I was taking antacids like gelusil mps, omez, pudin hara tablets, homoeopathic medicine for gas, and in fact many other medicines but did not get any relief. I also tried ayurvedic medicine but it gave only temporary relief.

My problem was solved like this . I started drinking one glass of juice which is a mixture of spinach [palak], methi, dhaniya, pudhina prepared with a little water and a little salt and pepper to taste.

I drink one glass of this mixture every morning and I am relieved / cured of my gas / acidity problem

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  • Did you boil the leaves you mentioned or juice of raw leaves? Kindly clarify. Thanks for sharing...Regards


  • Thank you Mr. Haresh...Regards

  • dhania , pudina , palak ....if not grown by you ...please dont take raw dont know what is the kind of water they are using to water the plants ....what is the location...its risky can make soup..

  • Apple cider vinegar will also resolve acidity

  • take 8-10 glass of water everyday 3glass onfirst thing in morning rest as per needs ,one glass after one hr of taking lunch and dinner no water while eating, ur acidity will go away in afew days.Sleep on ur left at night

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