Living-Foods – Nature's Essential Nutrition

Living-Foods – Nature's Essential Nutrition

, Max Gerson, M.D., who founded a cancer clinic in Mexico. One of the foundations of his treatment was raw foods and juices. Albert Schweitzer cured his diabetes with raw food. Modern day activists include Dr. Paavo Alrola, Dr. Gabriel Cousens of the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Clinic, Dr. Edmond Bordeaux Szekely, Dr. Paul Bragg, Dr. Norman Walker, and Ann Wigmore of the Hippocrates Clinics.

All these people wrote copious amounts of literature about live foods. Millions of people have been healed by their work.

What are Living-Foods?

The Living Food diet is proving to be the healthiest, most common sense diet because when we eat our foods in their natural state, we receive maximum nutrition.

The concept of live food is easy - raw, uncooked fruits and vegetables, and sprouted grains, nuts and seeds. The benefits of live food are many. Uncooked foods have all the vitamins, minerals, enzymes and phyto-nutrients that cooking destroys or alters.

Living Foods contain the vital energy of each of the Elements of Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. . They are the givers of life energy and the healers of disease.


Living Foods have proven themselves to be nature's helpers in the healing of many chronic diseases. These include: diabetes, migraines, asthma, joint pain, fibromyalgia, allergies, colitis, allergies, depression, anxiety, cancer and many more. The Living Foods diet is the most delicious way to lose weight without even feeling that you are depriving yourself of culinary delights.

Watch your skin take on that healthy glow, eyes are brighter and your hair is shiny and healthy again. The aging process seems to slow down as wrinkles disappear and blemishes vanish. You will look and feel better than you have for years as your strength and energy leap to levels that only the youthful experience. Live food works!

and help in the healing of many chronic diseases. These include: diabetes, migraines, asthma, joint pain, fibromyalgia, allergies, colitis, allergies, depression, anxiety, cancer and many more.

Advantages of Live-Food Nutrition

1.Living Foods are full of enzymes, and as has been noted, enzymes are the ‘sparks of life'.

2.The Living Foods diet is the most delicious way to lose weight without even feeling that you are depriving yourself of culinary delights.

3.The heat of cooking depletes vitamins, damages proteins and fats, and destroys enzymes which benefit digestion. As your percentage of live foods increases you feel fulfilled and have more energy and stamina on smaller meals because live foods have the best balance of water, nutrients, and fiber to meet your body's requirements.

4.Live foods have more flavor and zest than over cooked foods so there is no need to add salt, sugar, spices, or other condiments that can irritate your digestion system or over stimulate other organs.

5.Live foods take very little time to prepare so you spend less time in the kitchen. Even a young child can prepare most foods for breakfast, lunch or dinner. This gives children a sense of self-esteem and independence, and a break for Mom or Dad.

6.Cleaning up after a live food meal takes no time at all. No baked-on oils or crusty messes. And any inedible parts go directly to the compost pile.

7.As long as you eat simply without combining too many foods together, you will soon reach a level where you no longer suffer from digestive problems such as: heartburn, gas, indigestion or constipation.

8.Eating live food can save you money on such things as: your food expenses, vitamins, pots and pans, appliances, doctor bills, drugs, and health insurance.

9. When you are eating live foods there's little chance of burns. No burns to tongue, the roof of your mouth, or fingers, and many fewer house fires.

10.Eating live foods is an environmentally wise choice. This would save us enormous amounts of natural resources. And think of how many trees and oil reserves could be saved without the need for the paper and plastics used in packaging our processed foods. There would also be less carbon dioxide released in to the atmosphere and more oxygen produced from all the new orchards and gardens, thus helping to reverse the Greenhouse Effect.

11.The closer the food is to its natural and fresh state, the more life force it has, which means the more healing and life force you will experience. So, don't waste your food, yourself, and our planet by cooking what you eat. Fruits, nuts, and vegetables, which are whole, fresh and alive, are packed with life and have the ability to transmit their life force directly to you. Feel the benefits and the life force flow through you.


11 Replies

  • The live food concept is not new; it has been around since the beginning of time. The Essenes and the Nazarenes of biblical times are believed to be simple food eaters that grew their own food. In The Essene Gospel of Peace, Book 1, Jesus says,

    "Kill neither men, nor beasts, nor yet the food which goes into your mouth. For if you eat living food, the same will quicken you, but if you kill your food, the dead food will kill you also. For life comes only from life, and from death comes always death. For everything, which kills your foods, kills your bodies also. And everything, which kills your bodies, kills your souls also. And your bodies become what your foods are, even as your spirits likewise become what your thoughts are. Therefore, eat not anything which fir, or frost, or water has destroyed. For burned, frozen and rotted foods will burn, freeze and rot your body also."

  • Very informative.

  • I have been telling the same in a different way alway:

    Homo erectus and man learned to control fire. Before that,

    what we were eating is our natural food.

    But there are some serious problems. More later.

    Good night.

  • Good morning,

    Though we cannot alter our genes, our organ development is with relation to what we do after birth and the environment.

    In other words if the digestive system is developed for cooked food I am afraid ,

    At least in some people,

    Uncooked foods may cause problems.

    Otherwise no harm eating only salads.

    Many diseases can be dismissed by this.

    Good luck

  • indiacratus

    in the interest of providing better nutrition, we can try partly this kind of food.No?

  • Yes. You are 100%right.

    Not merely 'partly'

    But to whatever extent possible. Good luck

  • Very informative post by Ragivrao. But the big if is , whether we get healthy foods in nature now that many chemicals are sprayed .

  • Dear hidden,

    That can be solved by Cleaning in water

    and just dipping in boiling water for five minutes. ___full vegetables before cutting.

  • Informative. In fact as mentioned in your post the concept is not new. Some 20 years back i read about this and if i remember right that paper mentioned to have cured leprosy.

  • Ipog

    Great news. Unbelievable, but possible.

  • Ragivrao

    Very good article and thanks for sharing. It's naturopathy broadly speaking. But where shall we get essential fatty acids and fat soluble vitamins A,D,E,K. Very essential for our lives.

    One more advantage. Our teeth become strong and do not fall till older age.

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