7 Day Diet Chart for Diabetic Patients

7 Day Diet Chart for Diabetic Patients

I will not recommend a very tough diet (which is followed by Sumant joshi to reduce his weight from 83- 63 kgs in 6months and brought down his fbs from 220 mg/dl to 84mg/dl) which may be really difficult to follow and may make the foodie inside you unhappy, hatsoff to Sumanji, in this diet plan I will try to give you tasty and healthy food choices so that you can continue throughout your life because I understand the toughest thing about a diet is to follow it through out your life time. balanced diet is my mantra- you can eat it for a life time

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7 Day Diet chart for Diabetics based on Indian foods- healthydietfordiabetics.com...

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  • That diet which Geodiabetic followed is not tough nor it disappoints any foodie.

    The number of successes of that diet, even among Indian diabetics, prove it so. The number keeps growing every day.

  • Hi Anupji,

    thanks for your response, I would sincerely request your feedback on my article too.

    I am not against what Sumant ji has followed or what George sir proposes.

    Yeah, I am not against it, If you see the diet chart I proposed, I am encouraging people to eat healthy, If they can follow lchf / plant based diet or long wheat mash diet regimen it will be ok.

    Its upto the individual to adopt whatever he likes I am just giving them all the options, I am not against any diet plan which you can follow throughout your life.

    Still I believe in Moderation and balanced diet. Our Indian food is itself a medicine. Most of our food practices have been passed down from one generation to the next through the oral tradition. This includes what to eat, how to eat, how much to eat and when to stop eating.

    Now we are asking some one else who really don't know about all these except our Grandmother, Did you ever wonder why food cooked by Grandmother tastes so well and we feel so good after we eat ? this is because Grandmother knows it all.

  • Gowardhan One question - has anyone reversed his/her diabetes with this diet? Or reduced his/her medication?

  • jingale yes....read on his web site...one mr.Sumant Joshi.... he did that....incidentally he is from Pune....

    Will meet him some day....

  • cure Mr. Joshi followed the truncated diet, not Gowardhan 's diet. :D

  • hmmm....oh ok....you are right @jingle

  • I have not told, Sumantji followed my diet, I am trying to educate, what is healthy and what is not for diabetic

  • We appreciate your efforts, Gowardhan . Has anyone benefited from this diet chart?

  • Jingale did you see my diet chart?

  • Yes, I did. Why?

  • Sumant is Geodiabetic here. he stopped coming here for reasons he has already posted.

  • Hi ragivrao , Sumant joshi followed lchf diet , and could get great results, I called it tough because not everyone is interested to adapt it.

    Every humanbeing is different as said by you, let us give options,, if you read the article on my website. You will appreciate what I am talking

    Thank you for sharing your opinion

  • Cynd

    nope. This forum is for sharing experience and knowledge. Not for advertisement. Tell us everything right here on this forum. No place for misguiding people.

  • I was referring to inviting people on your private contact details. Tell whatever you want to say on this forum.

  • Can you send link of Sumant joshi post?

  • zakirji,

    please find the link here


  • Very good website Gowardhan and also the effort in making the chart.

    Advice is really good except for wheat, poha, bananas, Chole Bhatura, Ragi, dates, rice and sugary cranberries.

    Even I have to get my blood sugar lower like Sumant and save my pancreas.

    Your diet minus above foodstuffs and his diet would be the same.

    Since Sumant is successfully managing his A1C numbers on his diet, I am also following in his footsteps.

  • No food needs to be eliminated, what is important is how much you are eating.

    of course do what you believe, If you can follow Sumat joshi's diet - its is good.

    I am not suggesting anything randomly.

    if you limit the type of foods you take- you will lack in nutrition.

    dont take the same food everyday. thats my point.

  • Very. Good article . I am keeping this to read later . So much to absorb.

  • Thank you Rajanji.

  • Has sumantji posted his diabetes parameters in this forum after consuming this diet.However I liked the recipe of cauliflower, pressurattu. LWMDR etc. Thanks

  • Hi Makarim,

    Thank you , I am happy you liked our diet chart,

    Sumant joshi has followed lchf diet, click on the following link to see


  • Is the Samba Godhumai indicated in the 7 day diet chart is the one referred by others in the forum as the "Long Wheat" ? If yes, then, can dalia from samba Godumai be used safely? I have come to know that these dalias (Samba Godumai Ravai) sold in packets could be from regular wheat & we could be cheated. Regular wheat in both Atta form & and dalia form spikes the sugar level like white rice. Which is the authentic brand of Samba Godumai Atta LW Atta) & Samba Godumai Rava (LW Dalia) ? Is there any source of readily available multi grain atta with Samba Godumai (LW) as one of the ingredients (with out corn floor & other items that can spike sugar levels; but with ingredients like jwar, bajra, ragi, soya, moong dal etc. in correct proportions ? My last question is :- Now Aashirvad brand has come out with low glycemic atta. Is this made of LW (Samba Godumai) ?

  • I dont think so, only way to get genuine Samba wheat / long wheat is to get them in grain form and then make atta out of it

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