How to Reverse Diabetes with ZERO Weight Loss

How to Reverse Diabetes with ZERO Weight Loss

As a society in this forum and elsewhere we have come to fear carbohydrates.

Since the 1970’s when the Atkins diet first got introduced, carbohydrates have been blamed for a host of metabolic disorders including diabetes, obesity, heart disease, cancer and insulin resistance.

This has lead many to believe that carbohydrates cause total-body inflammation, setting the stage for a host of complex metabolic disorders that can only be solved by eliminating carbohydrates from the diet.

It’s easy to believe these claims, by some of us who are not expertised either in medical science or nutrional sciene because they are always backed up by web based information communicated forcefully . resulting in people avoid eating any form of carbohydrate, whether from refined sources like bread, cereal, pasta, rice and artificial sweeteners, or from whole sources like fruits and starchy vegetables.

The words “low carb” and “no carb” are feeding the anti-carbohydrate frenzy and strengthening the stance against this alleged dietary criminal making claims that “there is no biological need for carbohydrates in your diet,” and arguing that our Paleolithic ancestors subsisted for thousands of years on diets low in carbohydrate energy or completely devoid of carbohydrate altogether. Are carbohydrates the cause of our generation’s ailing health? is widely argued and debated

Dr Cyrus khambatta, a type1 diabetic , an engineer and a nutritional bio chemist has in his own way argued on the subject which is worth reading by diabetics who at present are l not clear as to the correct way of dieting for diabetic control.

His arguments can be read in the following link

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    Her drugs dropped even without losing a gram of body weight within the first week itself. 108Kg weight, up by 7 on so called "healthy & balanced diet"

    Low Carb isn't feeding any frenzy. It's just feeding some science that let's one drop drugs and yet attain far better blood sugar control.

    There's one more like this who dropped Invokana and 2 does of Januvia within week 1.

  • @anup MikePollard Concerned

    What's your take on the article shared by ragivrao ?

  • Nothing, as I don't subscribe to any VEGANISM -- PETA, Barnard, McDougal, Gregger et al. All are busy selling some franchise or the other.

    It's far too much truncated a diet and that article is just a rehash of VEGANISM in one of its many forms.

  • Why do you think about the studies that he has quoted in the article about people benefiting from low fat diet?

  • I am more focused on high fat diet and read more on that :)

  • Yes, of course. But the results of these studies defy everything that we know of t2d. Why does hclf work for some people?

  • That's it . very beautiful and eye opening article .

  • I'll put my engineer up against yours:

  • And I have two more to the list -- Dr Bernstein and Dr Attia, both engineers first. Even I am an Engineer :)

  • He,the author, was not on the point of BMI, but to say that even without losing weight, you can control diabetes and other chronic diseases without resorting to very low carb food.This is my understanding of the theme of the article.

  • it is only in the context of reversing diabetes.if any one one is obese or overwight but not diabetic, the arguement does not become relevent.

  • Good article,but needs to be looked at critically.