Common man-made Chemicals May Raise Heart Risk

Common Chemical May Raise Heart Risk

PFOA is a man-made chemical found in a wide range of industrial and consumer products, including surfactants, lubricants, polishes, paper and textile coatings, food packaging, and fire-retarding foams.

Previous studies have shown that meat, fish, and plant products in. supermarkets are contaminated by the chemical, although much of the human exposure comes through drinking water.

It had been brought to our notice earlier that PFOA has been associated with several cardiovascular risk factors, including elevated levels of cholesterol and uric acid, insulin resistance, and the metabolic syndrome, but no studies had directly examined its relationship with cardiovascular disease.

According to an article by Todd Neale, Staff Writer, MedPage Today | and Medically Reviewed by Zalman S. Agus, MD

it appears that Increasing acid levels in products associated with heart disease and peripheral arterial disease. It is stated that:

Serum levels of a chemical found in many industrial and household products are associated with adverse clinical outcomes in middle-age and older adults,

According to Anoop Shankar, MD, PhD, of West Virginia University in Morgantown, and his colleagues. compared with individuals with the lowest levels of perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), those with the highest had greater odds of both cardiovascular disease and peripheral arterial disease,

The findings, reported online in Archives of Internal Medicine, came from cross-sectional data, however, limiting the ability to draw any conclusions about cause-and-effect

"Although it seems clear that additional prospective research is needed to tease out the true adverse cardiovascular effects of PFOA, given the concerns raised by this and prior studies, clinicians will need to act now," according to Debabrata Mukherjee, MD, of Texas Tech University in El Paso.

"From a societal point of view, it would make sense to limit or to eliminate the use of PFOA and its congeners in industry through legislation and regulation while improving water purification and treatment techniques to try and remove this potentially toxic chemical from our water supply,"

The knowledge about potential novel cardiovascular risk factors like PFOA should not discourage aggressive management of known risks factors for cardiovascular disease The above infor,ation is sourced from the following link.

Those of us in this forum who are interested in better health can read the detailed article in the

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  • Agreed, nasty stuffs Ragivrao.

    In my house we have no carpets, (wood and tile) never use air purifiers, and germ killing wipes or sprays. All paint is water based and the air is circulated by an efficient wood burning stove. I have central heating - it's never used! We avoid other nasties like Bisphenol-A (BPA) can liners.

    It's difficult to avoid all the things in modern life that could harm us, but being aware you can take some steps.

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