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5 Ayurvedic Tips To Improve Memory

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If you're suffering from weak memory or memory loss, Ayurveda might be able to solve your problems. Ayurveda uses natural remedies to cure many diseases, and even though forgetting where you put your glasses or cell phones may not sound discrete enough, it may be early signs of dementia. Before it escalates to that level, here are 5 foods that you may try to curb it as the first signs appear.

Almonds are the most effective food items to increase your brain power and cure amnesia. They are a rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants that hike up your mental prowess. It is best to have them early in the morning, grinded and mixed with milk and sugar (or a healthier supplement being honey), or otherwise, after being soaked overnight in water.

Ayurvedic herbs, like rosemary, brahmi, ashwagandha, shankhapushpi, licorice plant, etc., are all known to have medicinal properties that improve your brain power. Regulated incorporation of these herbs in your diet in requisite amount relaxes your mind, and thereby improves its functioning capacity.

Indian Gooseberry or amla, is rich in Vitamin C, as well as antioxidants, which helps boost immunity, but other than that, amla is also known to have properties to strengthen your nervous system. It is one of the best remedies for managing Alzheimer's disease. It can be consumed raw or dried, and at times along with white sesame seeds.

Fish oil is an excellent way to enhance your memory, especially if you are a non-vegetarian. It contains rich quantities of Omega-3 fatty acids, which help rejuvenate your brain cells. But if you are a vegetarian or vegan, fish oil or even fishes like salmon, might not be best suited to your dietary preference, in which case it may be more helpful to consume Omega-3 supplements which are readily available in the market, or even fenugreek seeds.

Cinnamon helps in revitalizing your mental health, when consumed, or even when smelled. Add a pinch of cinnamon to your food, or mix a teaspoon with honey, and it will work wonders for your mental health.

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  • The difficulty with such trials is :

    How to verify the improvement in memory. Good luck

  • We can experience the improvement,if any!There may be some test to examine the improvement.

  • Dear optimistic,

    Many simple tests can be devised to test the current memory power of an individual . But

    There can be many hurdles like :

    Though the total brain cells at birth is set at10,000 million, their maturing is a dynamic process. More over the glia cells maturing also will complicate. The oxygen transport capacity will be another head ache.

    These things (--variables -) will contradict a result.

    In such cases large trials are to be done.

    To give an example

    The DCCT trials, in diabetes,

    They studied 1441 patients for ten years.

    The entire AIIMS WILL not be sufficient for it. Who will spent money.?

    By the way,similarly , if you try to answer :

    Whether a balanced diet and medicines


    a truncated diet

    is better

    Considering health as a whole, spanning half a century.... The rest of our life...

    INDEED, it is no sarcasm, they took more than a century to say:


    The drug industry was sleeping so long.? Madness!!

    I think I was the one(?) who brought this news--balanced diet for a diabetic as well. - to the forum though the advice came some 20 years ago. What does it mean?



  • Any diet which pushes a diabetic to more and more drugs can never be called balanced no matter who says it. If "truncated diet" can reduce drugs by 80% and help a diabetic attain far better control, that's balanced diet. Most diabetics on most forums hate ADA/USDA plate diet which everyone from the industry calls as balanced.

    There was a trial on 5000+ diabetics for 12 years which showed that high carb with exercise offered no benefit wrt CVD/CHD for a Type 2 diabetic. This study was with famous ADA (balanced) diet. Let's talk about that. They had to terminate the study just because outcome was not to their liking. In both groups -- with and without exercise -- diabetics died of heart attack in equal comparable numbers. So, something is really wrong with the so called "balanced diet". Media buried that trial report because it would have hurt the diabetes care industry really hard.

    So, let's talk "comparison" between so called "balanced diet" and so called "truncated diet" and let the medical reports do the talking wrt what is better.

    You have large number of cases on this forum itself who have proved so called "truncated diet" to be far better even after three years or more.

  • Three years is too short a period for any method to be called a fool proof solution.

  • 12 years Dr Wortman, 50 years Dr Barry Groves, 50+ years Dr Bernstein, sixth year yours truly. Visit diabetics forums across the world you will find many with 10+ years data. That's long enough for anyone to compare when ADA concludes everything based on 2 years.

    12 years FAILED study is ample proof.

    4 times rise in diabetes in 35 years is ample proof.

    Homeopaths don't even have a 1 year data to bank upon when it comes to their claims of curing diabetes, but they still keep claiming that they can cure diabetes.



    So, 10 years from now also, I don't think it will be any different.

  • lets wait and see .The rate at which the realisation is dawning on people about the futility and dangers of excessive use of modern medicines , makes the people to turn towards alternative medicines which includes , accupressure , acupuncture , yoga , Siddha , Unani and homeopathy. etc all .My daughter who used to fight like mad with me about the utter uselessness of homeopathy , now has made an ' u ' turn and asks me to send medicines ,even for minor problems , now that she is too careful about not giving the modern medicine to her son who is all 7 year old . It is a big headache to me to send them with all rules , regulations and restrictions . She is in Holland . So that is that . Time is like a circle and what goes down comes up and vice versa .

  • "The rate at which the realisation is dawning on people about the futility and dangers of excessive use of modern medicines "

    The same is making diabetics switch away from the so called "balanced diet"

  • Balanced diet is not the problem , the problem is contamination .

  • No.

    Feed everything organic and the diabetic would spike same as on contaminated food that constitutes the so called "balanced diet" and spikes far less on the so called "truncated diet" even with contamination.

  • contamination , I am talking about is not exactly in diet alone ,it is in every other area of which we talked about many times .

  • There's no Utopian world, there never was and there never will be.

  • ok .

  • I am so impressed with your zeal for fighting for the cause which you believed . If only if it is in right direction , many people would have benefited .immensly

  • Many have benefited. Many are benefiting and many will keep benefiting and benefiting "immensely"

    I don't fight. make a point and let readers take a call. And, my science tells me "I am right".

  • Many are benefitting

  • That's good .

  • I am also in the line.....I am almost reaching normal sugar level as non diabetic....only some issues....and I am sure to overcome them soon.

  • If it was not in the right direction, hundreds of diabetics (including me), would not have benefited from it. High carb made me worse, LCHF saved me.

  • Hi aswathy,

    You are lucky that your daughter has made a u turn.

    In my case, see, I am in house arrest by my daughter when I stay in her house. So last time when she wanted me to go stay with her, I just postponed journey instead of telling her no.

    Good luck

  • That is same with all daughters because they are overprotective .

  • Agreed.

  • Post your diet, get diabetics to follow the diet and then follow up with them for 3 years like I have done. That would give the real data.

  • I will wait for you to post your diet and get people to follow it and post their results. Till then CARB is CARB.

    I can post few diabetes forum links where people gave up Barnard's veganism. But this is just going back and forth and leading to nowhere.

    So, post your diet, get diabetics to follow it and you can follow up with them and let them post their progress here for everyone to see.

  • No you vs me here. Post it, get followers, get them to post their progress. Let them do the talking.

  • I could do 13 followers in 3 months here and that to when there were around 4 guys desperately trying to run it down. You don't have that disadvantage.

    When those 13 started coming back with their experience and great results the ball rolled. I invested time with them more than anything else.

  • I will wait.

  • Dear navin,

    You are right. The balanced diet is prescribed by nutritionists round the world.

    ADA and EU countries just accepted it for the Diabetic also

    Because :

    To be Diabetic does not change the nutrient needs of the body. There are around 40 nutrients and many many

    Electrolytes, trace elements, fiber etc.

    Only the USDA food plate or UK, or EU food plates can give all of it.

    Just ignorance of nutrition makes most people think that there are only proteins, carbs and fats.

    It is carbohydrate metabolism that is handicapped in a diabetic. His carbohydrate needs are not altered.

    Profit motivated book writers and website owners propagate otherwise.

    The medical science world just ignores all

    Of them.

    Good luck

  • Dear navin,

    There is nothing wrong in following Dr Barnard programme. It need not contradict the balanced food.

    First of all it gives you all the 40plus nutrients. The essential fats are hidden in many plant based foods. Proteins you may have to add legumes. Rest OK.

    About ADA :Only specific allegations can be addressed.

    That will be very laborious.

    The best way and my way is to look at three


    The NHS UK, THE EU COUNTRIES, EASD and the consensus committee between America and European union.

    WHO too.

    I N India we generally follow the WHO recommendations.


  • Dear navin,

    Not only you but many others can possibly come out of their diabetes by opting for Vegan diet.

    It may be the presence of some hormones in milk and the nonveg you were taking that causing the high BS in you.

    But it may not be the case with all other

    Vegan Diabetics.

    You see in my case: purely by rejecting certain foods including milk

    Can suppress or reduce some autoimmune

    Conditions in my body.

    How, with long wheat people get their BS significantly reduced.?

    We must explain these.

    But your diet and long wheat

    Do not disturb the

    Nutrient balance in body. As such

    confidently continue. All the best.

  • Are you taking medication navinsinha ?

  • I hope it continues to go down; I'm sure you appreciate your blood glucose is being kept artificially lower than it would be otherwise.

  • I was only pointing out the logical pitfall of eating a diet too high in carbohydrate will result in the need for medication for someone with type 2.

    Are you implying this would not necessarily be the case with the above named diet?

  • high-fat-nutrition.blogspot...

    veganism works initially due to calorie drop.

    real test comes once the weight has has to be stalled. then the real number game begins as one cannot keep losing weight indefinitely.

  • Thanks shardas007 . So carb intake went up by less than 50 kcal on average, and some may have gone down?

    That could account for why HbA1c went up in some and down in others. Is data available for how HbA1c associates with carb intake not based on averages?

  • u drop calorie, u lose weight, u get better numbers in 3 months. what happens after 3 years as one can't keep losing weight for 3 years.

    Petro Dobromylskyj has many interesting analysis on his blog. can't find, but the other day found one on Norfolk study on his blog and how researchers manipulate graph scales to fool.

    i have posted this link as a new post.

  • navinsinha least Me...I am on my way to be medicine free...

  • @navinsinha

    With LCHF and long wheat my HBa1c came down to 6.8 from 13+ in three months....I was on istament +diamicron plus metformin 1500

    Now only metformin 1000

  • navinsinha

    yes....difference for sure....

    Hmmm let us see after few more months....

    If you get better results...many would follow you...

    As on today..I found LCHF is best to control blood sugar.

    Being a non vegetarian for will be very difficult for me to become vegan....

    But again....'marta kya nahi karta?' :)

  • dissection of data of Barnard study shows that it does help till around 22 weeks from start:

    real tests starts after that as 1 cannot keep losing weight forever.

  • every report except frm pcrm is vested interest it seems. if every other study is funded, then might as well not ask for any studies/data in debates.

    no one funded the study. it's analysis of barnard data and as he says part of which even barnard hasn't revealed details.

    22 is the break point. carry on reporting till 72 weeks. game begins once u stop losing body fat.

    even hypocaloric ada diet worked good for 22 weeks or so as in the analysis.

  • It's awareness of nutrition that enables one to get everything without following these so called balanced diet from so called world bodies. No diabetic forum in the world has diabetics following ADA or it's equivalent diet.

  • The British Heart Foundation diet is similar. When people go on the 1200 kcalorie diet, with only 600 kcal from carbs, their condition tends to improve. However, when they increase their calorie intake, they increase their carb intake too, then their condition starts to deteriorate again.

    If only they were advised to increase their intake of food that doesn't affect blood glucose; natural fat.

  • navinsinha

    I read lot of your reply and you strongly recommend Vegan diet...

    Just curious....if it has something to do with changing PH of your body???

    Can you plz tell me something about same???

    Let me tell you something....

    I am thankful to @anup ShooterGeorge as when I joined it was posts submitted by them gave me new hope.

    And I followed them and now in better health.

    But I am open minded..LCHF is best tool to tame diabetes.

    Long wheat is really a long shot.....I am up for that even...I eat only long wheat.

    But was reading bit...and I found about acidic and alkaline PH of body and diabetes.

    The vegan food is all alkaline.Is this something to do about PH???

  • navinsinha

    it say forbidden

  • navinsinha

    Great....nice results.....with one mango my blood sugar went up to 180 :(

    if it stays really in that range congratulations.

    But hmmm 66 ??? isn't that very low???I mean with mangos???even otherwise it will be considered low...right?

  • Dear navin,

    Most of these results are achieved through the weight reduction achieved through the reduced consumption of animal fat/saturated fat. Has your total food consumption also got reduced through abstaining milk and milk products?

    There is nothing wrong in continuing the present status.


    it is from harvard university.

    Both carbohydrate reduction and fat reduction in diet

    Will work in achieving weight reduction.

    Good luck

  • Dear navin,

    It looks normal vegetarian food. Nothing else to be done.

    Except a calorie limiting.

    This can be done by Reducing total food proportionately until you go just below the 22bmi point. At this point stop reducing quantity of food. Good luck

  • BH?

  • What I believe is, it is the weight reduction that made most of the changes.

    You were on usual Indian diet. Fromwhich you changed to, vegan.

    How come you said you were on ADA diet.

    ADA diet is the balanced and calorie Limited Limited.

    To be on ADA diet you have to do carb and calorie limiting.

    Any way do notchange present success obtained.

    Good luck.

  • Dear navin,

    The first advice for a DM patient by ADA is weight reduction. It is not alone . It is a total package called.. Life style change.

    If you were on the right weight for you.. Why was weight reduction necessary?

    Weight, Diet, - - - - quantity of food, exercise, dose...... All three should balance. Otherwise there is no point telling ADA diet failed.

    I don't think the hinduja doctor prescribed the ADA diet.

    Because ADA DOES not prescribe anyspecial diet for a diabetic. They say just follow the healthy diet for anyone - - -

    There is no such thing asDiabetic diet =ADA advice.

    Good luck

  • Dear navin,

    Who said ADA diet does not differentiate between various carbs.

    Can you just look at the USDA food plate.

    Bmi should be between 18. 5 to 25. The average is, 22.

    You were overweight. Strictly against ADA doctrine.

    Dr bernards diet reduced your weight. And thus the

    The glucose reduction.

    At 2/22 Bmi if you take the balanced and calorie Limited food. You will probably remain at same BS

    Good luck

  • ragivrao

    yes, it did deviate a lot when you made the following statement when i wasn't even talking to you. Learn how to behave with ladies at least:

    "i wanted to know if shardas007 is mentally sick as his reply shows"

  • Dear raoji,

    In my opinion memory improvement may not be detectable in the young due to many Contradicting factors.

    But it can be agreed with out doubt if noticed in old age.

    There are many psychological methods... Memory tests. Good luck

  • cure

    take a glimi to do sum pancreas manthan and go on a hypocaloric diet when you want to enjoy 2 mangoes a day.

  • Is Mr. navinsinha on a low calorie diet?

  • jingale

    analysis of pcrm aka Barnard data (perhaps sponsored by PETA) shows it to be so:

    eat slightly older bhindi and palak and sugar will come down still faster due to more non digestible cellulose -- hence faster weight loss, though u culd be eating 99% carbs.

    hindi may such bhindi is called -- "bhindi rurada gayeel baa"

  • "rurada" matlab?

  • humnee bihari bolat aani, babua.

    When cellulose increases one cannot break bhindi tip easily with thumb. Applies to most greens as they stay longer on plant. Non digestible cellulose increases.

  • if "save da chicken psychiatrist" can talk about diabetes, anyone can.

  • Raja bhoj like Rahul Gandhi?

  • narendra modi was called gangu teli by raja bhoj.

    c where bhoj is and c where teli is now.

  • Who is this "save the chicken" psychiatrist?

  • But he is an MD too, besides being a non-practicing psychiatrist.

  • Even failed psychiatrist like Stephen Barret write MD. Jenny Ruhl has posted about Barnard.

  • ragivrao ,Please avoid personal comment!

    It is violation of rule 2.

  • navinsinha ,Bhindi and Palak are good for diabetic person.

  • navinsinha ,it not possible!

  • Is this called as second meal effect?

  • navinsinha ,FBS 66-88,with or without medicine?

  • navinsinha ,why do you not prefer to make some dietary changes so that medicine doses can be reduced?

  • You can try that die which is banned to discuss here.

  • Why?What is wrong with it?

  • Are you a vegetarian?

  • OK.

    As par best of my knowledge every diet has some drawbacks.We are diabetic and we have to compromise more or less.

  • make the body doesnt need to quit LCHF and go for vegan...coconut oil in uncooked form is alkaline in nature....even all other oils acidity increases in cooked form. So use uncooked fats mostly...lemon juice is extremely alkaline in nature.Use it daily to make body alkaline.Use aloevera juice its general perception says that whatever ayurveda says increases heat in body is acidic effect in body and whatever is considered having cooling effect in body according to ayurveda is generally they ask not to eat more heat producing things in ayurveda to keep the ph alkaline...

  • What does it mean? I asked in a response above.

    The answer :

    We are not updating our knowledge regularly. 20 years gone unnoticed is not a small thing.

    Good luck

  • If all these would had worked the entire world will be intelligent and no dull students in the world !!!!!

  • Dear So ny,

    Can you just comment on my reply above to Mr optimistic

  • what should I comment? I do not understand

  • Dear soni 1,

    What I said in reply to Mr optimistic is(few replies up you my go ...)

    It is difficult to find by experiment

    Whether a herb can or cannot give an improvement.

    Good luck

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