Diet and Mental Disorders -- Vegetarian Vs Non Vegetarian


"Vegetarians displayed elevated prevalence rates for depressive disorders, anxiety disorders and somatoform disorders. Due to the matching procedure, the findings cannot be explained by socio-demographic characteristics of vegetarians (e.g. higher rates of females, predominant residency in urban areas, high proportion of singles). The analysis of the respective ages at adoption of a vegetarian diet and onset of a mental disorder showed that the adoption of the vegetarian diet tends to follow the onset of mental disorders.


In Western cultures vegetarian diet is associated with an elevated risk of mental disorders. However, there was no evidence for a causal role of vegetarian diet in the etiology of mental disorders."

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  • In general, when an unconventional result like this is published,

    It goes round the world.

    The rest of the world - (superior scientists -) - scientists repeat the study And give a recommendation to that effect.

    No such thing has been noticed. Near Nobel prize winner scientists might have rejected this all German - some professors - study -

    Three years gone since 2013.. When this was published.

    None of the world medical bodies made any change in their diet recommendations .

    on the contrary ADA MADE A SHIFT FROM .7%about saturated fats. Restrict animal fats and an emphatic no to red meat is their recommendation in all the text books. (..I don't go to university library these days . So this text ref may kindly be verified .)

    It is rejected to the dust bin of world history.

    Good luck.

  • Sorry. Slight mistake. The emphatic no is for transfats. And limit red meat is correct.

    You can see that for the harvard university food plate :

    From the USDA My plate the harvard professors even removed the glass of milk. They placed a can of oil in place.

    With a foot note :

    Healthy oils only meaning good vegetable oils.

    We should wait for the scrutiny by the great scientists, instead of jumping for research from some Sahara central

    University. The message is clear I suppose.

    Good luck.

  • Ad usual, your post never answered the very basic two questions that I asked, and veered into rhetoric. Was my question too difficult? Or there's no answer?

    I think scientists should love answering pointed questions instead of quoting Harvard in every post. Dietary FAT is not even topic of discussion in this thread, so not sure why you got that into discussion.

  • "Sahara Central University". What is being alluded to?

  • Potshots as usual, when pointed questions cannot be answered. Happens every time they are asked pointed questions. Also, such remarks border around racism but they will get away with that also.

  • Dear navin, Can you substantiate these allegations about ADA.

    Their two food recommendations are (usda and harvard ...) substantially the same as that of the European un ion countries. See the eat well

    Plate of UK. And my plate.

    I think you are misled.

    And for diabetics they (..ADA )

    Does not recommend any special food plate.

    Good luck

  • Dear navin,

    USA spreading diabetes? Are you gone Brain washed by some one giving an old man video and few people In this forum talking ADA NONSENSE.

    Substantiate your proposition Means

    IN this context

    Compare the rest of the world medical institutions with the US food recommendations.

    Good luck

  • OK take it the other way round.



    is telling what?

    Balanced meal. =

    Both for the healthy man and the Diabetic.

    Good luck

  • Why do you forget the obvious.

    It was just last week

    I had asked in a conversation

    That, :

    The more prudent question is to ask,, : Why Americans do not follow their own recommendations.

    To which saswathy answered

    They over eat all tasty food. Honey and sugar.

    The cause of their diabetes is their obesity.

    Bye for the time.

  • Kindly reconsider the many opinions. Not only drug industry,

    All industry will try to sell their products by this or that propaganda.

    But scientific research all over the world cannot be influenced like that. If that were the case we would not have got all these modern medicines. Diabetes is only a small percentage of the sum total of all diseases and drugs taken together.

    We talk later.

    Good night.

  • Fat is not even the topic of discussion in this thread.

  • Even that's not the topic of discussion here.

  • So where did the so called "Healthy" diet! phrase figure in either of them?

    Alz is also called diabetes of brain.

  • Who decides what's healthy for 7 billion?

  • No one FORCES any diet like PETA does -- even by resorting to violence, arson, coercion, ransacking, burning. They don't even allow you to disagree.

    WE are too civilized compared to them.

  • Yes they are more prone. I talked of PETA as you brought in "specific" DIET so "specifics" get a rebuttal with "specifics", unlike someone who only quotes Harvard irrespective of what the discussion is about.

    Who told you that person who started the thread is my friend? Someone over PM?

    Stats from whom? The study isn't enough? They also have based it on stats I think.

  • I don't like this "you vs me" talks.

    We don't get upset when 3 posts per day gets posted showing how bad non veg is. And, opposite team starts losing cool on one post about veg(not vegan) Vs Non Veg?.

    Isn't that an evidence in itself about something?

  • Well leave that for readers instead of passing judgment.

  • Leaving it for readers to decide instead of passing judgment is my style. Call it whatever you like.

    Non vegetarians don't pass judgment about others here. That's very clear even from this thread.

  • Yes we are. We don't call people here lunatics, fanatics and terrorists like some vegetarians have been doing since three plus years.

    We also don't give certificates here to others nor do we get personal with anyone here.

  • Yes you do not know because you were tutored over PM by the very same people.

    Who called you with those names directly?

  • Ask your friends over PM. They will tell you if they are honest. Those threads/posts have been deleted for abusive comments. If you want to know who are the people to ask, shoot me a PM. I will give you names of people who you can contact over PM.

    Some VEGAN used a "F" word repeatedly in post directly against me -- naming me -- few days back when you were not around. That post is deleted and account gone.

  • Who do you think it applies to?

  • No, in case you understand how threading works.

  • Science is there for every reader to see. Let them conclude who ran away. You are just repeating what you have already said.

  • This is totally useless and unfruitful discussion...what a wastage of time...

  • Never knew they get so easily worked up on just one article. They keep posting all dubious opinion pcs against non vegetarianism (without even knowing the per capita consumption here and from where they pick up vague articles) whole year and no one even cares And, then trying to bring in Alzheimer when Alz is not even in the original article.

    Pick two variables and connect them anyway. Anything that is not speaking for them is PAID research. Typical PCRM/PETA propaganda. :)

    With that sort of analysis, one can say go back to using kerosene as reduction in kerosene consumption made one city the fastest growing wrt Diabetes:

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