Foods That May Cause Cancer

Foods That May Cause Cancer

Dr. Mohd Ashraf


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The food you eat is critical for your overall well-being as cancers that often affect the human body are of gastrointestinal origin. Stick to organic and chemical free foods to live a healthier life, since they reduce the risk of cancer substantially. Regular consumption of the food items mentioned below increase your risk of developing cancer, as well as many other conditions and should be avoided at all costs.

1.Microwave Popcorn: Most microwave popcorn bags are lined with c8, also known as Perfluorooctanoic Acid (PFOA), which increases the risk of certain cancers such as kidney, testicular, bladder, pancreas and liver cancer notably. Microwave popcorn also contains an artificial or synthetic butter flavoring called diacetyl, which is extremely toxic and obstructs breathing.

2.Canned Tomatoes: While tomatoes are considered to be cancer fighting foods, their canned counterparts are extremely unhealthy and may cause cancer. This is mainly due to the lining of the cans they are put in, which contains a chemical known as Bisphenol A or BPA that has been proven to elevate the risk of infertility as well as prostate and breast cancer. Due to the high acidic level. BPA leaks from the lining of the cans and penetrates into the fruit. Tomatoes should be cooked fresh or stored in glass jars.

3.Processed/Grilled Red Meat: Processed meats such as sausages, prosciutto, bacon, pimento loaf, bologna, hot dog, etc., contain various chemicals and preservatives such as sodium nitrate. This is added to make the meat look fresh and appealing, but are, in fact, carcinogenic in nature. Moreover, you should also avoid grilling meat, since it releases a carcinogen known as heterocyclic aromatic amines, which is another dangerous food item that smoked meat contains as it picks up tar from the smoking process.

4.Farmed Salmon: It is imperative to avoid farmed salmon because they are fed unnatural diets that are contaminated with carcinogens, antibiotics, chemicals, pesticides and so on. They also harbor sea lice, 30 times greater in amount than wild salmon. High levels of PCBs, cancer causing dioxins, and mercury have been found in them. It is advisable to opt for wild sockeye salmon instead of farmed salm

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  • Dear raoji,


    Is not common here?

    Most foods are poisonous nowadays.

    What about mangoes where the skin can be removed

    Good luck

  • Avoid eating these 11 types of fish to reduce your exposure to mercury

    Learn more:

  • Good article. But most of it is one man experiments. And kerala people's two common fish are in the eleven.

    Good luck

  • As i am avegetarian,i have no knowledge.your view holds right

  • Dear raoji.

    I was vegetarian before marriage. That was then due to the belief that I was opposed to killing animals.

    Later I joined her nonveg. But then I read an article and became a medical vegetarian overnight.

    But I told her that

    Because her mind moved away from me, so I returned to my bachelor vegetarian

    Diet. Good strategy?

    It didn't work. She remained aloof.

    Good luck.

  • Indiacratus

    what is medical vegetarian ?

  • Dear suramo,

    When I was a child I was vegetarian because I could not stand the sight of an animal killed.

    When I reject milk because milk starts up a series of autoimmune responses in me,

    I'm a medical vegetarian.

    If I am a vegan because it tortures the animal I am vegetarian by ethics.

    Don't take it serious- medical vegetarian is a coinage by me only.

    Good Good

  • karremeena is most popular in kerala and being brackish water fish .....may contain high percentage of mercury.

  • Cure, are you from kerala?

    Good luck

  • No I am not from kerala.....But traveled lot in kerala....also traveled lot all over India for my work....

    And I try to understand various culture food I know about kareenmeena....and Vembanad lake....kareemeena found at mouth of said lake

  • It is a fresh water fish, (..and slightly salt water ) karimeen. Low chance for methyl Mercury which gets degraded in sunlight.

    Good luck


    Brackish water (less commonly brack water) is salt water and fresh water mixed together. It is saltier than fresh water, but not as salty as seawater. It may result from mixing of seawater with fresh water, as in estuaries, or it may occur in brackish fossil aquifers.

  • Agreed.

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