New Hormone Involved in Glucose Control Discovered

New Hormone Involved in Glucose Control Discovered

By Gretchen Becker on June 13th, 2016

When blood glucose (BG) levels fall, for instance during the night, white adipose tissue (fat) releases asprosin, which increases BG levels. The increased BG levels then trigger the release of insulin, so BG levels don’t get too high. That’s how it’s supposed to work.

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  • Lipodystrophy (loss of fat tissue) is often associated with insulin resistance, so the researchers expected that the NPS patients would have elevated insulin levels. But they found that the NPS patients had two-fold lower insulin levels than normal. That’s because they couldn’t produce asprosin, which increases BG levels, which increases insulin levels.

    Then they found that asprosin levels were doubled in obese insulin-resistant men. Thus they wondered if blocking the action of asprosin could help control metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes. Indeed, in mice, an antibody against asprosin does reduce both glucose and insulin levels.......

    .......... low insulin level hinders accumulation of fats.....

    So less carbs>less insulin>less fat accumulation....

  • Cure

    what is NPS ?

  • neonatal progeroid syndrome (NPS)

    From the above article.

  • suramo

    people with a rare disease called neonatal progeroid syndrome (NPS) can’t store fat can’t produce asprosin because they have no fat. They can’t use fat as an energy source between meals, because they don’t have any, and hence they have to eat carbohydrates all day and even wake up during the night to eat to make sure their BG levels don’t go too low. Without fat they don’t have this trigger to keep BG levels up when they’re not eating.

    The above is my understanding.summerising NPS is a rare disease.

  • ragiv..

    Yes. I went through the article. Seems irrelevant to me in our context.

  • suramo

    i respect your assessment about your problem/condition.your the best judge. I am happy.

  • 👍👍

  • Cure

    what is NPS ?

  • neonatal progeroid syndrome =NPS from above is associated with lack of insulin......lack of insulin means less IR....lack of insulin means less accumulation of fats....

    Whether both things are interrelated as less fat so less Asprosin so less insulin ...or less insulin so less fats so less Asprosin???

    But it surely makes it clear the relation between hyperinsulinemia and accumulation of fats and IR.

  • what ever is the interpretation, what is not clear is how does the dietary fat eaten (with dominant portion in the diet) gets converted to energy in the absence of insulin or depleted insulin in the body is not clear. Does it not result into ketogenic acidosis?

  • Sky high blood sugar precedes DKA.

    It's a different story that expensive drugs like Invokana (that forces high sugar out through urine -- what an Idea sir ji) have been able to force DKA even in Type 2 with normal blood sugars in many cases. This has made the headline news in India too now.

  • Dear raoji,

    Fats do not enter blood straight. They enter as faty acids.

    They can go into what is called citric acid cycle to produce energy. In this insulin is not necessary.

    It is misguidance in extremely simple presentations that insulin is needed for energy production.

    Insulin is needed to store blood fats any way. .

    It is an error in obese people, that instead of getting used up as energy it gets stored as

    Fat. Now for this insulin is required.

    See thus a sort of insulin theft is initiated.

    It is this way that

    Reduced diatery fats reduce weight, but low carb also can do this. Hence the harvard recommendations that both low carb and low fat work for weight reduction.

    But not as diabetes treatment. Torturing great ancel keys is just Road side dot com half earning.

    If you search for citric acidcycle in net

    You will get a three branch diagram ending in atp - ie, energy currency.

    Good luck

  • The term insulin theft by fat cells, adipose, is coined by a bonbay doctor. I tried to to locate the term In net but failed.

  • indiacratus

    I was trying to understand the interpretation made in the statement:"Whether both things are interrelated as less fat so less Asprosin so less insulin ...or less insulin so less fats so less Asprosin???

    But it surely makes it clear the relation between hyperinsulinemia and accumulation of fats and IR."

  • iniacratus

    Further to my reaction above,please consider the following view.

    when one depends upon fat for energy as in the case of nutritional ketosis (which is a controlled release of ketones) insulin is necessary.Otherwise fat turns into ketoacidosis which is it is uncontrolled release.

    In case of D2 the theory is that pancreas produces enough insulin but cant be used by cells because of insulin resistance which is attributed to high carbohydrate portion in food.That is the reason given as justification for low carb high fat diet.

    It is well known that pancreas loses its effectiveness to produce adequate quanity of insulin with age and in case of D2 patients this phenomenon is also true and the distinction between D1 and D2 disappears.

    Therefore in case of D2 also of older aged diabetics, there is every chance of high converting into uncontrolled ketones in the absence of insulin This is the present understanding.

    For your comments.

  • Dear raoji,

    It is a bit difficult for me to discern the ideas in your second para.

    Nutritional ketosis is a term not recognised by scientists.

    It wasproposed by Dr... (forgot name ..). But no one accepted, hence not available in any encyclopedia or university level book or website. People learning from junk websites misteach such things.

    Ketosis is more ketones than what the body can absorb. There is no such thing as nutritional ketosis.

    Ketoaidosis is like other things like lactic acidosis.

    Ketone bodies are acid particles. High amount of

    Ketone remaining in blood for long time in blood cases a change in which it loses a hydrogen ion resulting in the condition called acidosis - - that is keto acidosis.

    They are not linked to insulin at all.

    Insulin resistance is not related to carbs or insulin

    It is a defective anatomy and physiology in body cells ---- the so called receptor, signals, glut 4---In t2dm.

    The third paragraph is just false.

    In insulin resistance :reduce weight,

    Obesity can be a cause for Insulin resistance

    The last paragraph is as well a misinformation.

    T 1...t2 are never same. In the first case autoimmune

    . In the second case. Insulin resistance.

    Zero insulin in t 1dm and reduced or normal insulin in t2 respectively.

    Good luck

  • NuyrtionAl ketosis is a term used in this forum

  • Not only this forum but many high fat discussions it is seen used. Kindly check the net. No encyclopedia will give it.

    It was coined by one doctor whose name I don't remember, but you can find easily.

    Good luck

  • like it or not, nutritional ketosis exists. websites that hurt drug industry sales are normally called junk by drug pushers. calling any website junk doesn't make them so.


    And, from the master himself:

  • Indiacratus

    I feel the issue raised by me has not either been understood or answer is evasive and unsatisfactory.

    I do understand what ever prefix you add “ketosis” is acidic in character and remains acidic any way. Those who depend on it for beneficial energy needs can only do so in presence of insulin in the body and not other wise

    I am aware technically D1 and D2 are different as for as their onset why it occurs is concernd.

    In case of D1,they are dependent on managing with insulin and drugs in addition to diet.

    However in case of D2 the ability to produce insulin in their body reduces progressively with advancing age and finally they have to depend on external insulin.

    With this explanation kindly comment on the posted article which appears to be different in its content as it talks of NPS and new harmone and not D1 or D2..

  • Dear raoji,

    When I wrote my first reply I had not red the asprosin


    First of all let me say that insulin is Unnecessary for getting energy from fatty acids, ( fat then ketones.)

    Ketone, ketosis, keto acidosis, :

    all are separate issues. Ketones in blood is not ketosis.

    To give an example

    If 3 ketones coming but only 2 are absorbed

    Then ketosis.

    This is bad but

    Still more bad is keto acidosis. In which a hydrogen ion is shifted. I had explained earlier.

    Insulin is unnecessary to gain energy from fatty acids. You can see this if you can search tca cycle

    Or citrc acid cycle.

    Hope so much is clear.

    This research bringing

    Asprosin is a modification of the glucose homeostasis already known.

    Asprosin does not bring insulin. It brings glucose.

    Then glucose brings Insulin. Please feel free to contradict me. I mean, do not hesitate.

    Good luck.

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