Why is Junk Food & Superfoods?

Why is Junk Food & Superfoods?

Everyday I heard the term junk food before as foods that are bad for us and then we shouldn't eat and chances are you probably also heard the term superfood but what exactly is it that makes a superfood super and a junk food junkie go ahead and leave me a comment let me know make the 3 worst junkiest junky monkey junk of the junk foods are and if you can think of one tell me an example of a superfood so leave me a comment and stay for this article on super vs. junk Foods.

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    Works for me. All good.

  • Good article

  • Putting it simply, and not resorting to hyperbole, anything processed should be viewed with suspicion. If you have to prepare it yourself from raw ingredients, you are on the right track.

  • we messed up everything , Natural produce we get from trees , plants , flora & fauna , water , air ----- Mineral water , chlorinated water ,agricultural chemicals and pesticides , automobile fumes , radiation with all modern gadgets , and antibiotics in the meat and dairy products , , literally everything in the name of technology and science .They could have left at least food and water ,which contributed to diabetes , peripheral nerve damage , which do not have any cure once set in.Now , even if we want to reverse the damage ,we are helpless as we have to eat the same food.

  • We are going to meet the fate of Atlantic civilisation if the things go this way . The day is not far off , unless the nations sit up and take a stock of the situation. . This is not the pessimism but a caution.

  • Junk food is junk, it creates more negative effects than positive. Super foods have minimum or nil negative effects and is wholesome nourishment.

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