Spare the Meat, Skip the Type 2 Diabetes?

Spare the Meat, Skip the Type 2 Diabetes?

TUESDAY, June 14, 2016 (HealthDay News) -- Eating a mainly plant-based diet -- especially one with lots of healthy veggies, fruit and whole grains -- may significantly lower your risk of type 2 diabetes, a new study suggests.

"This study highlights that even moderate dietary changes in the direction of a healthful plant-based diet can play a significant role in the prevention of type 2 diabetes," said study lead author Ambika Satija, a postdoctoral fellow at the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston.

"These findings provide further evidence to support current dietary recommendations for chronic disease prevention," Satija added in a school news release.

The study included information from more than 200,000 Americans.

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  • Explain the mechanism by which increasing blood glucose lowers the risk of diabetes please.

  • No explanation is offered. But statistics of 200,000


    Congrats Mr rao. This is first time I hear such research from a world medical body like harvard medical school, next only to none.

    Good luck

  • When we compare people with uncontrolled diabetes with other people, we see those with uncontrolled diabetes drink more.

    Should people be advised to drink less to avoid diabetes mellitus?

  • be advised ,not to drink at all.

  • Hmmmm is whole grains is something different than what we Indians eat????

    Guess 40% Indians do not consume meat at all.Further Jains and bramhins do not consume meat for generations.Still they are not saved from D2...

    Really sad.

  • And, the poor slum dweller around Chennai isn't that rich to buy the dreaded animal protein/fat and yet is getting diabetes. Sp, link diabetes with affluence, link with animal protein, animal fat but protect the CULPRIT HIGH CARBS. Diabetes care industry swelled from $ 650 billion to $ 825 billion. That's the reason to keep rehashing Ancel key's lies spoken in last century.

  • High carbs are the reason

    They are then punished by rxing a DPP4 to control

    A case point is my brothers driver who was rxed a costly DPP4. He had to stop it for want of money.

    I Managed to convince his dr to shift him to a cheaper SU

  • That shows food is not the only cause for the onset of diabetes. Food is one of the important factors.

  • @ saswathy

    Who knows???? what is cause of diabetes???? its very debatable subject same as understanding 'Bramhan'.....and all yogis argued and argued and said नेति नेति......= not like this.... not like this......

    But result is same...problem of digestion of carbohydrates.....

    If you can not digest the is wise to avoid the same...very simple.

  • let us agree to disagree over this issue.

  • @saswathy

    You may......but things will not change.....carbs will keep shooting blood sugar level high.

    For your information......I won't recommend indiscriminate consumption of me LCHF means....calculate your calories requirement and then consume same with minimum of carbs.

    I do not see any point in high carbs consumption.

    Is there any?????

  • @ anup you are right look at following link...percentage wise data of diabetes prevalence by country....

    Middle east shows highest percentage....this because of rice eating and sedentary life style.

  • And they drink sugary drinks, sometimes because alcohol is not available.

  • Concerned

    yes my friend who worked there for 10 years was telling me that in recess student are habitual to consume can of coke with chips.

    this is what happens with one can of coke

  • That is the case in India too .

  • saswathy

    But I never did that.....why I got this??:(

    Do you also consume more coke???

    Ppl talk about whole grains....but we Indian eat mostly whole grains....

    They always link meat with cancer....and that is very true in American meat what they consume is beaf..and those cows are fed anything except grass....the meat we consume is goat....and almost all goats in india are grass fed.... but there is always risk for chicken eating...chickens in India are fed with many things also on steroids.

    But same thing is applied to delivery cows are injected with oxytocin.Its pituitary gland extraction from pig.

    Hmmm...but guess what???? even plants are also injected with same....Read here.....

  • With all our arguments and recommendations of healthy vegetarian or vegan diet ,we may cut a sorry figure one day because of the chemical pollution that is taking place literally in all food items . -------- vegetables , fruits , milk and milk products , greens , coconuts ,nuts , honey ,literally every item . We can't help it . But we can't take it also.The enthusiasm and gusto shown by the advocates of lchf is really commendable . If only it is diverted towards the cause of eradicating he foul practice of pollution ,world would become a paradise .

  • @ saswathy

    We are here together bound with each other only one thread....that is diabetes....

    So we talk here whats is GOOD for us.

    Since diabetes is problem of digestion of is better to avoid the same.

    This is as simple as this....Nothing more....

  • I don't think that diabetes is the problem of the digestion of carbs alone . There is something else which is dormant and which would unfold one day .

  • saswathy is combination of three things.....Blood pressure....Cholesterol....and blood sugar...

    all are interdependent on each other....its is said as diabetic you should always look for A,B and C ( A- HB a1c,B-Blood pressure,and C - Cholesterol)

    Also leptin you always say about less food consumption.....for diabetic leptin signalling is always impaired..and same is also cause of liver dump.

  • Over the years -- sixth year running and I still hunt for any new details on D -- I have understood one thing -- for normal people who don't sprint like Ben Johnson or Carl Lewis, or lift heavy weights, we don't need carbs beyond liver's storage capacity.

    I view Carbs as a "PERFORMANCE ENHANCEMENT DRUG". Not everyone needs HIGH CARBS.

  • I was wondering about the same .I doubt whether they have any rice production there.

  • navinsinha @saswathy

    what is your point??? do middle east countries produce coke???

    LOL dude...nothing is there.....except oil.....

    If you ban Indian/Pakistani basmati rice....Arabs will commit suicide.

    Further... No one in middle east make rotis...the eat 'Khubus' which is produced in public bakeries....the 'Maida is all imported....and refined.

    And I guess there is very less correlation between production and consumption....

    We hardly produce oil....but sure we do use oil...


  • navinsinha

    look at information dude.....plz do some homework.....

    When I was reading your arguments...I thought you argue with some valid points.....With nice home work.....

    You disappointed me dude....


    Just kidding friend....

    Yes ....middle eastern countries hardly produce anything....forget rice....

    But yes they do consume rice...and basmati rice. Ask any of your friend from Middle east.

  • @navinsinha

    Very days Consumption of Basmati rice is increasing in Middle Eastern countries.....

    But Guess what?????? We lost the point at all....

    My point was " Further Jains and bramhins do not consume meat for generations.Still they are not saved from D2..."

  • @navinsinha

    Yes you are right reason for longevity of Jain saints is fasting.......

    Great Sage 'Vagbhat' already told us that.......'MIT BHUK' eat less.

  • Which sect, Sir? Any references? (Genuine question)

  • navinsinha

    hey here is one nice link....might be helpful for you for your next thread....

    However look at page no 11 and look out for kuwait and saudi arabia where more percentage of diabetics found... cereals are more than 40% and 60% respectively.....and % of fats is just around 5%+

  • agreed the point . But the food goes well with the climate and environment .customs and traditions depend upon these factors .Any thing alien ,especially in food , clothing and life style does not go well . Of course now everything has become global.

  • @navinsinha

    get facts right

    Similar strong consumption growth has also been evident among Middle Eastern countries with rice consumption almost doubling in the last two decades. Along with strong population growth, rapid rise in per capita consumption has also contributed to this rapid growth in rice demand.

  • navinsinha

    Oh ok....

    Trust me me I am open minded....and if your points are convincing/valid ....I will accept the facts.....

  • cure -- here goes the country wise macronutrient break up globally

    Hover to get the breakup.

    I don't see any LOW CARB HIGH FAT for mid east country. Highest fat is for Au but that's 40%.

    Wonder if someone can do a little exercise on CARB/FAT ratios and diabetes growth per region and then see the real story :)

  • The Chartsbin data is already there, as sourced from FAO.


    90 lbs 9 months. Who is losing cool and passing personal comments is here for everyone to see.

  • Don't need to as LCHF works and works great, irrespective of what vegans say. 90lb overweight was not on LCHF.

    Why did the Vegan society founder die of heart attack younger than Atkins after being on Vegan diet for 4 decades? Any research from Vegans on that? Get the house in order before talking Atkins. Sounds so boring and, makes it sound that Atkin's works better.

  • Diet need not necessarily might have caused that heart failure . There could have been some unknown factors responsible for that.

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