BS level not coming down !

Hi , feeling sad for my result , even though my diet patron is as follows with very strict control , my FBS is still 150 to 160 ! My daily diet is :

Morning 7 AM Black coffee with VCO

by 10 30 AM albumin powder omlet one , noon by 3 PM Cooked vegitables

about 300 grams consisting of Brocoli cabbage Beens callyflower capsicum little carrot and Rajma beens followed with small bowl curd

A hand full of groundnuts or again an omlet of albumin powder 1 scoop @ 6 PM

by 9 30 PM the same cooked veg as it is had in lunch with a bowl sore curd

In cooked veg butter added about 20 grams that's all my daily intake

I am doing it since 6 months but my reading never came down , some times 130 to 145 but avatar 155 to 160 always , please let me know my mistake, my medications are two times TRIBETROL 1 and Galvasmet 1

Kindly advice me about my diet patron.

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  • How much is the carb protein fat in yr diet?

    What is your PPBS?

  • PPBS in this diet 180 to 210

    and Iam not able to find curb protin and fat in my diet

  • Are you eating the same food everyday, then you should take more variety of food. are u taking enough food in the night, I mean do you feel hungry even after eating dinner and what time do you sleep?

  • No Iam satisfied with this diet , even in night also Iam comfortable only thing is I need some more strenth , I do brisk walking every day for 30 minutes l sleep by 11 pm till morning 6.30

  • Learn how to count carb/protein/fat if you want to be on LCHF.

    (1) Cut own rajma, beans and carrot and substitute with paneer from full fat milk.

    (2) Up your nuts to 100 grams a day. Walnuts 30 grams a day, rest peanuts + almonds.

    (3) VCO should be 2 Tablespoon a day.

    (4) Switch to HUNG curd made from full fat milk. Should be slightly sour.

    (5) Take 2 glasses of home made coconut milk.

    (6) Cut out albumen powder and increase eggs to 2 or 3 a day. With yolk of course.


    (7) Start intermittent fasting once you can calculate how much carb/fat/protein u r taking. There are many apps available these days.

    Your numbers are high for sure.

  • Thnkyou sir I will change .

  • Please provide reliable link to intermittent fasting.

  • Go through Dr Jason Fung's blog. He has many articles on Fasting also:


  • Thank you!

  • I am telling you my own experience. But we have be courageous and brave to follow this only for one week. My sister in law was having the more severe problem and recovered it within a week. It is very simple ro follow. I am writing the schedule of your one week diet.



    You have to take two boiled egg white and a cup of tea.

    After two hours you can take a slice of bread and cup of tea / coffee


    You have to take 4 boiled egg white , a dish fuul of salad , two cucumber, one tomato , one large onion , add yogurt. Take this with two slices of bread.

    At tea time you can take a cup of tea /coffee. With two egg white and a slice of bread.

    You have to repeat the dinner with your lunch .


  • Do accupressure it will definately lowers BS Refer accupressure book by Dr.Devendra Vora by Gala publishers it cost only Rs.100/-Not only BS it also helps to cure piles fissures ,pain and many other problems.It is my personal experience

  • Hi Girish,

    Please elaborate more about your personal experience related to acupressure.

    I found it very helpful for thyroid.

  • Add Vitmain C to your daily diet : lemon and amla both helps.

    Add Vinegar to green salads ...

    Increase Haldi intake + some corns of pepper with hot water + VCO(Heat , pepper , fat increase bioavailability of curcumin)

    Add probiotic supplement or food ...If I take sporlac Ds my readings come down to some points...if due to overeating my reading are high some days ...I increase probiotic intake and readings come down...yet to verify the amount :)

    I see the protein portion is less with each of the meals...

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