Fastest LAP Time To Go Off Drugs on LCHF Diet -- A Real Case Of An Indian Diabetic With 15 Yrs History

Off and On, I do keep posting success stories that I know of "First hand" and not web scrapped stories. But before I do that, for newcomers, here's the LCHF diet that we follow:

and there are more than 600+ Indians who have had great success to report on LCHF diet, despite 25 to 30 years of diabetic history. 600 is conservative figure, it is definitely more, but I still believe in being conservative. And before I started talking LCHF diet for managing diabetes, I had been on it for almost two great years. I am now into sixth year as a Type 2 diabetic on ZERO drugs actively promoting LCHF diet as a means to drastically cut down dependence on drugs and yet achieve non diabetic numbers -- and here's my little story:

Now onto the case of an Indian diabetic in Australia who clocked the fastest lap time in dropping drugs after going on LCHF diet:

Location: Melbourne

Diabetic since: 2001

First day on LCHF - 29/05/2016

Drugs - 2 Janumet and 1 Glicazie (Max oral dose) -- cost in India could be around Rs 100/day.

Energy levels: Lethargic

Vision: Blurry.

Weight: 87.4kg

We normally give three weeks to transition fully to LCHF. Now he is into third week and here are his details:

Date: 16/6/2016

Drugs: NILL

Vision: Clear

Weight: 82.1kg

As for sugar readings without DRUGS, but on LCHF diet, he has hit numbers that have even surprised him (all non diabetic despite ZERO DRUGS) and he has following to say:

In my entire life span, I had never read this reading on my meter! I had a feeling of being on top of the world. Remember, he is a diabetic with 15 years of diabetic history and not some newly dx'd diabetic.

This is not some isolated case. If anyone needs the link to this case story, shoot me a PM. A post menopausal lady went off 20 units of Insulin a day within the first three months. Will publish her story too some day.

Let the numbers do the talking -- that's what I firmly believe in.

LCHF diets work if followed correctly. If anyone tries to find a mid way path, my suggestion to them is NEVER think of being on LCHF diet. Hyper-responders and those with problems of FH, tough luck. Other than this, even diabetics without gall bladder have gone on LCHF diet and are happy that they did.

To go through other random success cases that I have posted, including that of a Type-1 10 year old girl whose mother is a MD with 11 years experience, just click on my username and go through the list of my posts. Incidently, her mother is also now preaching LCHF, despite being from the mainstream.

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  • Great!

  • Yes, every single case is a victory for LCHF. Let the numbers do the talking :)

  • Yes I have a very good memory Pramod :)

    It's never too late to get off that lifestyle which some people call SCIENCE. Food Pyramid of that SCIENCE failed. Plate will also FAIL.

    Good to see your 10 day IF schedule. Still on broth and VCO /butter coffee or started having some other things also.

    It's never too late. Diabetes for me is a BLESSING IN DISGUISE. It taught me how horribly WRONG the so called SCIENTISTS, sitting behind Iron Curtain and then telling what is HEALTHY, were.

  • What is electrolyte water?

  • If I am not wrong, ORS. Elektral for example.

  • ORS contains copious amounts of dextrose. Not sure if it suitable for fasting.

  • 30g glucose is irreplaceable, IMHO. If not available, muscle loss can take place. If not available externally, muscles are degraded. Though, some amount we can get from fat too.

  • Having 30 grams of carbs in some other form is fine. My concern was about the spikes in BS and insulin it would trigger if ingested as glucose/dextrose, also resulting in hunger pangs during fasting.

  • A practical experiment of a diabetic on LCHF -- Geodiabetic

    He once did OGTT but with 40 grams glucose, IIRC. Peak that he hit was 140 and that was 40g in one shot.

    Yes, you are right that it would trigger insulin response. But, that peak will be lower if 40g is spread through the day. Just my opinion as I haven't really done any experiment personally on this.

    My limited fasting -- I take milk coffee for some carbs that I need when I fast.

  • _"40 grams"_

    20 gms.

  • Oh. Mix up :)

  • I have read conflicting information on glucogenesis from fats. What's your opinion?

  • If you look at the Keto ratio designed by an engineer, 10% of fat is counted in anti ketogenic.


  • I meant glucogenesis from body fat, not dietary fat.

  • Concerned touched upon this while he explained breakdown of triglycerides as we burn body fat.

  • Though this may sound off-topic but still worth posting.

    I read somewhere that even before insulin resistance sets is, heart muscles start accumulating TG.

    TG we know gets kicked up due to CARBS. Yet, the so called great men of science are just busy ranting against SFA when it comes to CVD/CHD.

    Bottom line: Cut the carbs and increase good FAT. High insulin is the real enemy and not HIGH good fats :)

  • Interesting!

  • Aaj itna sannata kyun hai bhai. Gud effect of no O2 2 dem?

  • हो सकता है :D

  • तो फिर ये मस्त तरीका है

    ध्यान ही मत दो फिर देखो अफ्नाहत

  • My dinner now:

    (1) Paneer+Capsicum+ mushroom dry veg preparation -- a good serving with VCO garnishing :)

    (2) 1 Bowl of hung curd (full fat milk) with cream added and 1/3 mango slices and almonds+walnuts powered pulsed with curd. The nuts and cream get additional FAT

    (3) Cucumber salad

    No roti, no rice, no ragi, no daal also.

  • Anup

    curd hmmm. Ayurveda advises not to take curd after evening. Reason some ayu expert can say

  • suramo

    Hung curd pulsed with mix of almond+walnuts and 1/3 slice of mango as sweetener twice a day is my companion. Sometimes add cream to it also depending on availability.

  • There is an adage in gujarati " muli, mogari and dahi sanz pachi nhi ". Not after evening.

    I just drew your attention.

  • I see.

  • You will hold the record for longest fasting among Indian diabetics who follow LCHF diet. There is one Indian from Singapore that I know who has done 3 days twice.

    Dr Jason Fung is taking the world by storm with his intermittent fasting theory. I haven't had breakfast since ages though "men of science" say diabetics should be grazing 24X7 -- an utterly disgusting advise.

  • During my Keto trials days, I only eat one meal a day. But, long fasting I am yet to do. Normally I can go upto 20 hrs without any spl effort.

    On High fat, one doesn't need to be grazing 24X7. And since high in fat, one eats far less volume too, so over a period of time one finds the stomach full even with normal quota of meals.

    Good to see your progress at your age. If you discuss your diet with men in white coat most of them just scare with all nonsense.

  • White coat, if they don't follow guidelines are better. Well, no logs needed. Only ratios are enough.

  • कल तो रिकॉर्ड आपने भी बनाया भाई .

    एक दिन मे ६ followers का इजाफा

    ये पब्लिक है ये सब जानती है


  • The more they bash LCHF the better. As you said, public hai, sab jantee hai.

  • Great Pramod.

    Keep spreading the message of LCHF to every diabetic that you come around. Take this as social service :)

    1 Even if one in 10 listen to you, it's great achievement. Population has been brainwashed for CARBS and against FAT for profits of food industry that tell you to have "Brown Bread" and Marie biscuits as a diabetic. Horrible SCIENCE at play.

  • After this, make IF a regular part of your life. Stay away from drugs as far as possible. You would be one more success story on LCHF diet that goes drug free :)

    LCHF doesnt make you graze 24X7. Hunger is gone for good as no more huge spikes and crashes.

  • One more success story of a person going off drug with Lcfh

    Also geodiabetic off drug with lchf

    No other diet can claim this in this forum

  • Spread positivity and leave it to readers to take a call.

    I don't even bother to post about negatives of vegan, vegetarian, non vegetarian diet at all as google can give both sides of the story. I leave that to readers as they just won't believe anyone and take a call. They would do due diligence before making any switch. And, people have to understand that LCHF that we follow and preach isn't KETOGENIC diet. Just reading a click bait article title, not even reading it and posting it will always help us.

    Mr Ben also proved we are right by and large :)

  • Dear Mr. Anup,

    As I am working at Gulf area what kind of food items available here could I include in LCHF?

  • Dear Ismayil,

    I know of three or four Indian diabetics on working in middle east and on LCHF diet. They would be of help wrt availability of items in gulf -- what, where and how.

    Broadly, almost everything should be available -- in fact you would find many things which we find it difficult to get in India. I am aware that you are watching LCHF since long. Time to switch. Earlier the better.

  • Commendable !!

  • Yes Sir!

  • Great! I request to provide his diet during this weeks period for the benefit of others

  • Harikishan u can check with him on the other forum. He is now quickly into Intermittent fasting also.

  • Anup

    i'd also like to know his story. What was his diet and numbers before lchf, what changes he made in his diet and life style and numbers now including IR now and before.

    I want to learn a lot from him

  • He is there where u are also there :)

  • please tell more clearly.

  • I meant the forum. He is active on the forum where you are also there. He doesn't come here at all. Now, he is getting more toward aggressive control by pushing toward keto range of carbs. He bought a keto meter and last reported blood ketone levels of 5 and glucose readings he is getting down to 100. Lowest that he has reached without drugs is 87 :)

    Isn't this great for a diabetic with 15 years of diabetic history? Yes it is bad news for drug pushers. Drugs failed him for 15 years and diet offered the real solution.

  • Anup

    now i believe that drugs, if have minimal role to play in D.

    Diet management is the prime factor and drugs need as a support if numbers are still a little away from normal.

    As long as sugar levels remain high as in my case NK is not achieved because the insulin levels are also high preventing lipolysis.

  • Announce to the world that you hit FBS in the 130's down from the 180's

    Oh NK/DKA/SK is not everyone's ballgame. One has to read a lot to get hold of that and you did that. Yes, as long as residual insulin in blood is high you cannot hit NK consistently. That's where IF comes in :)

    DRUGS and diabetes? Well, I don't plan to take one for another decade. Diet is the key and it has helped me for sixth year running to be drug free. Many are cutting off drugs even to the extent of 80% despite 25 years of history. All because of diet :)

  • Anup

    wait till i hit 100.

    You are one of those lucky guys whose β cell function is still good. Your β cells are destined to die but a considerable amount of function is and will remain intact. My bcf is going to be worst as per script written for them. That's why i repeatedly say that everybody has to understand one's D and plan diet and or drugs accordingly.

  • suramo

    Yes on beta cell death but inching toward A1C of 5 will keep it safe for a long long time. Look at the case of Dr Jay Wortman. 12 years+ still drug free:

    Not just beta cell, even CVD chances due to diabetes almost become same as non diabetic as one moves below 5.4/5.2 A1C.

    Wonder how beta cells get tortured on High Carb diet?

  • Anup

    i have yet to understand if β cells function fails as per the script written for them and or succumb to the high carb diet like a tired horse. I think bcf as per script but high carb diet has detrimental effect on our body.

    Further how much beta cell function will be lost is predetermined as scripted by genes. So every case of t2d gets different outcome

  • @suramo

    Ketosis or ketones appears to be doing nothing short of a miracle in some people

    All anecdotal

    But it's worth trying

    Maybe Ketosis for some time can partially restore beta cell function......?

  • Dr Mary Newport and her experiments/study on her Alzhiemer husband -- involves ketones.

  • Shashi...

    I don't know if β cell function can be restored or not but yes if you achieve NK means your insulin and bs are well under desired levels. You are burning fat for energy.

    But as far as my understanding goes fats are not the 2 line of fuel but amino acids- prots. The only way to stop muscle wasting is to build muscles by body building exercises. There are two pronged benefits 1) can't get burnt for energy and 2) use glucose even at rest. So fuel switching from carbs to fats is not a simple business. Yes in absence of glucose prots may be a major source of energy and fats burn to a lower extent.

  • Yes. Low a1c means good bs control. So less chances of cvd

  • 5.2 or lower makes a diabetic as prone to CVD as a non diabetic. EPIC Norfolk study pegs that to 5.4 I think.

  • Anup

    yes but only if these diabetics avoid sugar spikes unknowingly.

  • We hardly live the Ayurveda lifestyle of the 16th century these days. There's more to worry about, more to take care of, more tensions.

  • As you please. I believe in ayurveda.

  • brilliant. after dis i m expecting yet another provocative troll of a post agnst lchf frm the anti lchf brigade here.

  • Well, doesn't irritate me and that irritates the anti lchf group all the more that they cannot drag me into abusive reaction. That's what they are desperately trying. They will not succeed. Who cares what they think. People are switching and enjoying better health. They can keep ranting and trolling. Now some guy is trolling that there's no such thing as LCHF and he gets this enlightenment after 3 years of abusing and insulting everyone who talked LCHF here. Every troll of theirs helps LCHF grow all the more.

    They are just trying to seek attention and since they have nothing too offer, what best way than to troll against LCHF or try and provoke me into doing something that they want me to do. I am immune. Arvind Kejriwal abuses Narendra Modi every day, that's why Kejriwal and his followers are called "aaptards" on social media. Does Modi respond back with insult? NO!!!

    Incidentally Kejriwal is a diabetic on High Carb Low Fat nonsensical diet.

  • caravan moves on

    way 2 go!

  • Narendra modi used to abuse manmohan sigh the same way arvind abuses him. Now is his turn to get bashed and remain silent.

    What a tragedy for him that Namo used to challenge manmohan in public to speak and now he too is silent . He went off the line many times to abuse mmsingh to the extent of getting vulgar. All what he said to condemn mmsingh now applies to him. He has been able to hypnotize indian people badly and anup hypnotized people don't feel pain.

    By the way don't take me as congress person or a bjpite. I'm purely a patriot citizen speaking the truth as i see. He boasts of putting gujarat on a path of progress. You have to believe because he has a mesmerising speech. But he has looted and ruined gujarat. Now is the turn of india.

  • Well MMS was a non performer.


    For me, personally, loot of CONGRESS was the biggest pain. At least now the country's image is improving. Roads are being built, electrification of villages against target is happening.

  • May be.

    But gross happiness index is going down. Economy of individual family is worsening. Jaitley couldn't win a single lok sabha election nor is he an economist or shown any expertise in the field of economy still he takes decisions about a most important aspect of our lives. And what is his economic philsophy. Increase tax and fuel prices and not to increase tax limit. Actually our income is decreasing because tax limits remain the same but various taxes and inflation not.

    Jaitley is there only because he is a friend of Namo and saved him in 2002 issue. But it's a sad situation that a unqualified arrogant person can spoil your personal economy. And your great pm enjoys we getting tormented.

  • It is not possible that change of life style and diet will cure the shattered pancrease and normalize glucose contents in the blood.Fellows should fiorst try and then make it their regular dioet>Idont understand what different quantity and quality of diet should be follwowed in non vegeterian(as asked by a fellow from Dubai_) or vegeterian.People are being fooled for what purpose

  • Care to comment on medical reports of the case, which is the core topic of this thread? Yes, Diabetes cannot be cured as of now and all claims of cure are nonsense. Never said that he cured his diabetes.

    Did not talk about vegan/vegetarian/non vegetarian anywhere. So why get that here? No one in fact talked about veg and non veg here.

  • I have a different opinion about the first sentence of your comment. It is not cent-per-cent true, @ GNJanbaz

  • What is your opinion, sir?

  • My humble opinion is that making a blanket statement like the one above is not in order. (It is not pissible that ... ... ...).

  • I concur.

  • Thank you @ Jingale

  • who claimed cure?

    pl read carefully what is posted b4 commenting. don't think dat ne1 switching 2 lchf is a fool u r insulting dem. dey r educated ppl frustrated wd failure of high carb low fat.

  • Please post what exactly is LCHF diet

  • raghubhilai

    Just go through my original post in this thread.

    I have clearly noted something for new comers here right at the start of the post. Go through the links posted as first link has the answer to your question.

  • Can you tell me what is LCHF diet. What should we take in breakfast,Lunch and Dinner. Please provide details.

  • PM sent.

  • could you please send me your LCHF breakfast ,lunch,dinner menu in PM

    anup sir

  • Please check your PM box.


  • Pls send me the menu of breakfast, lunch and dinner for LCHF in PM regards Amit

  • Sent PM as requested. Check your inbox.

  • This case is featuring on the Home Page of Diet Doctor website for now ( ).

    If you miss the same as a result of being late, then here's the link to the thread:

    Not sure how long it stays before it gets repalced by another LCHF success story :)

  • Can you tell me what is LCHF diet. What should we take in breakfast,Lunch and Dinner. Please provide details.

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