I want to get rid off this diabetes at any cost

Hello ! I am 41 yrs & was diagnosed with diabetes week back on 11/6/16 at random Blood Sugar (219), Can anyone guide me how to immediately control it at (100-130) PPBS, I dont wont to go for allopathy medicine & try for ayurvedic medicine which has no side effects, please can anyone let me know which tablets or capsules or powder should i start to get my life to normal.

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  • To get rid off Diabetes you need to reverse insulin resistance, which can also reverse your diabetes,

    See below the top 12 things you did to increase your insulin resistance

    a) Eating a lot of processed /packed food like biscuits, cakes, chocolates

    b) Consuming soft drinks regularly

    c) Eating late in the night

    d) sleeping late

    e) Eating lot of sweets

    f) Lack of physical activity / exercise

    g) Worrying too much

    h) you let your weight increase rapidly

    i) Not getting enough sunlight /vitamin D

    j) Consuming lot of fats

    k) cigarette smoking

    l) Drinking Alcohol regularly

    j) Not taking proper care of your dental hygiene

    h) Sitting too much (latest research says Sitting too much = smoking )

    read more


  • Sir, Gowardhan.

    Thanks for the link. It helped me to know better about what tests to be done to know how controlled your blood glucose is. Everything in a capsule, all in one place.

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  • Cut down the food in take by half ,increase the physical activity, relax and enjoy life as it comes .

  • What's your diet?

    No drugs, powder can ever cover a bad diet. Like 600+ Indians that I know of, I am one of them who benefited from LCHF diet and currently I am into sixth year on ZERO drugs and yet with non diabetic numbers.

    My little story here:


    And, what's the LCHF Diet that we follow:


    I mostly post on only LCHF Diet so you can go thru my old posts to know more. Click on my username to get to the list of posts. Even diabetics with 20+ years of diabetic history have gone off upto 80% drugs and achieve far better control

  • Dear Anup,

    What is LCHF ??

  • Dear Likhit,

    Info on LCHF diet that we follow and preach:


    and, here's the latest of huge number of success stories (not counting mine -- sixth year DRUG FREE)


  • Take Anup's advice and have a look here:


  • Go for lchf diet.

  • Take less carbohydrates, more sprouts , vegitables n salads. Food serving size to be rediced. Physical exercises and mind calming techniques will help. Yoga, Sudarshan Kriya, meditation will help. Take three bhindis ( pesticide free) soak overnight in a glass of water. Squeeze and drink the whole on empty stomach.

  • Please. try bgr34 and hope you will benefit surely.2 tablet before breakfast and dinner.many people taking it and getting positive result.

  • Avoid junk food, have dinner at least 2 hours before going to sleep.. for pure natural and ayurvedic treatment, you can refer to the following product..


  • If you are not grossly underweight, losing weight can be a great boon. I have more than once brought down HBA1C from over 11 to 6.0 and have posted the regime I followed on this platform.

  • If you can not find my post, email me at ffrhappy@gmail.com and I will mail it to you,

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