An inspiring tory of a Footballer Star McDougaller Neil Robinson -

An inspiring tory of a Footballer Star McDougaller Neil Robinson -

"As a vegan, where do you get your energy from?" The answer, quite simply is...PLANT POWER!

I was born in England in 1957, the youngest of seven children (six boys and one girl). Growing up as a child in the 1960's and early 1970's, Mum was a great influence on our family's health, advising us to eat lots of fruit and vegetables and introduced us to the new 'health' foods of the day such as 'muesli' and 'cider vinegar'. Mum sadly passed away in 2005 from a stroke caused by a congenital heart mitral valve defect, at age 86.

In 1970, at age 13, after my brother John had become a vegetarian, I too became vegetarian after watching a TV documentary about an Amazonian tribe who sacrificed a cow by slitting its throat. I was shocked by this sudden and stark realization that meat was actually the flesh of a once living animal! I thought to myself that this is so wrong for humans to do this to another species and I decided then and there that I no longer wanted to eat any more meat or fish.

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  • Agreed. It may be difficult to prove that a non vegan diet is superior to the vegan diet.

    I mean,

    non vegan diet

    May give a person more strength but there is no quarantee that

    It is better in the long run. Considering all aspects of health.

    Good luck

  • When athletes want more muscle mass,

    They consume protein powder.

    Nonveg food can contain more protein.

    Thus more muscle mass and more power or strength.

    In common parlour

    Strength, energy and power

    May mean same.

    In science however

    Energy and power are different

    One may equate strength to

    Power but not to energy.

    Thanks for patient listening

    Good luck

  • Yes, totally true. I agree. Vegans get their energy form plant power.

    Most of the animals or birds human beings consume are basically herbivorous.

    So, don't they too get their power from plant?

    If, they can survive on plants, why not us human beings too.

    Why are we slaughtering them and eating their meat, which is basically only plant power converted to energy.

  • Raji

    Are you vegan

  • Sir, @indiacratus.

    Yes, for the past 6 years.

  • I am not against veganism, but IMHO this is not the correct line of reasoning.

    If you go a step further in your reasoning, plants get their power from sunlight, water, air and soil. Can humans or other herbivores survive on these? :)

  • sir, @jingle,

    your reasoning is totoally true. On the spur of the moment, I made that comment, but I am sure it is true to a certain extend. i didnot do any research. But, why can't we also get our energy from the plant, which can be harvested only when it is ready . Instead of the senseless killing of innocent animals even before they are born or are raised cruelly for food. those food are toxic, because of the stress and fear they feel.

    an animal consumed when it has lived its lifespan, is ok, that was how our fathers had their meat, but not senselessly.

    if one wants, one can harvest some of the most common and easy vegetables, and look around your garden or farm, you will find lots of trees providing you food, which otherwise, would be neglected and fall down and rot.

    let's go back to the basic.....the way our fathers lived.....I don't think we need to go further than that....i have seen the way they conserved nature and natured it.

    We too have sunlight , water, air for energy. And soil is there for us to grow plants and get the nutrients from them, what not.

    There are lots of people surviving on just plant based food for energy and health.

    Google V.S Achuthanandan, a leading stalwart of the CPI (M) of the Kerala faction, going super strong at 93 years. He is a living example of plant based power (naturopathic food), besides numerous others.

    Love nature, animals and all living being, respect them, they will love you back, threefold, for sure.

  • dat's da usual jingoism of vegans.

    malnourished luk dey defend by sayin they look lean.

    veganism is nuthin but selling expensive franchise with each calling their veganism as da last thing on veganism.

    dey are too judgmental about evry1 else on da planet. dat's da biggest prblm with vegans, a bhavioral prblm.