what is the physiological basis of the advice:the diabetic may take the same food as that by the healthy man-the balanced diet

what food should a diabetic take?

whatever food is good for the healthy man is the answer.

.the diabetic need not take a special diet.

the reason.

becoming diabetic does not alter the body requirements of nutrients.

what is altered in a diabetic is

his demand for insulin and his altered

ability to utilize insulin.

otherwise the diabetic is like all other men.nutrition-wise.

so take the balanced and calorie limited food of the healthy man and attend to the insulin context.

surprising ?but it is true the world bodies are advising usual diet .

this change over in attitude.

don't remember date.

probably earlier than the beginning of this century.

"People with diabetes can eat the same foods the family enjoys. Everyone benefits from healthy eating so the whole family can take part in healthy eating."

- See more at: diabetes.org/food-and-fitne...

the NHS of UK also tells the same.

what many people do find in their diet therapy is

purely a shift from over eating carbs to normal quantity of carbs.

good luck

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  • this is a copy of the article i gave two years ago.

  • All that is missing is agreement on what a normal amount of carbohydrate is. I think the optimal amount can be defined as that which doesn't leave a deficit that has to be made up from other macro-nutrients, or an excess that may be turned to fat. With diabetes, if blood glucose is too high.

  • Nothing more than the liver's glycogen storage capacity for a day. I would prefer to leave 20% headroom so stick to 100 grams carbs a day. This is what helped me to be a drug free diabetic for sixth year running and more than 600 Indian diabetics have also benefited.

    NHS/ADA/NIN etc guidelines are only making drug & healthcare companies rich.

  • How about proteins? Do we really need ~100 grams of proteins a day?

  • On an average 15% would be good. If doing strength building workouts, then this will need to be bumped up.

  • Anup

    Are you saying that less than 100g say 30-50g carbs would not have helped control your D?

  • dear concerned,

    u are highly welcome.

    it is agreed that you have come into the right line of interpreting the scientific advice.

    and about the normal amount of carbs.:

    this is based on what is the physiology already printed inside us.

    for instance:

    two thirds of the cells inside the body is presented with

    a structure -

    -insulin mediated gucose transporter called GLUT4.

    it is pretty long mechanism.

    similarly[rough estimate]

    how much the muscles want for repair[=protein]

    how much the cell membranes want for repair[=fats]

    truly no one can eat after weighing with a chemical balance or measure the temperature outside or compensate for a phone call work.

    the usda food plate is the rough answer.

    there may be people like the obese

    who have different fat absorption mechanisms.[obesity gene] .

    they are to be considered people with a handicap.

    extrapolating or just extending their situation to all others is just an error.

    for them is the ADA prescription of 130 grams LOW carb diet.[ daily carbs]

    thanks for patient listening.

  • in my opinion if a person fails to achieve

    food control, due to craze for food or indiscipline whatsoever then only he should think about a change to atkins or anything like that.

    even in this situation i do not think it is prudent to switch to high fat because

    there are no pure good fats.

    the only one that can be good fat available in india ,

    is mustard oil, but it is very expensive and that also contains saturated fats that are to be limited to 7 %.

    the so called vco is just fantasy.

    good luck

  • VCO, Eggs, Walnuts, Butter, Full fat dairy, Coconut Milk are all good Fats. 60+% FAT, 20% carbs works fine. Anything that is supported by science of medical reports cannot be fantasy.

    n-6 pufa loaded industrial vegetable oils are worst oils.

  • so only rich or upper middle class have a right for health and and problem free life .All the items mentioned above are not in the reach of common man , especially retired people.

  • Digging up old thread just to reply to me?

    Rich? How much does a dose of Januvia 100 cost? Rs 1500/Mo. Is that for rich only? Doctors prescribe this to auto rickshaw drivers also. Do doctors ask for monthly earnings before prescribing januvia and the deadly Invokana?

    We look at costs from overall pespective and not how much a l of VCO costs. It turns out much cheaper. You have to live that diet to be able to reach a consulion. We have lived on both ends of the spectrum so know the costing also.

    BTW, are you from Gurgaon?

  • @Indiacratus.

    The furious debate in the previous or present thread of posts does not appear to provide any ground or basis for reaching “All that is missing is agreement on what a normal amount of carbohydrate is”

    The so called ADA diet speaks of 60% carbs out of total calories intake balance 20% being from protein and 20% from fat.

    This recommendation is presumably based on stastical average to keep generally diabetes under control without reference to any particular case of diabetic patient. This requires be moderating further upwards or downwards based on blood levels and control based on individual patients. Probably the doctor attending to the patient has to decide. based on laboratory reports analysed by him.as to diabetic severity.

    I feel 100% carbs as advocated by vegans and 20% as advocated by others and doggedly sticking to this based on their own level of control which may or may not be relevant to other diabetics .and hence futile to give any credence.

    It would appear that no single composition/method of eating food has full level of nutrition whether it is minerals, vitamins or any other nutrient etc., Many are taking nutritional supplements apart from food to support their better health.or their understanding of what is good for them. This is not a crime worthy of unhealthy criticism or sarcastic comments. as indulged in these debates.

  • dear rao,

    you and saswathy are doing a great job in guarding the scientific approach in medicine .good luck

  • dear raoji,

    why call it ada diet?

    "The so called ADA diet speaks of 60% carbs out of total calories intake balance 20% being from protein and 20% from fat."

    this combination is suggested by all the world nutritionists and bio chemists.. European union as well.

    good luck

  • Indiacratus

    vco has 90% sfa o/o which 52% is lauric acid. This is mct. Homemade ghee has sct and mct. The characteristic of these triglycerides is that they don't need to be transformed into chylomicrons like long chain triglycerides but are directly absorbed into the blood via portal vein. They are taken to the liver to be used as a fuel. They can't be stored as fats. That's the basis of sfa but with mct and sct.

  • Next time you go to a university university library or large book shop

    Open a text book of biochemistry

    And ref:fats. You will find they recommend

    10% each pufa, SFA, and. mufa.

    If you doubt still for latest recommendations,

    Then go to the website of NIN HYDERABAD


  • Learn MCT vs LCT first.

    Forget about what "THEY" recommend. Following what "THEY" said, we know how diabetes , obesity, cvd, cancer increased. Time to forget them till they stop sruving on pharma & food companies donations.

    See what WORKS


  • what about the scare of prostrate cancer with high fat diet , whether good or bad fats . Fat is fat .

  • We have a diabetic with enlarged prostrate on highest fat diet. And he is doing well even after 2 years+. Insulin dose down from 100 to 55 and his A1C is non diabetic.

    No, FAT is NOT FAT when you are on LCHF.

  • Does he have prostrate cancer, or benign prostrate hyperplasia?

  • He is Appachen and rarely comes here. I have to dig out his old threads on dlife.in where he has talked all details. He was having prostrate problems before he switched to LCHF and is doing great even now from whatever he posted last :)

  • oh ok.

  • In fact, he is on one of the highest FAT diets among we diabetics on LCHF diet -- from what I recall. :)

  • Indiacratus

    thanks for the guidance.

    I have referred many sites. But i will refer still more sites as per your recommendation.

    The world is changing. Many nutritionists now don't believe that sfa from vco co and palm kerneil oils are bad. On the contrary such oil don't go rancid on subjecting to heat and frying as against oils having pufa and mufa. Since on heating pufa and mufa gets oxidised they lose their structure and usefulness. Same is true for ghee made by fermentation. Good for cooking and frying and don't become rancid. Any RBD oil is not recommended for cooking.

    As far evoo is concerned it's good for use as a dressing and not recommended for cooking or frying.

    So much for my knowledge.

    Mct is the oil which burns itself and also make body fat to burn.

  • That is all agreed. But I cannot go against the national institute of nutrition hyderabad.

    They give a combination of oils. I just follow it. VCO is not a term recognised by any scientific cmen,

    That ismy knowleddge.

    Good luck

  • Indiacratus


    I don't think you don't know what vco is.

  • Because professors at NIN don't know.

  • mr suramo,

    i will ask you a simple question?

    all the long route through the Fallopian tube and later until it attaches to the uterine wall ,

    where does the zygote get the energy from and in what form?


    the human female milk--what combination and ratio it has for energy source?

    steady ?or continuously change?

    playing a game of fat and glucose?

    good luck

  • Indiacratus

    yes. Playing game of fat and glucose. But the questions you are asking has no relevance to our D.

  • dear suramo,

    i will explain the relevance.

    the zygote has only fats in store for energy.so it knows fat catabolism.

    the unborn child-- everything in blood level nutrients from the mother.simple forms.

    when the the child is born.the food is

    mother milk --

    what is its constitution?

    mostly carbs -lactose at birth--

    later changes continuously to more and more fats.carbs recedes proportionately.


    this change ?

    the growing body is altering continuously in its requirements.

    after a while about two years...

    it reaches a steady state.

    the constitution of the last draw of milk from

    the mother is

    here after his body needs.

    check up the ratio and constitution of the mothers milk when the child stops breast milk.

    you can see it is the balanced food.50 to 60 percent carbs and only around 30 %fats.

    the hide and seek of glucose and fat is the play of the inner mechanisms by way of the genes,.


    no talk of absurdity like carbs are carcinogens and fats are our natural needs.

    all are required in the right proportions.

    this is the relevance.

    from zygote to unborn., and the born child, the adult

    all metabolisms the child knows even before birth. ,

    but has a preference at any given stage.

    all this knowledge above who discovered?

    they are the persons to advice---

    not a 'cut piece learned' ike indiacratus

    good luck

  • Indiacratus

    agreed but now the circumstances have changed. we are in a state where we can't metabolise carbs efficiently. Should we go on eating carbs despite knowing that high bs would hurt our health?

  • Actually, ~65% of VCO is MCTs. There are other MCTs in smaller quantities besides Lauric acid in VCO.

  • Jingale

    yes. But i deliberately didn't mention

  • Here are the Jaminet's scientific claims, with references available. perfecthealthdiet.com/the-d...

  • Mr concerned,

    for cheap publicity or whatever it is, some people make

    sarcastic remarks about great scientific discoverer's achievements..

    i reject them outright.

    only large body of scientists like

    WHO , the international diabetes federation ,EASD [european union association for the study of diabetes] or NHS are competent to comment on the ADA or USDA.

    can you show me if any of them disagrees to the balanced diet for a diabetic.

    what is after all mercola or Bernstein?

    what have they invented?

    the bernstein hydrochloric acid test?and a move to persuade use of home testing using glucometers?

    give concrete scientific arguments ,

    not some roadside dot com web links.

    i cannot set aside the world of scientists

    for a stranger's opinion that

    'if i take bath in river papanasini ,

    all my sins will be exonerated'.

    it has a name.


    please come out of it Mr concerned.

    one thing you are not arrogant.

    good luck

  • Bodies are infested with food and drug lobby. Is that science? What has Unilver got to do with framing nutrition guidelines in the UK? It's like Vijay Mallya framing the alcohol prohibition policy in India.

    Science of medical reports on LESS or NILL drugs isn't cheap publicity. It's exposing the so called experts, in fact. Science of medical reports is not superstition. Ignoring it despite all the evidence is surely superstition.

    Thanks to the likes of Mercola, And Dr Bernstein else I would be popping pancreas whipping drugs by now as against being drug free for sixth year running. And, I am not alone. Diabetics have gone off all drugs even after 2 decades of history following what Mercola and Bernstein says. Doesn't matter what ADA feels about them. We follow science of medical reports, and not superstition of ADA.

    As the saying goes, follow the dollars and one would know the truth. Here's just a small example:


    Obviously, with so much free money and free lunch at stake, who would talk in favor of Low Carb High fat?

    As for getting papers published in so called journals watch this:


  • So said the establishment when someone told that the earth is round and not flat

    He was almost killed for telling that the earth was round

    In that period superstition was the norm and not the science

    In today's context modern science is influenced by lobbies....

  • Eli Lilly appointed someone from ADA some time back. Why? Hand-in-glove? It seems that these are just cozy clubs functioning behind iron curtains. Atkins team threw open challenge to AHA but no one stepped out to take that challenge.

  • Wonderful. That is what I had been convinced of & advising my pts including myself throughout my medical career and even since earlier, and I am on date, thoroughly satisfied with my understanding on the matter

  • Please come often. Men like you are most needed in this forum.

    Good luck

  • Above link courtesy from much hatred other forum

  • Indiacratus

    "what food should a diabetic take?

    whatever food is good for the healthy man is the answer.

    .the diabetic need not take a special diet.

    the reason.

    becoming diabetic does not alter the body requirements of nutrients."

    I have a different view. Since we can't utilize glucose as efficiently as nonD healthy people our nutritional requirements are different. We have to cut down our carb intake.

    "becoming diabetic does not alter the body requirements of nutrients."

    Our nutritional requirements gets altered. We produce high amout of ROS so we need more anti oxidants in our diet.

    We can't take carbs with high GI. Clearance problem.

    Our nervous system suffers great insults. We need high amount of vit b12 to protect our nervous system.

    We need to cut down our calorie intake too to lose body fats and weight.

    We need medical check ups more frequently and get our lab reports done too often.

    Healthy eating fine. But "People with diabetes can eat the same foods the family enjoys" i beg to differ. We have to greatly change our diet from nonD people to low carb, low calorie, low gi, high anti oxidants and vit supplements.

  • suramo,

    the nutritional requirements are to full fill the body needs inside,

    not based on market outside...

    carbs for energy,

    proteins for substitution of damaged cells[ in adults,,.growth in .children..]

    fats -mainly cell wall synthesis.

    these nutritional requirements in the body does not change.

    the diabetic remains exactly as what he was before diabetes.!!!

    thanks ,you have cleared the path to the misunderstanding of many.

    take the anology.

    a man is constructing a house.

    he wants many items.

    water ,wood ,bricks etc

    one problem came up.

    the wood saw and the chisels are broken.

    so he cannot process the wood.

    the construction requirements have altered?

    no.they remain the same.

    he must repair the wood-saw and chisel


    find a substitute for wood?



    NEW specialists have to be brought.etc etc .



    with the two thirds of the total cells of the human body

    which are having an insulin -glucose- glut 4 - mechanisms.attached to them.

    they have to go idle and a starvation path to be taken up.

    for energy ,carbs are the shortest route and the most efficient route to atp.

    see any text book or equivalent web site.

    just because a tile in the roof is broken in the palace like house ,

    you replace the tile or abandon the house and go to grand fathers old farm house with no electricity ,no telephone and so on.....

    replace the tile. when insulin is absent -replace it.

    everything fits in then.after centuries of research the scientists advised in the mid 1990s, balanced food for all.

    good luck.

  • Indiacratus

    "these nutritional requirements in the body does not change.

    the diabetic remains exactly as what he was before diabetes.!!!"

    Diabetic doesn't remain exactly what he was before. He can't utilize carb. No problem in that but the high bs resulting from that causes osmotic damage to the body. We then remain in a constant state of inflammation. Lots of ros generated.

    Yes we replace tile. Don't abandon the house. But where is our tile that can solve our problem with carb utilization ? We have to replace beta cells and not insulin. We have to overcome IR. These have genetic basis. Yes. Genes are our tile. Not insulin or drugs.

    Balanced food definition is not the same for everybody.

  • 1]medicines including insulin is the solution.

    there are thousands of people round the world ,well over the age 80 with out even insulin injections.

    2]what percentage of people do not respond to weight reduction, normal exercise and medicine , healthy food,and arriving at a solution for over weight and insulin resistance.?.?

    3] a small percentage only fail to reduce weight.?

    for them the ADA recommends a 130 grams low carb diet .

    because of this minority why should the totality of diabetics asked to go nutrient deficiency and abnormal diets that can damage?

    who is to say the advice? the medical inventors

    or some ordinary people and doctors who run a forum or write a book?

    obviously the men who invented.

  • Balanced food definition is not the same for everybody.

    who says this?

    diabetes is related to only one or two of the million million functions inside

  • Indiacratus

    for D you are the best judge what you should do. But keeping the knowledge about the disease as much as possible.

    Insulin must be the last resort and only when it becomes inevitable. We should not forget that t2d is a combination of beta cell failure and insulin resistance. Pushing more insulin is not only painful and cumbersome there is a high risk of hypoglycemia and death or grave complications. Also high circulating blood insulin levels prevents very much needed lipolysis.

    We are here to get knowledge from people like us who have controlled D with or without medicines.

    My belief is that we should cut down our calorie requirement and actually should stay away from carbs but we can't do that because carbs are necessary to prevent KA. So in my opinion our carb intake should be just enough to prevent pathological KA. I think 50g of low gi carbs are sufficient for that. Rest will be synthesized by our body by the way of neoglucogenesis considering that liver glycogen stores have been depleted by now.

    It is postulated that 56% of the dietary protein is converted to carbs if needed.

    We need to keep our insulin level low for fats to be utilized for energy. This will help overcome IR to a great extent.

    But basic defect is weak genes. Can't help with that except stem cell therapy.

    We have to find means to prevent nutritional deficiencies

  • "Diabetic doesn't remain exactly what he was before. He can't utilize carb. No problem in that but the high bs resulting from that causes osmotic damage to the body. We then remain in a constant state of inflammation. Lots of ros generated."

    this is complete misunderstanding,rather deliberate misunderstanding.

    a diabetic remains exactly as before means:

    with respect to the other millions of functions ,

    other than this high glucose .

    for instance

    acquire food, digest , build , repair,LIVE ...all functions totals how


    from the gene stand point itself

    it is around 30 thousand..

    diabetes related genes ...how many?


    is gene stand point enough.?

    " We have to replace beta cells and not insulin. We have to overcome IR. These have genetic basis. Yes. Genes are our tile. Not insulin or drugs. "

    this you can tell to some novices who do not know the patho-physiology of diabetes or the

    one who has zero knowledge of what the biologists call the "recapitulation''in the 10 months

    in the mothers womb.

    in the absolute sense of the term the child -the zygote-begins with fat and ends up with glucose for energy.

    it converts protein and fats only when 'in excess absorption'

    there is no excess in the mothers milk.

    everything balanced,i dont mean cows milk.

    then why the diabetology scientists waited a century till 1995 to say balanced food for a diabetic too.?

    discovery of the recombinant insulin with zero side effects, , more superior tablets--

    in general superior medicines.

    if the industry has an upper hand in research we would have never got the gluco meter even

    or most of the higher medicines.

    preventing gluco meter increases or decreases consumption of medicines??

    industry has and will always propagate and boost their products..[ as navin sinha said once 'by hook or crook' ].

    but not research.research no one can do anything.

    but i am fully aware where all this science is going to lead us...

    in the thermo nuclear or dna related .but that is beside the point here.good night

    good luck.

  • Indiacratus

    i enjoyed your gentle sarcasm. "this is complete misunderstanding,rather deliberate misunderstanding."

    And why would i or anyone else do that - spreading deliberate misundestanding.

    Well i would surely like to know about D from your point of view and why should we fear D and take all the meds insulin etc. And what if we don't bother to take drugs precautions etc


  • sorry ,

    i was busy a few days and out of the forum.

    some how we must conclude this discussion because it has reached a point of no return..

    but before that i will ask you a serious question .

    last time i asked a simple question--that was about

    energy for the zygote and food for the child.ie, mother milk.

    in what ratio is the main components of food in mother milk?

    from which a child grows up to two years with out absolutely any thing but milk only.

    it is balanced food according to me..

    now the serious question:

    suppose you have some one close to you like a wife, sister or mother who is pregnant--

    and is diabetic or gestational diabetic.

    which of the following you will advice?



    c]low carb diet with high fat

    and why in case of a or b? ---

    c -you need not explain.

    thanks for patient listening.

    good luck

  • Indiacratus

    medical advice is not given like this. Without the patient actually being questioned and examined.

    And presently BF is advised for 4-6 months. Then weaning starts. The baby who is solely on BF longer than that is weak and deficient in many nutrients. Not considered healthy.

  • suramo,

    we are not talking about

    BF[breast feed ?}

    we are talking about

    tablets or insulin or

    low carb diet for a diabetic or gestational diabetic female?

    what necessity is there to parry this question?


    i will conclude this discussion from my end.

    you have picked up a lot of information from 'internet ..this that research' and formulated your understanding of medicine.

    i have on the contrary gone to the university web sites and formed the foundations of my medical knowledge.

    if a new research comes-

    my attitude is :

    let the biochemists and medicine men repeat those trials and make their opinions.

    my own answer to the question i put.

    insulin molecules are large and cannot cross placenta to reach featus.

    but 'molecules of tablets of diabetes,'

    cross placenta

    to trouble the child which is not diabetic or gestational diabetic.

    low fat high carb is crime to the child and mother.

    thanks for patient listening

    good luck and bye

  • spelling error--not 'featus' but

    fetus.fetus is the usual term for a developing child in uterus before it acquires a full shape of a human.

  • It's foetus or fetus. Both spellings are correct.

  • i had typed featus first.

    foetus and fetus: English English and US English respectively

  • Yup

  • c]low carb diet with high fat

    Since u asked not to explain, not explaining here :)

    There are GD moms who have been successful on [c].

  • I admire the guts of stalwarts of this forum!

    Teaching medicine and medical terms to a practicing gynecologist, and boasting to him on the knowledge gathered from university websites. :D

  • स्वत:ला जास्त शहाणे समजणारे!


  • आपण सम्भर टाका सच सांगितला होतो


  • अर्ध्या हळकुंडात पिवळे होणारे....,

  • Jingale

    Chhodo na yaar. Kuchh de k jate hai na. Le ke to nhi jate na😜😜😜😜😜😜

  • suramo,

    please pump in a certain piece of knowledge to those who do not posses it.

    in a university of Harvard web site suppose you find the following information.

    if a dog bites a man --

    watch the dog for 10 days.

    if the dog dies in

    10 days

    you must go for anti rabies injection.

    if the dog does not die in ten days

    you need not take injection.

    but the gynecologist tells :don't take risk ,take injection.

    confused, you go to

    the national laboratory for vaccines.

    there the scientists explain :just within ten days of death of the dog only

    the virus is available in dog saliva.

    what will you do now.?




    the doctor learns only from professors, and professors learn from

    text books,

    the text authors learn from

    harvard ,ada, aha and so on . ada nonsense is just nonsense or incomplete understanding.

    good luck

  • if a dog bites a man --

    watch the dog for 10 days.

    if the dog dies in

    10 days

    you must go for anti rabies injection.

    if the dog does not die in ten days

    you need not take injection.

    but the gynecologist tells :don't take risk ,take injection.

    Its is also said....anti rabies vaccine should be started as soon as possible....

    If you wait till dog dies.... guess there will be no use(enhanced risk) to start vaccine so late..

  • I am wondering who advises a man bitten by a dog to consult a gynecologist. Harvard, ADA or AHA? :D

  • lolol.......guess now days unwanted 72 works as vaccine

    New approach to vaccination.... :d

  • This is called "pumping" knowledge to the ignorant :D :D :D

  • Anup

    Koi baat nhi. He is helping us. Davai leni hai par kab kaise ye kaun batayega? They all end up with medical problem. Have to come to us. Cure carry on 😜😜😜😜

  • Not necessarily. Dose instructions can be given by MR friends also.

  • Anup

    yes. I tell my many mr friends to do medical practice. They have better knowledge than these GFAMs, rmps and many more.

    And that day you rightly said that in future a robot will be writing your prescriptions.

    As such in india everybody will give you some medical advice right from which medicines to be taken to diet

  • Yes I am treating my nephew's Asthama after being skinned by 30K in 5 days which did not solve the issue as it relapsed within a day after out of hospital. 30K in 5 days is not a small money.

  • @anup

    try this for your nephew ...guess this will work...

    by Sunil Sharma:


    Golden Milk, is a unique tonic that applies the attributes of a special Indian root called Turmeric, and strengthens it with many other organic ingredients. Turmeric has been used for thousands of years as a cleansing substance for the body. It is known to be beneficial to the inner organs, the spine and the joints. The milk recipe displayed here has been shared to potentialize its healing properties.


    2 Cups of Almond Milk/coconut milk(homemade recommended)/cow milk

    1 Tablespoon of Local Honey (may be added after milk is cooked)

    1 Tablespoon of Coconut Oil (optional)

    1 Teaspoon of Ground Turmeric/if fresh turmeric juice then nothing like it.

    1 Cinnamon Stick or 1 Teaspoon of Ground Cinnamon

    Small Pinch of Black Pepper and Grated Ginger (the fresher the better!)

    To make the milk, simply mix all the following ingredients in a small saucepan and bring to a light boil for about 5-7 minutes (or until golden yellow)

    This drink is super healing, and also detoxifying. It is recommended that you drink a small glass of water after drinking this golden milk to help flush out your system.

  • This is nothing than efficient way of consuming turmeric ..here milk and honey works as vehicle...and black pepper and coconut milk works as enhancer...

    Turmeric is best herb for respiratory problems

  • Jingale

    Arey mere bhai. Thoda rahem karo. Kyu hamare pet pe laat mar rhe 🐒🐒😝😝😝😝😝😝

    Yes. We are doctors first. Can give any vaccine. But if the lady is pregnant nobody will give vaccine without our advice. Wohi "chance kyu lena "

  • Baat sahi hai aapki. Lekin aaj tak aapke paas koi kutte ka kaata aadmi aya hai kya?

  • Yes.

  • Achchha. aur ye gurde kharab karne waali kaunsi dawai hai?

  • :D :D :D

  • Yes. Start early but can be taken safely after 10days also. Rabies doesn't occur within days. It takes weeks and months to develop.

    Further in pregnancy all live vaccines are contra indicated. Attenuated vaccines given after weighing risk v/s benefit.

    Par mere bhai chance kyu lena hai?

  • suramo bhai 14 bar kutte ke injections le chuka hun.....

    wo bhi purane type ke....pet mein lenewale.....

    Ab toh kutta katega toh usko vaccine lena padta hai.....


  • Puranewale injections painful and useless the. We now a days consider that it was a criminal act to give those injections.

    The injections available like rabipur etc are pretty safe and easy to administer.

  • yes...earlier they use to give 5 ml for three days....and if dog dies then they use to continue with 2ml for 14 days...

    now its only 3 does on arm

    much safe...but doubt about cold chain maintenance...

    Rabies is such dangerous....you can pick up infection thru even thru eye...

  • Indiacratus

    right. We count 14 days if the dog dies or disappears you should take antirabies vaccine. Well K failure i don't know which vaccines you are talking. Now a days safe vaccines to be given in the DELTOID region.

    Now what if dog dies after say 20 days or doesn't die. What shall i as a doctor do. Here is a catch of the medical practice. To give arv or not.

    Well practically if the patient is educated i'd explain him what books say. We than leave it to the patient to decide. I recommend full immunisation 5 doses or arv. Costing just 1500 to 2000rs for the five doses. Mostly the patients don't take chances. If the patient is illiterate almost always poor. So we have to explain economic part mainly. Science a little.

    Yes. In medical practice there is always a dilemma.

    A doctor was found to have changes in tmt examination in a routine check up. Very simple guy with clean habits. No D. HT don't know. But since tmt showed changes he was advised angio. " kara le ne yaar kuchh hoga to maloom lad jayega " said the dr friend of him. Angioplasty triple vessel block. No complain whatsoever. Obviously cardiologist didn't want to take chances. By pass advised. Sab pareshan. Arey gaye the routine check up k liye and this. What to do? Ghar mein biwi bachhe parents sab under stress. "Arey tu kara le ne bhai by pass. Mediclaim to hai aur hum koi chance lena nhi chahte " yes. Hum chance lena nhi chahte.

    Arv le liya just 2000/ ka nukshan na. Le lo.

  • dear suramo,

    first of all i dont read the responses of some people whom i consider

    :those who do not keep the protocols of a scientific discussion.

    i had occasions to talk and serious arguments with many scientists

    of the indian institute of technology new delhi in my government profession

    and also outside that with many people who were philosophers and mathematicians ,

    for instance some one who is HOD in delhi university department of philosophy , and vedantis -a visiting professor in culcutta university with whom i had shared a room for an year.

    with all these people i had seen one thing in common ,,they all argue in a chain

    whether lab issue or abstract thought..

    the answer is the same always.

    mr cratus,

    you are convincing but i dis agree,


    you are right in theory

    but but let us go to the lab and find

    or even

    agreed in theory and practice but i will not endorse --more rethinking is necessary.


    i lost track of the sequence of thoughts which lead me to put that instance of the rabies dog ----


    the remark

    by some one

    "Teaching medicine and medical terms to a practicing gynecologist, and boasting to him on the knowledge gathered from university websites---"

    not only you but everybody i wanted to tell:

    knowledge is articulate with various degrees ,

    the articulation is highest in mathematics and physics and then continuously lower in other systems of knowledge.

    but even in mathematics some one can

    explain an advanced mathematical principle to someone with out any back ground in maths..[this cannot be done in all issues]

    for instance any lay man can understand

    how a cardinal number is defined or how the great Cantor defines a transfinite cardinal.

    how Descartes thought the contradiction

    in his infinite sequence minus a

    removal of elements and the transfinite cardinal is un altered.

    in common parlour we say infinity minus any number is infinity.

    so medicine is not an alien science

    where the doctor can despise the universities of the west where almost all modern medical knowledge originated.

    lot of typing ,hope i have explained well.

    thanks for listening.

  • Indiacratus

    i always like people giving me some knowledge.

    There is an adage in gujarati " shikhiye nana paas thi pan chaturi ni vaat " meaning you should learn some cleverness from even a kid.

  • He thinks only he understands science of diabetes and for him drugs are the solution, for us they are LAST solution. I know of Company MD's who know what LCHF is but great men of science here don't -- Deliberate misunderstanding to push drugs?

  • suramo bhai

    "first of all i dont read the responses of some people whom i consider..."

    Looks like your philosopher friend quoted my comment without reading it by telepathy. :D

    "you have picked up a lot of information from 'internet ..this that research' and formulated your understanding of medicine."

    Ask him where he got this information about you. From Harvard, ADA or AHA? Or from his friends in IIT, Delhi university? :D

    Ignorant fellows like me feel intimidated when he throws around jargon from mathematics, physics and philosophy. ;)

  • "Or from his friends in IIT, Delhi university?"

    Many visit IIT's as spectators. We don't count anyone who hasn't done BE/BTech from IIT as IITian's

    BE from Rangathayia College of Engg somewhere in remote corner of South India and then doing a MTech from IIT doesn't make one a IITian in true sense -- at least for what IIT's are primarily know for.

    True people of science read from everywhere and everyone. If one says they don't read someone it only means they don't have the capacity to understand the contrarian view. Such people are not true students of SCIENCE. For most successful professionals, books are history as soon as they step out of school. It's the practical experience that counts. IIT's may have the best of brains when it comes to teaching steel making -- but get them to shop floor of a steel mill and they will fail right in first hour.

  • Wrangler......a "Wrangler" is a student who gains first-class honours in the third year of the University's undergraduate degree in mathematics.

    Wrangler....A person who trains and takes care of animals /A person engaging in a lengthy and complicated dispute.... oxforddictionaries.com

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