Weight Loss Diet Trials - Comparison Of Diets - Atkins, Zone, Ornish, and LEARN Among Overweight Premenopausal Women

Interesting comparison on weight loss:


Atkins beat all others hands down. Interesting point from the study:

"Many concerns have been expressed that low-carbohydrate weight-loss diets, high in total and saturated fat, will adversely affect blood lipid levels and cardiovascular risk. These concerns have not been substantiated in recent weight-loss diet trials. The recent trials, like the current study, have consistently reported that triglycerides, HDL-C, blood pressure, and measures of insulin resistance either were not significantly different or were more favorable for the very-low-carbohydrate groups"

So, LOW CARB HIGH FAT diet has got no issues wrt CVD/CHD. It's a MYTH that's often propagated against LCHF. Dietary fat is not to be confused with fat from Lipogenesis. We eat fat to burn fat and cut down on LIPOGENESIS. In fact, even as per above, we are at an advantage on LCHF diet.

Also, Adnan Sami lost his bulk on Atkins type of diet. No, he did not go for surgery as he said in his own words in an interview.

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  • It's an eye opener. Thanks for in depth information based on evidence .

  • We only talk based on lot of evidence when we talk LOW CARB HIGH FAT diet. We have to do lot of reading to bust myths and lies against Saturated fat. :)

    As Frederic Bastiat once said,

    “We must admit that our opponents in this argument have a marked advantage over us. They need only a few words to set forth a half-truth; whereas, in order to show that it is a half-truth, we have to resort to long and arid dissertations.”

    There's another one posted sometime back too in nutrition journal:


    That's why LCHF adoption by even Indian diabetics has increased.

  • Fat cuts fat like diamond cuts diamond!Is not it?

  • The extreme version of LCHF is KETO -- timesofindia.indiatimes.com...

  • Talking of keto diet, how is your keto trial going? Did you lose any significant weight during your previous trials?

  • Keto trial going brilliant this time as no keto flu at all. Perhaps, living-on-the-boundry wrt carbs since last 3+ months helped as body accustomed to far lower carbs (and hence higher fat) than the usual LCHF that we aim for. Transitioning was fast -- around 10 hrs to be in ketosis. So, will stick to it till i get bored. Will be off and on it regularly now. Maybe 1/3rd of the year will opt for keto.

    During previous trial weight loss was 1.4kg but was quick to gain it back once switched back to non keto. I have been in 75-77 band since almost 4.5 years now for a ht of 5'8.5".

    I remeber you had asked about MCT vs VCO. Practical experience again this time. Increase of VCO by 1 TBSP and cut down of carbs was enough to get into ketosis within 10 hrs. So, VCO's MCT works as intended.

  • Great! I have always been suspicious of Dave Asprey and his marketing gimmicks. I got stomach upset after I switched from Max Care to Organic Veda VCO. I have discontinued VCO for now. BTW, do you know of any good deodorized coconut oil that can substitute VCO?

    I have completed 45 days on LCHF + 16:8 IF, with less than 80 gm of carbs a day. But I have lost only 1.5 - 2 kg of weight, that was lost during initial two weeks on the diet. Paradoxically, waist has shrunk by about an inch. Weight is hovering around 69 kg for my height of 5'6".

    I am now experimenting with 5:2 IF, and warming up to hit the gym for HIIT from next week for weight loss.

  • Over the years, I have found that body will find its comfortable weight. As for cooking (ie RBD) coconut oil, I had once only tried and brand was Dhamani IIRC. So, build muscles and don't worry about weight :)

    Good to see your experimentation. 5:2 is more intense wrt fasting as for 2 days u r on 25% of regular intake. Jenny Ruhl, the god mother for all Type 2 diabetics, has been on 5:2 after her long stint with keto and LCHF.

    5'6" and 69 isn't bad. Just bulk up muscles (or tone them up) and stay at 69. No fun looking malnourished with sunken cheeks :)

  • I fasted successfully for 40 hours last week. Attended a free trial 30 min HIIT session at a new gym nearby in the morning, casually walked for about 4 km for shopping in the afternoon, and a brisk walk of ~5 km at night, without feeling tired even once during the fasting period. Couldn't have thought of fasting for 40 hrs without LCHF diet. :)

    On a normal "balanced diet", I used to crave for food all the time, and ate something every 2-3 hrs.

  • On keto I am literally on 1 meal a day and can walk as long as best walker (diabetic) on high carb low fat diet can ever do.

    One has to live through LCHF to really see what it does. MikePollard does extensive fasting regularly. So, perhaps fasting and ageing could be next area of study.

    The longest fasting that I know of diabetic on LCHF diet is 3 full days with normal routine. He published his sugar readings also on dlife. He is an Indian from Singapore.

    I am just doing these keto attempts as Dr Attia says that if you settle into it, you are no longer metabolically deranged compared to carb dependent life.

  • During your keto trials, do you take any supplements for vitamins,minerals and electrolytes to make up for their deficit in the diet?

  • 3 supradyn a day .. this is because I find that water consumption goes up and so also the urine outflow.

  • One sailor, aboard a ship is into 6th day of fat fasting. He posts as pummi here.

  • Anup

    What about the excessive hunger that follows a full or half day fast. I used to fast twice in a week long back - used to skip bf and lunch. But in the evening i used to get severe weakness, headache and giddiness. Sometimes confusion and memory impairment. I had to literally control myself at dinner from taking excessive food. But then i stopped fasting. Eat less instead. Eat only when hungry. Now a days almost grain free diet. Only bf and dinner. Feeling light and energetic. I wonder how the people can control food intake after fasting. Eating two times' food at one sitting is more harmful.

  • Sorry suramo I missed your post.

    If you ask my experience, well after a full day fast i had 1200 kcal (though cal is never counted but had to do this to see impact on sugar levels) load of pizza in 2 sittings separated by an hour. Pizza was home made of course except for the bun.

    My spikes were as that of a non diabetic, even while monitoring till the third hr when the first half and second half should have peaked me highest at 2nd or 3rd hr. Didn;t happen. Lowest that I hit by meter was low 80's during the entire day before liver dumped to take it to low 90's around 2 hrs before the meal.

    Another experiment with fasting full day and then taking 300 grams cooked rice based fried rice through RS route. I spiked to 151 by lab.

    300 grams rice is what one would do OGTT with if no glucose available. Only thing that i did was walk to lab for 5 minutes. This experiment was done around 4 rth year of being a confirmed diabetic.

    Keep asking questions. I have experimented a lot, besides reading a lot :)

  • suramo Did you attempt fasting after switching to LCHF?

  • Alternatively, you can try home made Coconut Milk for same source of MCT's. Take it as chilled coffee.

  • Jingale

    are you sure that vco is the cause of your stomach upset? I am taking veda vco. I find it very good. Even coconad with 91% sfa and 47% mct is also very good. Coconad smells addictively good.

  • I have never experienced any problem with VCO.

  • I was perfectly alright during the first two weeks of transition to VLC when I was taking Max Care VCO. Started having stomach problems and acidity only after switching to Veda VCO. Problems disappeared as soon as I discontinued VCO. Not sure if it was only a coincidence. Planning to reintroduce VCO in the diet, slowly this time.

  • VCO you bump up gradually. If increased suddenly, acidity problems could surface. Don't go beyond 3 TBSP a day.

  • gr8 to c dis article in jama publication.

    but don't expect less attacks on fat, despite dis.

    keep posting such info.

  • Glad that you found it helpful.

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