Virus in Chicken Could Be Linked to Obesity

Virus in Chicken Could Be Linked to Obesity

: Dr. Michael Greger M.D. on June 7th, 2016 writes:

Recently, there has been research examining the connection between poultry consumption and weight gain. One study out of the Netherlands examining about 4,000 people, correlated chicken consumption with weight gain. Another study followed 89,000 people in four other countries and found that animal protein intake was associated with long-term weight gain, and poultry was the worst, with 40 percent more weight gain than red meat or processed meat.

What makes poultry so bad? Yes, chickens are fatty these days because of the way we’ve genetically manipulated them—up to ten times more fat and calories than they used to have—but one bizarre theory postulated that it might be due to an obesity-causing chicken virus. In one study, one in five obese humans tested positive to the chicken virus SMAM-1, with those exposed to the chicken virus averaging 33 pounds heavier than those testing negative.

SMAM-1 was the first chicken virus to be associated with human obesity, but not the last. The original obesity-causing chicken virus SMAM-1 was able to effectively transmit obesity from one chicken to another when caged together, similar to a human adenovirus Ad-36, a human obesity-associated virus first associated with obesity in chickens and mice. Ad-36 spreads quickly from one chicken to another via nasal, oral or fecal excretion and contamination, causing obesity in each chicken. This of course raises serious concerns about Ad-36-induced adiposity in humans.

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  • underline ''organic''

  • About an year or two back there was an allegation that filarial larvae were injected into Broiler chicklings for obvious purposes. This tumbled chicken business to a great extent for an year or so.

    I would rather relate the growth hormones injected into poultry birds than viruses to obesity in chicken eating people. Those hormones only make the chicklings grow from a few grams to 1.5 - 2.0 kg in a short span of six weeks.

  • dear george,

    one doubt.

    will these virus get past boiling,cooking ?hormones may survive partially.

    good luck


    Are we mixing up beef with chicken?

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