Diabetes Diet FAQs answered by a Nutritionist

Diabetes Diet FAQs answered by a Nutritionist

•Article By Mary Elizabeth Dallas

•Reviewed by Niya Jones, MD, MPH

A type 2 diabetes diet is important to help control blood sugar, but getting the right mix of nutrients takes some practice. Get expert answers to common questions about a healthy diet for diabetes.

Faced with so many food choices, it's easy to get confused about what you can and can't eat.

Susan Palczynski, RD, LDN, CDE, registered dietitian, certified diabetes educator, and director of the Diabetes Education Program at Loyola University Medical Center in Maywood, Ill., says to keep it simple and take nutrition considerations meal by meal. She says that even people who've been managing diabetes for awhile have questions about their diets. Here are her answers to 10 of the most commonly asked questions about a healthy type 2 diabetes diet.If interested ,you can read in


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  • Anup

    what do you say about the advice given by Susan Palczynski, RD, LDN, CDE, registered dietitian, certified diabetes educator, and director of the Diabetes Education Program at Loyola University Medical Center in Maywood, Ill., ?

  • suramo

    I don't care about what these so called experts say about food because they just give "OPINIONS" which are nothing but rehashes/photocopies of USDA/ADA pamphlet. They don't provide any science and as I have said many times -- OPINIONS don't matter to me. This article just parroted ADA guidelines. Nothing new.

    I want the scientific data behind the suggestion of "three to four 15-gram CARB servings per meal" Where is the science? She is just giving her OPINION. No science. Why are they scared of auditing reports of diabetics who don't follow their advice? I have thrown open the challenge thru my interview in the OPEN magazine recently. No one will dare to audit our medical reports on LCHF diet.


    Another marketing gimmick is this WHOLE grains. What's so great about whole wheat flour with a GI greater than sugar? All grain industry propaganda. I trust more on what Dr William Davis, Dr Aseem Malhotra -- cardiologists -- say.

    My grand mom knows better about nutrition. At 96, she still can walk, drinks milk that comes straight from buffalo (so no skimming, removing fat and adding back sugar etc) and lot of "makkhan" available.

    Oh BTW, even Invokana raises LDL, and still FDA let J&J go without a warning labeling. Double standards?

    SFA is best drug for increasing HDL.

    I want scientific data on HIGH CARB theory. The HCLF theory on T2 failed few years back in a decade long study on 5000+ diabetics. The failure was so great that they terminated the study before time and hushed it below the carpet. All that eat less work more theory failed to protect Cardiac events/death in diabetics.

    BTW, I am also speaking as some one who got schooling from Loyola (JSR - in India) :)

  • Anup

    these experts defy all the logic while advising about diet. It's a simple logic that we can't assimilate carbs so carbs be not taken. We all have IR and the only logical solution is to get rid of ir is by burning our body fats. And unless the insulin levels are low in our body fats can't be burnt. Only carbs can raise insulin levels and not fats or prots. So we have to stop taking carbs.

    Although i can't control my numbers at present i will stick to my no grain minimum carbs diet plan. My body may not be responding now but sooner or later it has to because i'm on the right path. My ir is very high at present at 2.9 so lots of fats to be shed. I'm waiting patiently.

  • What was yr fasting insulin?

    Oh about these so called nutritionists, I said my uneducated grand ma knows much better than the current lot. Ask pragyac90 Her grand mom is happy that she is eating so much ghee and fats :)

  • My fbs today 161 and rbs ( i didn't take lunch but dry fruits and turmeric milk with 15ml vco and 1tsf cow ghee in the morning ) is 156.

    I had one egg cheese khima - bhurji last night. I'm also taking acv with lemon and cinnamon power for last 2 months. Stopped grains for about a week. Take ashwagandha half small spoonful twice daily. The only problem is that i'm taking turmeric milk+vco+cow ghee at bed time and i have to go to toilet 3-4 times during night although i fell asleep soon.

  • Did you measure your fasting insulin in lab? If not, go for it and eliminate possibilities of deficiency. For deeper insight, even PPBS insulin check would help.

  • In a standard lab

  • Sorry. Fasting insulin 6.9

  • Aah. That's on the higher side.

    Till you get that down, add walking to your schedule if not already doing. This would melt fat faster. Don't go for lipids check while losing weight.

  • Suramo

    My suggestion

    Take some carbs. To the extent of 100 to 120 gms

    I believe that we need some time for the system to adjust to the changes

    Better to be on the above carbs level and progress to lower ones after some time if under a good control

  • Shashi...

    You are right but i do take vegetables and peanuts. Wheat i have stopped taking for a week only. Yes. You are right. Our system needs some time to adjust. That's what i also believe. So waiting patiently. But my body response in terms of energy is positive. I do eat when hungry.


  • To reach the diet of anup will take us some time. We are so used to carbs that our system takes time to adjust

    Meanwhile a suggestion. Start karela juice in the morning. Observe the progress in 3-4 days time.

  • You are right but i have tried all the bitter substances advised for D Long back but i'm intolerant to all such bitter things. I get severe abdominal pain in just few days.

    Although i had a similar experience with fenugreek seeds nowadays i'm taking fenugreek.

    1) I soak few fenugreek seed at night and gulp in the morning.

    2) at night before dinner i take half handful of seeds and

    3) fenugreek + ajwain + black cummin seeds grounded at night.

    I'm taking this for last 2 month but still no side effect yet.

  • suramo

    "Only carbs can raise insulin levels and not fats or prots."

    Proteins too raise insulin levels, sir.

  • Yes. You are right. That's why we highly blessed people with t2d have to restrict carbs and prots. That's why lchf concept.

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    Rajeev Goyal.

  • mrgoyal,

    always stay away from anything dealing with AFRICA, where mail phfishing, etc.is prevalent. please read the news. In no time you will be wiped clean, let alone your problems. it is a scam, beware.

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