Brenda Davis, registered dietitian and nutritionist, is a leader in her field and an internationally acclaimed speaker. She has worked as a public health nutritionist, clinical nutrition specialist, nutrition consultant and academic nutrition instructor. She is currently on a diabetes intervention research project in Majuro, Marshall Islands.

Internationally acclaimed dietician as she is known, Brenda Davis explores the health benefits of vegan diets compared to other dietary choices; explains protein and amino acid requirements at various stages of life; describes fats and essential fatty acids and their value in plant-based diets; investigates carbohydrate facts and fallacies; reveals the truth about wheat, gluten, and grains; pinpoints where to obtain calcium, iron, zinc and other minerals without animal products; clarifies the importance of obtaining vitamin B12; and shows how to attain optimal nutrition during pregnancy and lactation and how to achieve and maintain healthy weights and exceptional fitness on a vegan diet.While much of the emphasis is on the health advantages that vegan diets offer. Plant-based nutrition truly benefits the entire planet, and every bite makes a difference. The video can be seen in this link

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  • very good info sir.

  • Dr Bernstein 70+ years diabetic history as TYPE 1 and still alive at 82 with a Ca score of 1, and still conducts free tele seminars almost every month.

    30 grams carbs/day.

    6:12:12 for carbs is hisr ule

  • @navinsinha

    the comments are not clear.can you explain

  • what does the statement mean/ A good siddha or ayurveda or homeopathic medicine definitely gives positive result with in 6 months . We have seen Malleswari's post.

  • this post is in response to Navinsinha's statement.

  • OK. In fact there are time tested practices which work in the long run . There is evidence that diabetes had been there in the remote past , even before mahabharatha and they all had cures . Lchf is not the only solution . High fat food and animal meat was recommended for those who had tough and hard physical work. People who had the duty of protecting the subjects of the kingdom , who had to fight with enemies and animals and those who were engaged in manual work were permitted to have that food . People who never had that hard work and who were engaged in the fields of education ,business, agriculture were taking only plant based food and now one can't argue that they never had diabetes or if they had they got it because of high carb food and were advised to stop taking carbs and go for meat and other high fat foods .Eschimos never had cereals and pulses because of their natural habitats , climate and environment which made their bodies to get adjusted to that food.The cause of diabetes is pollution in food , air ,water , and psyche but not carbs . Even if agreed for argument sake that it is true , food intake in general has to be reduced with changing life patterns due to techno advancement. When the problem lies somewhere , solutions suggested are going somewhere.

  • navinsinha

    You are jubilant because of success of vegan diet

    Anup is due to lchf

    Now you have started satirical

    But the prognosis

    You are on Metformin and SU. So while this diet worked you are still consuming high carbs. Also SU will keep squeezing the pancreas

    So the dosage will keep increasing after a few years. Read about this in the Internet

    Anup is med free. So he is jubilant. Lipids under control

    Now the possibility of him going out of control maybe in future.

    So he can start with one tab of metformin 500mg and then progress to 5 tabs or 2500 mg after some years. Later SU available

    But you have already crossed this phase...

    You can challenge anup only if u are med free


  • Appears that you are interested only in some arguments ..

  • Shashikantiyengar

    I ignore/don't respond to satire when that's the only thing that's left for people who love to attack personally. There are other forums for satire.

    kanchan13 and karch are living examples of diabetics failures of long-term veganism right here on this forum and now looking at LCHF diet. @karch is now hypothyroid with over reliance on soy products for proteins on veganism. kanchan kept losing weight though she never wanted to lose weight.

    One has to differentiate between lean and strong and just being lean and no muscles on body and cavities in cheek.

    Listen to the podcast of a doctor who bats for veganism. He insulted Jimmy Moore (LCHF proponent) with personal attacks during the interview. Looks like this is common thing and only thing that people resort to, when left with nothing else.

    When I started talking LCHF here, opponents said oh it's just 2 years experience that I am talking with. Here I just said wait for a year or two. Three months, everything works when you are off that standard diet loaded with sugar, n-6 pufa loaded indl vegetable oils.

    I have completed half a decade without drugs and into SIXTH year now as a diabetic on LCHF diet:

    And, I am not alone .... I have just replicated what gurus on LCHF have. I will be insulted and attacked personally even after a decade of drug free diabetic on LCHF diet. It has become fashion here to abuse and insult me.

  • Way to go anup..

  • i am diabetic for the last 12 yrs. i am 38 now . i live in kolkatta. pls suggest how can i start lchf diet.

  • Sent you PM. Check your message box.

    Else, you can click my username and go thru my old posts and replies. My Wife is from Kolkata and I do visit Kolkata once is a while.

  • Yes,

    plant based foods

    Probably are the most natural foods of Man.

    We 'learned' cooking.

    But our nature is to eat some fruits and very few vegetables..

    Good luck

  • Are we omnivores?

    We need both..

    .as per ayurveda....share mandyam khalu dharma sadhanam

    Means guarding and supporting own body is path of dharma

  • Yes we are omnivores unless some B 12 plant source existed and went extinct 10,000 years ago when agriculture grew. We can't live without B 12 and there was no Supradyn and B-complex back then. We need animal fats.

    In vegetarian nirvana like India, barely 43% population is eschewing meat, fish and egg and they do take milk though (i guess).

    So 57% is non vegetarian population in India.

  • all of us don't need both .HALF OF THE POPULATION may need animal meat .Any thing in excess of the needs gets rotten.In fact when an animal is killed the fear it undergoes produces adrenaline in the quantities which are highly poisonous. This is especially true in our country where they adopt very crude methods of killing . Abroad the scenario is different and I am told that the methods they use are highly efficient and every thing is so fast that it happens in a fraction of a second where the prey does not even realise as to what happens . Any way I am not

    an authority to comment on the procedure . But I understand that the pain an animal undergoes while getting killed brutally does not contribute to the health of the person who devours that meat .

  • countries where the extremely cold temparatures prevail , more fat is needed to withstand the cold . IN countries like ours so much of fat is not needed.Even glass houses , wollen clothing ,suits and boots are not needed in our country . But if any one says that he looked upon with scorn.We are all swimming with tide .

  • I think , I am inviting a ban from the forum by honourable friends.

  • Nah. Saswathy...guess you can form a third group here...

    I found who promote LCHF... Other lwmd....third one u...siddha homeo promoter

  • I prefer to belong to a group which goes back to our roots in food , traditions , customs , habits , culture , values all.

  • I guess in LCHF we must calculate total calories requirement... And then fullfil same in ratio 20:20:60 c:p:f.

    Food should be whatever plant origin or meat origin....

    Since it is accepted human is omnivores why debate on origin of food?

  • The ratio should be other way round . Total intake of food should be reduced since there is no need for enormous quantities of food and junk food should be totally avoided . It does not mean that one should not entertain in between cravings KEEPING IN VIEW OF THE TOTAL CALORIES, height , weight , age , physical activity , digestive power . What is the point in gobbling up of the food and taking medicines.Too much of TV watching is one of the culprits in the epidemic scale of diabetic onset.

  • Agreed....that Calculation of calories requirement to be done...but any logical explanation as why carbs to be consumed more? @asawathy

  • because proteins or fats need more time to digest and do not give instant energy like carbs do .And also because of their composItion they are not needed in the same quantities to give the same energy as those of carbs give with more quantity.Then again , the satisfaction and feeling of fullness which a plate of rice or two chapathis give , though energy wise a couple of spoons of fats or half a cup of dal or lean meat give .When one does not give feeling of fullness of the stomach the psychological satiety is not assured .THEN those places which can't afford to have vegetations and plant based foods can't have the luxury of plant based foods .Due to various other reasons diabetes is prevalent at an epidemic level now , for which poor carbs have to take the blame. I won't be surprised if by a revolution in agriculture on war footing if plant produce increases to enormous quantities, the same scientific fraternity goes back on their recommondations of food , totally forgetting of what they are telling now.

  • The variety in our food with all the spices and herbs is not found in the bland diet of fats.Now even those westerners are getting addicted to our million and one foods which can be found in carb foods only . The variety is very limited in absolute fat food .That could also could get bored after sometime. One doctor pointed out in discussion that there is no point in living , if we have to go by carbs , calories control all the time and the very meaning of life goes out . It does not mean that we should forget totally about the needs and requirements of health . From the childhood the children should be taught the value of the quantity and quality of food along with variety.They should not be allowed to become food addicts so as to land up one day in crisis like what to day humanity is facing. Of course it may sound strange if I say this at this point of time , but the fact remains that modern life does not require all that quantities which our forefathers required but quality wise we do need all and more. So the ratios should be same but the quantities should be one fourth of what it used to be .

  • "The variety in our food with all the spices and herbs is not found in the bland diet of fats."

    Probably because you do not know what we Indians do on LCHF diet. In addition, bland is subjective. What variety does a 60% carb give that 20% can't? Name a few. Of course, we abstain from sugar and jaggery. So if that's the variety that you mean, then surely we are on two varieties less.

    We are allergic to sugary stuff. Rice and chapati gives fullness? How? It's merely a habit that one needs to change. Most of us feel so full that we skip one meal.

    "So the ratios should be same but the quantities should be one fourth of what it used to be ."

    So 500 kcal /day? How long will one survive on this?

    "because proteins or fats need more time to digest and do not give instant energy like carbs do "

    Try VCO and Coconut milk. It releases energy as fast as carbs. Many marathon runners, cricketers and soccer players have been and are on LCHF diet. Where do u think Shane Watson gets his energy from when he bowls and hits sixes in IPL? He is on LCHF -- much stricter than what we preach here.

  • how the figure of 5oo cals was arrived . Our forefathers used to take much much more than that . I said i/4 of that which means roughly 1600 cals . In that 900 cals can be of carbs . The rest comes from proteins and fats.Any way the calorie calculation of fats is morethan double for a gram quantiti . Agram gives 9 cals . So for all practical purposes , the intake in caloric value is more than double if carb food is taken in to consideration.In the days of yore , the concept of calories was unheard of and so they never knew how much they were eating . I have kept that in view when I said 1/4 th . Gradually it came down to half during our parents time .I still remember my grand father taking one liter of butter milk per day, half kg of vegetables , 200 gms of dal per day with liberal doses of ghee and quarter liter curds with cream, etc .So far as it comes to the cooking with all the ingredients we use , I have to admit my ignorance in case of fatty foods or more than 80% fats filled foods .

  • Health: Life expectancy in India rose to 65 years in 2012 from 32 years at the time of independence in 1947.

    That's why what our forefathers ate is not of relevance/signifcance for me. They can't be "Benchmark" for reference.

  • ok , I made a passing reference with regard to food . In those days they used to take only three meals per day . Now a days , the entire day is being spent on munching some thing or other , everything contributing to weight gain with added fats , preservatives and extra loads apart from huge toxic poisonous substances .

  • thank you, good reading. lots of info.

  • I'm finding it hard going ragivrao. Most of it is epidemiology; observations that find association and not cause.

    We know too much protein is bad; that's why LCHF people eat more fat.

    Then, if studies are unfavourable for soy say, let's look at some other studies?

    "Do vegetarians live longer? In a word, yes" how many times have I heard this, and it's totally misleading. Yes, on average, but most centenarians are omnivorous, so the word is "no".

    I'm only n=1, but I have greater meaning than any of the studies to me. I have no heart disease. I agree vegetables are important, but the rest of this 'plant-based' diet is being overemphasised.

    Comparing plant-based diets to ADA, I would expect an improvement. Now compare a plant-based diet to how I eat.

    Sustainability? We should not compromise our diet because the World is becoming overpopulated.

  • Low Carb Vs Low GI diet :

    Numbers tell the story, as always. Supports Low Carb theory vs Low GI.

    and here's contrarian view on China study the holy bible of veganism:

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