I'M in LWMDR Diet

Hi Sir.,...I am on 30/70 25p-25p medication. ..

i will take papaya and apple only (oftenly)..morning tea with little milk..everyweekend chicken (afternoon)...

But my bs levels are very high..so, i shifted to our LW formula...but first one and half day (god...i feel like tired,sloth and irritate ...even i have enough sleep..bs are reached 301-might be insulin not working for me) after next day i feel fresh able to work now.. my diet is morning 55 grms of LW and after noon small quantity of rice and dinner same LW...let me come to you on next week.

Thanks george

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  • what is your sugar levle now?

  • Hi, yesterday at 8pm it 216 (random) ...I know that it is not at all good... I need to adjust insulin or take some oral..consult to my doc.... will post updates...now my diet is morning 60g of lw with omelet...same for dinner and small qty of Rice with curry...but I feel better to compare with before...Thanks ...if you have any suggestions pls...all are accepted....

  • Mr. George had suggested a total of Body weight gms of LW for the whole day. Please note that wheat is also carb and your intake of carb is high. Secondly the fruits are not good at this stage. You should stop them immediately.

  • as per George i am taking grms of body weight...if card is high in LW...then how we control BS levels with lwmdr diet...i am not taking fruits..let me check my bs levels...yesterday (301 at night 8pm ) ...will update

  • Good, your BS will surely improve ans show good results. Try to avoid fruits for now.

  • Hi what is your result now? I am from Singapore and followed Lwmd for a week. But my ppbs is high during the lunch when i take even small qty of brown rice. It is 9.4. Very sad. Mr George any advice how to improve my reading?

  • Dear Aries,

    it is working perfectly........i am sure...last 3 days my glucose levels going to down..that means ....reduce the medicine....i will post my reports soon....i am sure that i will free from insuline shots....:-)...

    My diet is now...morning LWMDR with chatney + one omlet with onions (optional to me) ....if i feel hungry..once coffie without sugar or one black tea without sugar at 11 or 12..some time i use tea with sugar...after noon rice with curry+butter milk....evening same lwmdr+omlet...

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