LCHF Diet and Diabetes -- Media Attention In India!

LCHF Diet and Diabetes -- Media Attention In India!

What an Apt Title to the Article:


This post is just a teaser of what is to come. I will update this few times over next week when the online version is also going to be live. Print version has already hit the stands.

BTW, it also contains my interview as someone who actively promotes LCHF diet to diabetics ;)

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  • Hi Anup,

    Did you see the battle that started between the National Obesity Forum and Public Health England here in the UK on Monday?

  • Hi Concerned.

    Can you point me to the URL.

    When a group favoring Bariatric Surgery over everything else feels threatened of losing money big time, they can do anything.

  • This is from the Beeb

    Most of media referred to the PHE guidelines as if they were some kind of platinum standard to compare to.

    I'll try and find the report for you.

  • Well, these guys function from behind iron curtain. They just issue statements and provide no proof. I will continue posting to the teaser and it's almost on same lines based on a magazine interviewing me and few other LCHF/Keto advocates in India.

    In short, we don't care about these so called self appointed and industry sponsored experts.

  • Here you go

    To deliver healthy eating sessions to the public it really has to be underpinned by a reputable organisation in the UK or risk being sued for malpractice, so this is a massive step forward.

  • Democracy redefined == Pharmocracy :)

    Why can't these bodies be sued back in public interest? They have consistently failed.

  • Vested interests outweigh public interest; we don't have sufficient finances.

    I hope it goes through parliament though. The PHE accused PHC of cherry picking for instance; what about the Cambridge, Canadian, Harcombe et al meta-analyses that PHE don't appear to have factored into their weight of evidence for example?

    What about the evidence that most starchy food is high Gi, yet PHE continue to say that starchy food is a source of sustained energy? If that isn't irresponsible and misleading (and we've known since the 1980s), what is?

    Then there are the inconsistencies. PHE say eliminating a food group is a fad, yet the new guidelines show only 1% as high-fat foods, advising low fat versions of dairy and protein foods.

    The monopolies commission ought to be involved, because sustainable food sources were included for the first time in the USA last year, and in the UK this year. The guidelines are so similar it suggests that PHE collude with and/or copy from the USA.

  • I will sue any so called "expert" who tries to interfere with what is on my plate. They just can't be functioning like dictators. We, on LCHF diet, follow our medical reports very closely and the numbers there have no influence of the industry.

  • I can empathise with that anup. As well as delivering healthy eating sessions though, PHE guidelines affect funding and programmes such as children's centres, schools, health at work and so on. That's why things need to change!

  • Obesity is one more market where doctors and the so called slimming centres like vlcc and many more in india where so many innoent are exploited. Food is medicine and appropriate dietary changes can change fhe scennario.unfortunately we hardly find honest doctors who really care for patients.

  • Congratulations anup

    Finally the truth will be accepted

    Your battle against this dreaded disease and also helping others is being recognized

    Many will benefit from this write up...

    We are sure to see more acceptance of LCHF in India and also the Fear of Fats melt away..

    All the best...

  • Thanks. But, it's not just my effort.

    It's the entire team of Indian diabetics who patiently listened to what I had to say, dared the mainstream and showed how diabetes can be managed on nil or minimal drugs. Along the way, they also braved personal insults and abuses. Now, I am just a cog in the wheel. The community of Indian diabetics on LCHF diet has grown by leaps and bounds.

    At least now no one can (or no one should) call my posts as "SPECULATIVE BLOGGING".

    We say -- Fear The CARBS. High Carb Low Fat diet is the most nonsensical diet for a diabetic and our Medical Reports prove it.

  • As the saying goes that Truth cannot be suppressed for Long..

  • Our TRUTH is our medical reports. Rest everything else is hot air.

  • True

  • This is what all the fuss is about

  • No surprise for me. Dr Aseem Malhotra has been writing against STATINS in BMJ to upset the leading Statin cheerleader (Sir Rory Collins??) who refused to even write a counter to Aseem's article on being told by BMJ.

    So called experts are really scared of losing their million dollar funding -- for rigged research, rigged against SFA and for the horrible HIGH CARBS??

    Why can't public donate to phcuk and then take the battle to court? These bodies can't just be functioning as mouthpieces of the industry in return for million dollar donations from the industry. Good to see that phcuk is challenging them. That's why all the fuss. What's the use of education and degree if a professional cannot apply his mind and just follow the blue book. A well programmed robot can also do that.

  • That may happen anup. I think they've started the ball rolling because PHE are always claiming to have the weight of evidence, when clearly any diet that favours processed over real food has to be at least suspect.

    One example is advocating milk with colourings instead of whole milk.

  • Great!. Once "Voters" start getting involved, they start funding a movement even politicians listen.

    Time for a wake up call for everyone. There should be no place for autocracy in democracy. Funding of associations by Industry should be cut off completely as they are corrupting the entire system through "donations"

    Oh some country considered pizza as a vegetable just because it had small tomato ketchup load.

  • UK uses a 'first past the post' system similar to USA.

    You can't fool all the people all of the time, and with this system you don't need to; just need to get a large enough minority onside.

  • Really i am eagerly awaiting full interview transcript .pl send link to my email id ,if permitted

  • I will upload to in next week. This is because pdf docs cannot be attached here.

  • Well done Anup. We are eagerly awaiting online version. Meanwhile, can I have the print version.

  • I will be posting the print copy pdf attachment on as posting pdf attachments is not possible here. Will also post the url to the online version as it is expected to be live early next week.

  • FIR - One R P Goenka media group magazine (print & Online -- subscription based) was doing an article on LCHF in India. They found me through Google as one of the Indians who are actively advocating LCHF diet to diabetics in India, so decided to interview me. Yes, actively promoting despite the cut/copy paste standards (from USDA/UK standards) of NIN. Incidentally, NIN guys interacted over email only -- Iron Curtain -- and came up with the same boring and horrible diet to diabetics.

    Mumbai Bureau chief (an award winning Journo) interviewed me over phone for an hour on May 5th 2016 and the interview began with mention of Dr Jason Fung from the chief. It covered almost everything on what, how, why and when I decided to switch to LCHF and including what prompted me to start a dedicated LCHF forum for Indian diabetics in particular. BTW, even the forum name gets a mention in the article :)

    When asked about whether any doctor recommends LCHF diet in India I mentioned Dr Chhajed from Indore (same city as me and who charges Rs 80,000 for a four month consultation on LCHF), so even he was interviewed and his comments also figure in the article. While Dr Chhajed charges big money, we diabetics on LCHF diet spend money and time to help others for free.

    I offered him the freedom to post on forum and even ask for feedback from other diabetics on LCHF diet. So, he did post and since this was limited by time, he got feedback from 28 diabetics on LCHF diet and what their experience has been. Through the magazine, we have even challenged the system -- come audit our medical reports. We know they won't. Of the 28, one is from a registered MD who switched her 10 year old Type 1 daughter to LCHF and only had great experiences to share.

    I also went ahead and mentioned that we can provide not 20 but 400 diabetics on LCHF diet if the mainstream is willing to do any genuine trials on LCHF diet on Indians. I know, they won't. Mainstream is all about patented drugs and how to sell them more and more. LCHF diet reduces drugs. So there's the conflict. They wouldn't want the $850 billion diabetes care market to shrink to $400 billion in three months. So, they will keep peddling all the lies against LCHF :)

    I am sure that this is just the beginning of media attention toward LCHF in India. With passage of time few more will show interest and do a column on the same. This is just a small victory of the much bashed and abused diabetics on LCHF diet here. Thank you everyone for making this happen. It's a victory for all of us.

    The image posted in the opening post is part of that article -- THE FIT COMMUNITY OF FAT EATERS :)

  • Hearty congratulations Anup !

  • Thanks angalwar

  • brilliant. way to go!

    post url when live.

    wuld luv 2 read the article.

  • Very well done Anup..spreding media attention is very important task u did..

  • Thanks DRH-sangli .

    I never went to them. They came to me. As the movement spreads, hope more of such things will happen.


    Thanx. Will link up net week, most probably

  • Now our movement will get momentum. For sure.

  • Hopefully yes because LCHF diet just works. Just a small beginning as far as media attention is concerned.

  • Small begining but a big achievement. Now we can spread the message effectively.

  • Well, our clan is growing from Jan 2013, ever since I started talking LCHF here, and growing despite wholesale scaremongering by some guys.

  • Best always to the evergrowing clan .pls post the article.thanks

  • Thanks --

    Will be doing this week.

  • Time for letting the cat out of the bag as the print version has hit the stands and the "Online" version is also live:

    If you need offline PDF of the article, please download from following URL as there's no provision of attaching pdf files here and sending PDF thru email is going to be too troublesome and time consuming:

  • brilliant article & gr8 2 have found some space in media for lchf in India.

  • Very well put together. Good to find media attention.hopefully now more ppl will get curious &more diabetics would benefit

  • Indian diabetics -- for whom lchf was unthinkable until few years back -- are already switching. 50/month over the last few years without any media attention is no mean feat. In fact, I think that we got media attention because of that. :)

    So, we keep doing what WORKS for us, whether media pays attention or not. We keep doing it irrespective of the fact that we get insulted and abused for doing it and some wish our early demise for doing it.

    As more and more Indian diabetics switch, the word will spread faster.

  • Yes.anup ji as in me .u have got another convert. Was diagnosed as diabetic in early 2015 with a fasting BSOF 126&

    a ppbs of 160 with

    Hb1ac of 7.3 despite being a medical doctor was determined not to start medication. I.M a thin.lean woman of 5.2" ht &a wt of 53 / not much weight to loose but was advised long walks &diet restriction which I did religiously for a year but not much change in numbers .my dear husband a doctor himself was insisting to start medication but I resisted but a chance net search brought me to ur forum &I was really impressed &hooked.

    Much to the charging of the family I have started taking baby steps towards A LCHF diet .going thru all the old ur &other members posts which helped immensely.

    I.M new to it .learning as I go along.trying to give up all grains &adding more saturated fats.

    Will get my blood tested after 2 months &post it.

    But would need ur guidance &other members help

    Thanks for the forum karuns

  • The day doctors press the unlearn button wrt high carb low fat nonsense, health will improve. High Carb Low Fat nonsensical diet as lead to upsurge in diabetes, obesity, cancer, conked off lipids, hypertension, bad dental health, cvd, chd, amputations, ckd, esrd.... the list is too long.

    Good to know that your control gets better. Stick to it and surprise the doctors in your family. I have been surprising even the best of endos with my numbers, like more than 600+ Indian diabetics on LCHF diet.

  • Congratulations @Anup Singh

  • It's a congrats to each one of us on LCHF diet :)

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