Is there any nutritional difference between Curd Vs. Buttermilk ?-

Is there any nutritional difference between Curd Vs. Buttermilk ?-

Dr. Satish Sawale Explains. Curd and buttermilk are both milk based products, have the same composition, and more or less the same nutrients, yet there remains a persistent question as to which out of the two is better?

Does adding water to the contents of the curd to turn it into buttermilk, really affect the properties of curd?He says “Yes”

Read on to find out, how.

The basic difference between curd and buttermilk is the process of dilution by the addition of water. The more water you put in curd, the less concentrated the buttermilk becomes. According to Ayurveda, the churning (Manthana) of the curd into buttermilk, gives it additional properties. Churning induces the proteins in the buttermilk to be easily digested due to their degraded structure.

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  • Buttermilk is NOT Curd + water BUT CURD minus BUTTER. Water is added only to make churning & separation of butter easier.

    I have churned the mixture of Curd + Water and extracted Butter from it during childhood & youth days.

    This is my limited awareness.

  • ..George

    ayurveda describes 4 types of butter milk. Each has different nutritional as well as medical use. An ayurvedic expert can throw more light on it.

    Butter milk is not always curd minus butter.

    Any substance when changes its physical form also changes its nutritional and medical value. For example green gram and sprout green grams are not same nutritionally.

    Also when a substance taken with different vehicles has different effects. Isapgul when taken with water is laxative, with curd binds stool and hence anti diarrhoeal and antacid with milk.

  • Ayurveda also mentioned the usefulness of Takra (Buttermilk) in its compendiums. In Vaidyakiya Subhashit Sahityam it is mentioned that

    ‘न तक्रसेवी व्यधते कदाचित्,

    न तक्रदग्धा प्रभवन्ति रोगा:।

    यथा सुराणां अमृतं सुखाय,

    तथा नराणां भुवितक्रं आहू:॥’

    God in the Heaven got immortality due to a pious drink (Amrut) & the humans have Takra (Buttermilk)on the Earth to be immortal.

    It is also mentioned that.......

    तक्रं शक्रस्य दुर्लभम्।

    Takra(Buttermilk)is hard to get for Shakra (The King of God -Indra)

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